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Mr Richard Norris


Broad background covering operations and finance. A PhD in Petroleum Engineering, MSc in Petroleum Geology, operational experience with Total, coupled with financial experience with BNPParibas (debt) and Helios Investment Partners (equity). Senior management roles at Geopetrol international (GM) and Candax Energy Inc (CEO).

Previously Consulting Partner at Helios Investment Partners - with circa. $500m invested in upstream ventures: Eland Oil and Gas (AIM), PetrobrasAfrica, Impact Oil and Gas and Africa Oil Corp (TSX).

Former CEO and Director of Candax Energy Inc, focused on E+P in Tunisia and Madagascar. Previously Operations Manager for Geopetrol International, with responsibility for E+P in India, Vietnam, Myanmar and Yemen.

Operational role: ten years experience with Elf, in operations from head-office (specialising in geostatistics, upscaling, simulation and well-test analysis) and in affiliates. Four of these years spent in Angola working on the Block 17 appraisal and developments. New venture work on FSU.

Subsequently Technical Director to BNPPs European Oil and Gas group, working on large syndicated loans, with both Structured Finance and Project Finance (7 yrs).

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