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I got it!

Mr Txomin Lalanne

Scientific Committee Member

Txomin specialized in in vitrocentral nervous system electrophysiology during his Master’s degree at the University of Virginia (Charlottesville, USA) in Prof. Julius J. Zhu laboratory, using a unique octuple whole-cell patch –clamp technology to decipher neocortical circuitry by studing inhibitory neurons connectivity in rat neocortical acute slices. He then pursued a PhD in neurobiologyin Dr. Jesper Sjostrom lab at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) where he mastered multiple whole-cell patch-clamp combined with two-photon laser-scanning microscopy and studied the synapse-specific expression of glutamate receptors in the neocortex. He then performed research in various institutions including the University of Cambridge (UK) and the University of Basel (Switzerland), where he still works today in Prof. Bernhard Bettler’s laboratory on the mechanisms of action and possible roles of GABAB receptors and associated proteins in several aspects of synaptic function including presynaptic vesicles release.

In 2018, he founded EphyX Neuroscience, a laboratory based in Bordeaux (France), providing electrophysiology-based services on both human and rodent nervous system tissues to the pharmaceutical industry in order to optimize preclinical compounds selection for CNS-related pathologies.Txomin’s goal with the company is to speed up and improve the CNS-related pharmaceutical development process by using human iPSCs-derived neurons and other human tissues at the preclinical stages to better select compounds before the clinical tests. With EphyX Neuroscience, Txomin is also implementing R&D programs to develop technologies further improving in vitro electrophysiology productivity.