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Online Webinar
03 Feb 2011

Webinar On Addressing Fungal and Bacterial

This contamination control webinar will discuss how personnel practices, transferring items into cleanrooms, facility design, construction, and sporicidal chemistries are critical .

Why Should You Attend:  The industry has seen an increase in the number and species of bacterial endospores and mold spores found in their facilities. This presentation will focus on ways to limit bacterial and mold spore contamination from incoming items into cleanrooms and limit other sources of spore contamination. Sporicidal products will be discussed and data will be presented which can be used to address bacterial spore issues. Current industry regulation in the US and Europe will be discussed related to sporicides.Areas Covered in the Seminar:Developing effective ways to address spore excursions.Troubleshooting real world experiences.Developing preventative action plans.Learn ways to improve facility design and maintenance.The most effective sporicidal chemistries will be discussed in detail.Cleaning and Disinfection Methods will be addressed.Warning Letters and 483’s from FDA will be discussed and addressed. 


3 Feb 2011 @ 10:00 am

3 Feb 2011 @ 11:00 am

Duration: 1 hours



Online Webinar


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ComplianceOnline (deactivated)

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