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15 Mar 2012

International Conf for Students of Social Sciences

International conference for students of Social Sciences NATIONAL IDENTITY: TIME, PLACE, PEOPLE

The Conference will be a scientific platform where students will be able to present their work. The students will be experts, presenting they research outside of their university and even internationally. The Conference will provide an opportunity to debate about their ideas, results of research, and their interpretation. The main aim of the Conference is to promote students’ interest in research, by involving them in scientific communication and by placing the students’ research in the academic and public space. The significant position of the conference is to develop interdisciplinarity by developing communication between students from different social sciences and different academic levels of studies. To achieve that, it is planned to develop mutual communication between young researchers for achieving common aims. Unlike most student conferences, interdisciplinary groups will be arranged in this conference. Besides that, the conference aims to develop communication between students, researchers, the teaching staff and practitioners (municipalities, nongovernmental organizations etc.), thus developing an interdisciplinary dialogus for research of different social issues. Since the borders of social sciences in many cases amalgamate with other disciplines, every student can participate in the Conference, if he can present one of the themes: Identity •    Community •    Belonging •    Culture and language •    Experience Time •    History •    Memory •    Evidence Place •    Environment and space •    City, countryside, regions •    Place of residence People •    Communication and cooperation •    Power •    Legal capability


15 Mar 2012 @ 09:00 am

17 Mar 2012 @ 07:00 pm

Duration: 2 days, 10 hours


University of Latvia Faculty of Social Sciences, in Riga

11. novembra krastmala 25

Centra rajons



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The Advanced Social and...

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