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26 Jan 2017

Transforming Telcos Workshop 2017

The Changing Competitive Landscape of the Telecoms Sector

Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) impact all aspects of governance and all sectors of business. Understanding the unique human resources needed in the ICT age is a constant challenge for human resource professionals. On the other hand ICTs play a key role in human resource management. Human Resources and ICTs is an annual conference specifically designed for human resource professionals of the ICT sector to help plan, procure, develop and retain appropriate human resources as well as to understand the benefits of ICTs in human resource management.


Key Topics:

            The evolving landscape
            Extracting value from big data
            Meeting consumer expectations
            New business models
            Content and Digital TV
            Driving growth through innovation
            Opportunities in cyberspace
            Disruptive technologies – beyond Wi-fi


26 Jan 2017

22 Nov 2016


BT Global Services, BT Building

54 Maxwell Drive

2191 Woodmead

South Africa


English en

Organised by

Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (deactivated)

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