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Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition 2018

2018 Guangzhou International Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition

China’s Cleanroom Industry Is Thriving Under Strong Market Demand
The last few years have witnessed gratifying growth in sectors like food, chemicals, medicals, electronics and etc, which has helped usher in a new development stage for China’s cleanroom market. The Chinese Institute of Electronics forecasts that by 2018, China’s cleanroom construction market will top RMB billion, growing at over 10% yearly.

Review of Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition 2017
Hosting 160 exhibitors (up by 63%) and 7650 visitors, the 2017 edition recorded a perfect curtain call with leading exhibitors like TSI Instrument, Bonric, Gerflor, Gruner, Nora, Clima Air Purity Equipment, Shengda Clean Lighting, TongJi Door Industry, Slemon Technology, and etc. Buyers showed very strong purchase power with over 70% of them placing orders on site or soon after the show.

Preview of Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition 2018
With strong confidence for the 2018 edition, sponsored by Guangdong Associaiton of Cleanroom Technology (GACT) and Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, old exhibitors like BroadAir, Shenfa Sandwich Board, Kai Hua Purification, etc have already re-booked with enlarged booths! To provide our visitors will an all-inclusive option of cleanroom products, lab equipment and supplies are newly included in the show. With supports from global trade associations and efforts of worldwide promotion, another fruitful year is guaranteed for the show!

Exhibition Scope :
1)Clean room equipment: clean bench, clean booth,  FFU, clean air filter, clean luminaire, laminar flow hoods, biosafety cabinet, pass box& window, air shower, fan filter unit, cleaner,  air self- purification device, sterilization equipment,  wash disinfecting equipment, wash sterilization  equipment, ;

2) HVAC system: central air conditioning system, auxiliary products, clean air conditioner,  blower,automatic control products, ; 

3) Cleanroom supplies:  dust-proof and static-proof gowning(hats, clothes, pants, shoes, boots, goggles, protective gloves),  cleanroom paper, pens, dust-free paper, cleanroom swabs;  filter materials; static-proof wrist scraps,  ESD table mats, static-proof ESD chairs, etc;    

4)Clean room framework: ceiling, keel, wallboard, flooring,coating material& floor, door,  window& glass, color plate, clean aluminum products,;  5)Instrumentation equipment: measuring instrument, corpuscular counter, sampler, flow hood,  differential pressure indicator, electrostatic energy analyser, supervision ; 

6)Related products: pure water equipment, pure and ultrapure water purification facilities,  industrial wastewater treatment facilities, clean gas, specialty gas, chemicals,e ; 

7)Design& certification: design institute, design & engineering & decoration & detection company,  GMP pharmaceutical engineering, industry association, etc.


16 Aug 2018 @ 09:00 am

18 Aug 2018 @ 05:00 pm

Duration: 2 days, 8 hours


China Import and Export Fair Complex


510000 Guangzhou


Organised by

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group (deactivated)

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