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Erasmus+ KA1: Emotional Intelligence: identify, harness & manage emotions

From theory to everyday practice. Join interactive course with participants from all Europe and professional trainer with more than 20 years experience.



It is widely recognized that Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of ;Emotional Intelligence inherently includes some essential skills, the most important of which are emotional awareness and the abilities to harness and manage emotions. The concept of EI has been embraced by many educators and educational institutions, in the last 20 years, in the form of programmes and modules focusing on ‘social & emotional learning’ (SEL) skills. It is worth mentioning that many US states have introduced SEL learning as mandatory in the curriculum. In 2002 UNESCO has initiated a worldwide initiative to promote SEL, emphasizing on the importance of someone mastering these essential skills for ;‘Emotional Intelligence: identify, harness & manage emotions’ equips the participants with knowledge related to the ten basic principles for implementing SEL in educational settings as well as practical tools for managing emotions, recognize others’ emotions and understand the relationship between thoughts and emotions. Moreover, the participants will be hugely benefited by in depth knowledge of classroom related SEL skills, such as listening and talking in ways that resolve conflicts instead of escalating them. This is a masterclass course for school principals, teachers, educators, trainers, business managers & parents.

Main Aims

  • Understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence in Modern Education and Workplace settings
  • Comprehend methods to avoid and resolve conflicts using ‘social and emotional learning’ (SEL) skills
  • In depth understanding of the relationship between thoughts and emotions
  • Learn how to manage emotions and the emotions of others



Emotional Intelligence is widely recognized as fundamental ingredient for an individual and his/her interaction with others at personal and professional level. When it comes at any workplace, including an educational setting, it can be argued, that if an organization aims to lift itself from averagely successful to excellent it will largely depend on how well the people within the organization or business work together: this is the value of emotional intelligence in the workplace. More specifically, the concept of emotional intelligence at work is how people and relationships function as well as how important skills are demonstrated, such as leadership, teamwork, management skills and partnership. The inherent ingredients of emotional intelligence are founded on the basis of excellent practice and understanding of communication. Therefore, an organization which invests in the concept of emotional intelligence has staff who are motivated, productive, efficient and aligned with the goals and aspirations of the organization itself. The result of this is staff which is effective, confident in what they do and rewarded.

Benefits of EMIN to participants

  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Ability to control strong emotions by not acting on raw feelings
  • Develop deeper and more intimate relationships with peers and colleagues
  • Acquire or improve social skills
  • Enhance the ability to communicate through active listening with your colleagues.
  • Understand the feelings and emotions of your students
  • Build trusting relationship in the classroom
  • Stay always in control and avoid conflict


Benefits to participant‘s organisation

  • improved professional relationships
  • increased personal effectiveness at work place
  • improved critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills
  • improved leadership capability


Who to attend EMIN?

The EMIN course is ideal for:

  • School principals & directors (primary & secondary)
  • Teachers (primary & secondary)
  • Academic staff (tertiary)
  • Directors & personnel in International coordination offices (tertiary)
  • Directors/managers (companies/NGOs)
  • Leaders
  • Trainers (formal & non formal education)
  • Parents



The course methodology will ensure the active involvement of the participants in all phases, that is, prior, during and after the delivery of the course. More specifically, upon confirmation that the course will take place, the participants will receive preparatory material (if needed), which will cover all important concepts to be presented during the delivery of the course. The participants will have the opportunity to exchange feedback with the organiser of the course, ShipCon, and the trainer as well as to request any clarification related to the content of the course.

The methodology of the training is based on a combination of three important elements:

  • Provision of knowledge required (theory)
  • Use of training tools, such as case studies, videos, games, animations & exercises (practice – hands on experience)
  • Feedback/reflection (review)

During the delivery of the course, the participants will receive hard copy material, which will cover the content to be presented in all five (5) days of the seminar. The material will be presented in a form of Power Point (PPT) presentations, videos & animations. Moreover, the active involvement and hands on experience of the participants will be secured through various training tools, such as case studies, worksheets, scenarios & exercises. These training tools are necessary to ensure that the theoretical knowledge gained by the participants can be used in real life scenarios; an important aspect & added value for any training course.

At the final day of the course, the participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the information received and the experience gained in the specific field of study. Moreover, the participants and their institutions will be encouraged to be members of ShipCon ‘Network of Excellence’, an international hub and forum for entrepreneurs & innovators to exchange ideas, novel concepts/approaches & best practices in the area of environment and education.



The course is ideal for school principals, teachers of primary and secondary education, trainers, administrative staff in schools & universities, staff involved in informal and non-formal education & parents.

By the end of the course, delegates will have acquired capabilities to:

  • Understand the concept of emotional intelligence and the skills associated
  • Develop deeper and more intimate relationships with peers and colleagues
  • Understand the feelings and emotions of students and colleagues
  • Build trusting relationship in the classroom or in the organisation they are working
  • Stay always in control and avoid conflict

The participants will:

  • Comprehend in depth the skills associated with emotional intelligence and its importance in today’s workplace
  • Enhance their critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills as well as leadership ability
  • Learn how to to control strong emotions by not acting on raw feelings
  • Learn how to build deeper and more intimate relationships at work place



  • Certificate of attendance & certificate of competence (skills & competences required – Europass CV)
  • Europass mobility certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s National Authority (NA)



28 Oct 2019 @ 09:30 am

1 Nov 2019 @ 01:30 pm

Duration: 4 days, 4 hours



50 Legerova

120 00 Prague

Czech Republic

Organised by

SHIPCON Limassol Ltd.

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