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Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, and Media

Freedom of Speech in Europe

The confluence of freedom of expression, press freedom, and human rights, has through various means given rise unprecedented level of access to communication channels, be it through traditional media, or social networks. As seen from events from across the world, such as during the Arab Spring, Refugee Crisis in Europe, the freedom of expression has been crucial to the promotion of democratic values and mobilization of people.

Media freedom gives the right to any individual to freedom of opinion and expression on a daily and public basis, including freedom to have and promote opinions and ideas without interference. Under this right, the individuals are free to choose their means of expressing their opinions, without any interference. However, with the rise of far right, growing anti-Semitism, and islamophobia, important questions are raised regarding what constitute free speech, and how to deal with the aforementioned issues.

The social media particularly, has proven extremely useful to enabling civil society, young people and communities, in order to push for massive political and social transformations around the world. However, how do we respond to the ever-increasing campaigns that are founded in deceit and provide misleading information to the citizens? What role should government, civil society, and the media play in order to respond to these challenges?


6 Nov 2019 @ 06:30 pm

7 Nov 2019 @ 09:30 pm

Duration: 1 days, 3 hours


Press Club Brussels Europe

95 Rue Froissart

1040 Bruxelles


Organised by

World Solidarity Forum

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