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07 Jun 2023
Human Rights

Victim Support Europe 2023 Annual Conference

‘Protecting Fundamental Freedoms, a victim’s perspective’.

VSE Annual Conference is one of the largest and most influential events for the global victim support ;It’s where victims’ related challenges turn into solutions, where tomorrow’s support practices are launched today, and where, together, we illuminate the potential of our victim support ;This is your chance to network with frontline victim support workers, policymakers, law enforcement professionals, technology providers, academics, journalists and civil society activists to accelerate your service, product, or idea that benefit victims of ;

2023 is a crucial year for victims’ rights, with the upcoming revision of the 2012 Victims’ Rights Directive and with other EU legislative changes related to victims’ rights. In light of this, the conference will discuss the questions of how we can get a strategic vision of the next 10 years and what should be done across the sectors to maintain our important role in safeguarding victims’ rights and fundamental ;This year’s theme is focused on the interconnection of fundamental freedoms and victims policy. It’s a theme driven by rising crimes against politicians and journalists, increasing extremism, terrorism and hate crimes as well as attempts to stifle free ; 

Day one will see us explore crimes against democracy, issues related to changing crime situations: struggles of stakeholders to catch up with the challenges of new crimes; the challenges for victims of crimes against democracy.  For the first time the conference will include a day (Day two of the Conference) dedicated to police work with victims. In particular, the challenges of balancing respect for fundamental rights, protecting security and developing a victim sensitive police ;The topic of trust in police and how to build it could be an important element of these ;On Day three we will hear about supporting vulnerable and conflict-affected populations. The discussion will explore the notion of scaling up support to address fragility, conflict, and ; 

At a time of great uncertainty, when fundamental democratic rights and issues of civil and minority rights are at stake, for many industries, sectors and, indeed, the world itself, we gather together to ask a simple question: Where to next? 


7 Jun 2023 @ 09:00 am

9 Jun 2023 @ 02:00 pm

Duration: 2 days, 5 hours


H4 Conference Center Berlin

32 Karl-Liebknecht-Straße

10178 Berlin



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