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01 Mar

Workshop: Substitution of targeted hazardous chemicals

Workshop: Substitution of targeted hazardous chemicals

The European Commission is hosting a workshop in co-operation with a group of contractors led by the Logika Group. It is being held as part of the "Study strengthening the role of substitution planning in the context of REACH and other EU chemicals legislation".

The workshop discussions and outcomes will be used to develop options for analysis. These will be discussed during the later stages of the study. The draft results of the study will be presented at a second workshop in Q3 2024.

A final agenda and background document will be distributed before the workshop to inform and prepare participants. A workshop report will also be prepared afterwards to document the discussions.


The workshop will start and conclude with two plenary sessions lasting approximately 2 hours. The plenary sessions will be hybrid, with a choice of attending in the conference room or following the livestream online. There is no limit for the number of participants who can attend plenary room can hold up to 160 sessions in between the plenary will be world café table group discussions. We expect to have 4 in-person groups and 4 virtual groups (via Microsoft Teams or a similar platform). There will be up to 80 places available for the world café tables (of which 40 in presence and 40 online). These discussions will not be web must submit your interest in attending by 1 February. Please complete this online form for further details and to you can't open the above link, copy this URL into your information on this workshop 


1 Mar 2024 @ 09:00 am

1 Mar 2024 @ 06:00 pm

Duration: 9 hours


European Commission


1050 Ixelles






EC Internal Market, Ind...

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