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Online Webinar
09 Apr 2024

Creating and Maintaining Safe Spaces in Adult Learning


"The concept of safe space is a complex one and can relate to different elements of educational practice, whether it is connected to the physical aspect of the space, the online environment, or the role of the trainers, organisers and/or learners in creating a safe learning setting. During the training, offered in a blended format, we will explore the power dynamics and decolonial approaches in adult learning and education, public pedagogy and the relationship between safety and space. We will also look at practical ways of co-creating a safe space together with learners.The training targets adult educators and organisers of adult learning courses, as well as learners themselves.We kindly ask you to note that the programme below might be subject to minor changes.Please register latest by the 8th of March. EAEA will evaluate the registrations on a rolling basis so we encourage you to sign up early".11 – 11.15h Short introduction game11.15 – 12h Feelings of safety and freedom in the public space. Immersive online experience12 – 12.30h How does feeling safe in the public space relate to feeling safe in the learning setting? Group discussion12.30 – 13h Our map of safety. Visualising what safety means to our group.13.30 – 14h Welcome with coffee14 – 15.30h Getting to know each other and EAEA, practical information about the training.15.30 – 17h What are safe spaces for the group? Why is it important to talk about safety, privilege and struggle in adult education? Guided exchange of experiences between participants.09 – 09.30h Welcome with coffee09.30 – 10h Check-in: getting startedRecap of the first day and introduction to the second day of the training10 – 11.30h Power Dynamics in ALE. How privilege and struggle relate to the notion of safety in the learning environment. Input and discussion11.30 – 12h Coffee break12 – 13h Decolonial approaches in ALE. How does the concept of colonisation and decolonisation affect adult learning environments? Interactive practice13 – 14h Lunch break14 – 15h Decolonial walk around Brussels.15 – 16h Positioning our privilege. Immersive activity in the public space.16 – 17h Check-out: self-reflection practiceDay wrapping and self and group reflection activity on the practices and main take aways.09 – 09.30h Welcome with coffee09.30 – 10h Check-in: getting startedQuick recap of the main take aways from the previous day, introduction to the third day of the training10 – 11.30h Public space and Safe Space. Where and how does the creation of public spaces connect with adult education?11.30 – 12h Coffee break12 – 13h Public Pedagogy. Interactive session13 – 14h Lunch break14 – 16h Public pedagogy in practice. Study visit.16 – 17h Check-out: self-reflection practiceDay wrapping and self and group reflection activity on the practices and main take aways.19 – 21h Social dinner09 – 09.30h Welcome with coffee09.30 – 09.45 Check-in: getting startedQuick recap of the previous day and introduction to the fourth day of the training09.45 – 10.15h Creating an informed safe space in the ALE setting. The Why, the what, the who and the How of SAFE spaces. Input and discussion based on the results of the SAFE project.10.15 – 11.30h Using the SAFE Board Game- World Café edition.Character Creation and discussion on safe spaces on a policy, organisational and classroom level using prompts of the SAFE Board Game.11.30 – 12h Coffee break12 – 13h Reflections and key takeaways from the world cafe13 – 14h Lunch break14 – 15h Tying all the loose endsInteractive closing session on creating and maintaining safe spaces in adult learning15 – 16h Evaluation and reflection on the trainingImmersive activity to exchange on the training experience Login or Sign up to join the conversation.  AndroidiOS


9 Apr 2024 @ 11:00 am

25 Apr 2024 @ 04:00 pm

Duration: 16 days, 5 hours

Timezone: GMT +2:00


Online Webinar


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