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11 Jun 2024
Renewable Energy

5th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction for the Metals and Mining

5th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction for the Metals and Mining

The 5th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction Event for the Metals and Mining industry will be held in Helsinki, Finland this year, bringing together decision-makers and industry experts for discussions on decarbonization and emission reduction. This 2-day business networking event will showcase insightful case studies and presentations from industry leaders in metals and mining.

The Metals & Mining Industry must ensure sustainable implementation and scalability of Green Mining Practices on an enterprise level to meet Net Zero goals and increase operating capacity. Decarbonization roadmaps for mining operations include options such as switching to alternative fuels, adopting green hydrogen, incorporating renewable energy sources, and strategizing asset decarbonization on different levels.

The conference aims to assist the Metals & Mining Industry in scaling up sustainable and efficient mining operations. This includes creating a roadmap for greening mines, decarbonizing existing operations, and enabling future growth with green energy. The approach involves targeting mines with the highest emissions, decarbonizing mine fleets, and overcoming infrastructural challenges associated with adopting these practices at scale.

As advocates of a greener, sustainable future, Future Bridge orchestrates conferences focused on emission reduction, energy transition sustainability, and environmental regulatory compliance. Our mission is to aid industries in aligning with the world’s climate goals while maintaining their efficiency. Our focus extends to guaranteeing a robust and sustainable integration of Green Mining Practices on an enterprise scale.


11 Jun 2024 @ 09:00 am

12 Jun 2024 @ 04:00 pm

Duration: 1 days, 7 hours




00100 Helsinki



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