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14 Nov 2024

International conference: Foresight for Occupational Safety and Health (FOSH) Anticipating changes in the workplace to prevent occupational risks

Climate change, geopolitical and energy crises, the development of automation and the use of artificial intelligence... How will these developments contribute to transforming work in the years to come? And what impact will they have on workers' health and safety? Faced with the growing uncertainties surrounding the transformation of the workplace, several organizations operating in the field of occupational risk prevention have in recent years undertaken foresight initiatives to feed their strategic outlook.

The aim of this work is to anticipate the possible consequences of economic and social transformations on the health and safety of workers in the future, so as to enable the adaptation of occupational risk prevention strategies and approaches.

This international conference will provide an opportunity to share the results of foresight studies carried out by various occupational health and safety institutes, and to discuss how they can be used to protect workers' health in the future.


14 Nov 2024

14 Nov 2024





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