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Brussels Privacy Hub

Pleinlaan 2 - JURI, Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels, Belgium

The Brussels Privacy Hub (BPH) is an academic privacy research centre with a global focus. As an entity of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels or VUB), it uses its location in Brussels, the capital of Europe, to engage EU policymakers, data protection regulators, the private sector, and NGOs, and to produce innovative, cutting-edge research on important questions of data protection and privacy law and policy. Brussels is where key decisions are taken on data protection in the European Union, and EU rules set the standard for data protection and privacy law around the world.

Pleinlaan 2 - JURI, Pleinlaan 2

1050 Brussels


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Become a #GDPR-qualified #DPO: training 2-5 May, Brussels: BPH & IAPP @Priva... 18 Mar 2017
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Early bird registration deadline tomorrow! 2nd Data Protection Law Summer School... 30 Mar 2017
VagelisPapakonstantinou on #ePrivacyRegulation @vpapakonst at our Summer School ... 30 Mar 2017
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An overview of the work presented at the 2016 Brussels #Privacy Symposium (forth... 1 Apr 2017
Practical session with Paul Quinn on how to do a PIA @PaulQuinnBxl at our Summer... 3 Apr 2017
AnIntroductiontoUS #PrivacyLaw from Meg Leta Jones @MegLeta at our Summer School... 4 Apr 2017
Graham Greenleaf on #GDPRfromaninternational perspective • Register now for ou... 5 Apr 2017
Brussels 4-day #DPO Training • May 2-5 • Reserve your seat now: https://t.co... 7 Apr 2017
Early bird registration deadline 21 April • 2nd Data Protection Law Summer Sch... 10 Apr 2017
What rights & remedies does a data subject have? WaltervanHolst elaborates a... 10 Apr 2017
BrendanVanAlsenoy: Balancingtheinterestsofcontrollersand therightsofthe #DataSub... 11 Apr 2017
Hielke Hijmans @HielkeHijmans on EDPB – new rulesforDPAs– onestopshop at our... 13 Apr 2017
Register now https://t.co/xBn3roylwD for our #DataProtection Law Summer School: ... 14 Apr 2017
New #BPH Working Paper by Gianclaudio Malgieri & Paul De Hert https://t.co/U... 17 Apr 2017
We are partnering with @privacyhub_bru to offer 4-Day #DPO trainings in Brussel... 17 Apr 2017
Summer School interactive sessions: how to do a #PIA, the #EDPB issuing an opini... 28 Apr 2017
We are partnering with @privacyhub_bru to offer 4-Day #DPO trainings in Brussel... 1 May 2017
Day 1 (26 Jun) of our #DataProtection Law Summer School: #GDPR is now • Progra... 4 May 2017
Last day of @PrivacyPros DPO training: if you didn't make it this time registrat... 5 May 2017
Looking forward to @FusterGloria @LSTSblog lunchtime lecture on #dataownership h... 5 May 2017
Thank-you to @PrivacyPros for an excellent 4 days of #DPO training. We are happy... 5 May 2017
Register now https://t.co/xBn3rogKF5 for our #DataProtection Law Summer School: ... 8 May 2017
Participants loved 2016's Summer School; Join our next one 26-30 Jun 2017 • Pr... 11 May 2017
Register https://t.co/f4MMJ06KwM (deadline 2 Jun) for our #DataProtection Summe... 15 May 2017
CFP on AI Ethics & #Privacy. IEEE @securityprivacy w @futureofprivacy and @p... 18 May 2017
Diving in the right to data portability and exploring its context with Vagelis P... 22 May 2017
Lecture on data #portability frm V.Papakonstandinou @privacyhub_bru. Very intere... 22 May 2017
#DPIAs should be sufficiently simple, be examined on a multilateral level and in... 31 May 2017
PhD Position on Data Ownership Deadline: 30 June 2017 @VUBrussel @privacyhub_bru... 5 Jun 2017
Vacancy PhD on Data Ownership at @privacyhub_bru. The Challenge of Personal Data... 5 Jun 2017
@privacyhub_bru hosts sell out #IAPP training in Brussels 8 Jun 2017
FPF & @privacyhub_bru are partnering w/ @IEEESSP in a call for papers focuse... 12 Jun 2017
26 Jun•Keynote - EU #DataProtection now: Priorities and challenges•Keynote ... 15 Jun 2017
FPF & @privacyhub_bru are partnering w/ @IEEESSP in a call for papers focuse... 19 Jun 2017
Brussels Privacy Hub 2nd EuropeanDataProtectionLawSummerSchool:TheGDPRisnow has ... 26 Jun 2017
#BPH Summer School: just enjoyed #Privacy & #DataProtection: key fundamental... 26 Jun 2017
#BPH Summer School keynote address: Principal Advisor of Director General of DG ... 26 Jun 2017
See Keynoteaddressandreception program here: https://t.co/VyXegTKDkg #bphss17 26 Jun 2017
Day 2 of #bphss17 begins: Obligationsofdatacontrollers & processors with Car... 27 Jun 2017
.@CenDemTech's @JensJeppesenCDT participates in #ePrivacy workshop organised by ... 27 Jun 2017
.@PaulNemitz states: we need 'tech for justice'. We need technology to make priv... 27 Jun 2017
GloriaGonzálezFuster & RomainRobert running a RolePlayingScenario:TheEurope... 28 Jun 2017
See book launch program https://t.co/oZlHPvZHUo • more info https://t.co/Dx4wR... 28 Jun 2017
FPF & @privacyhub_bru are partnering w/ @IEEESSP in a call for papers focuse... 29 Jun 2017
going a bit abstract about transatlantic data transfers with @jpeterburgess @Dar... 29 Jun 2017
apparently #privacy and maritime law have a lot in common - @W_Wiewiorowski keyn... 29 Jun 2017
Coming soon: Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian action ! #ICRC #humanit... 29 Jun 2017
Christopher Kuner(VUB) discusses internationaldatatransfersinEUdata protectionla... 29 Jun 2017
GDPR:Thedatasubject’sperspective - rightsandremedies with WaltervanHolst(EDRi)... 29 Jun 2017
#BPH Summer School 2017 practical session now on: WorkingSessiononGDPRCaseStudie... 29 Jun 2017
Very much looking forward to today's launch of the Handbook Data protection in H... 30 Jun 2017
Europeandataprotectionboard, new rulesfor DPAs, onestopshop with HielkeHijmans (... 30 Jun 2017
Attended a very interesting week @privacyhub_bru #dataprotection Summer School. ... 3 Jul 2017
A l'agenda de la 10è Conérence AFAPDP à Tunis le 4/09: https://t.co/BruDsf2ID... 3 Jul 2017
Thank u to all the faculty & staff of @privacyhub_bru, as well as all lectur... 3 Jul 2017
Thankyou all who attended our European #Data Protection Law Summer School. It wa... 3 Jul 2017
really nice video! congratulations @ICRC + @privacyhub_bru https://t.co/ixtEEFoUZ7 7 Jul 2017
A video on "Data Analytics and Humanitarian Action" from @ICRC: https://t.co/Qrh... 7 Jul 2017
Practical sessions at the Brussels Privacy Hub Summer School: the #GDPR is Now #... 10 Jul 2017
Latest newsletter now available: https://t.co/InLIosTYQ5 - info on hum action h... 11 Jul 2017
Only a few days left before #cfp deadline for 2nd Brussels Privacy Symposium on ... 12 Jul 2017
New @EuropeanLawBlog by Prof Christopher Kuner “Third country law in the CJEU... 12 Jul 2017
Throwback to our 2nd Annual European Data Protection Law Summer School: the #GDP... 13 Jul 2017
#jobfairy @VUBrussel has a vacancy for a #DPO https://t.co/znaIwefNqB 20 Jul 2017
Chris Kuner's analysis of today's CJEU decision annulling Canada PNR agreement. ... 27 Jul 2017
RT PrivacyMatters: Chris Kuner: Data Protection, Data Transfers & Internatio... 27 Jul 2017
Excellent comment on today's CJEU #PNR opinion, in particular impact on int'l ag... 27 Jul 2017
New @Verfassungsblog by Christopher Kuner Data Protection, Data Transfers & ... 27 Jul 2017
#jobfairy research analyst #gdpr https://t.co/wWpjAbgQ64 3 Aug 2017
ICYMI: ‘The Tradeoff Fallacy’ - the exchange of personal data for free servi... 15 Aug 2017
.@direitosdig @Cild2014 @PDLI_ @privacyhub_bru @riseupnet @CripticaOrg → Join... 15 Aug 2017
This guide helps you understand the laws that protect student #data as well as s... 21 Aug 2017
NEW! Meet the Author series: “The EU as Guardian of Internet Privacy” with D... 16 Sep 2017
How to Find (Decent) Privacy-Friendly Games Online? A Privacy & Cake Bring Y... 23 Sep 2017
At #ICDPPC2017 @massimomarelli & @ICRC @privacyhub_bru publish Handbook on D... 27 Sep 2017
Don't forget to register 4 the #PrivacySymposium 2017 - AI Ethics: The Privacy C... 29 Sep 2017
It was a great #gdpr workshop with intensive discussion by the participants and ... 5 Oct 2017
The workshop paper on the Implications of the @gdpr for research involving genet... 14 Oct 2017
@MichaelCJT @EU_Justice @EU_EDPS @VeraJourova @edri @amnesty_digital @rightscon ... 24 Oct 2017
.@privacyhub_bru workshop on “#dataprotection & #ethics: does more ethics ... 31 Oct 2017
FPF & @privacyhub_bru are partnering w/ @IEEESSP in a call for papers focuse... 5 Nov 2017
@JulieSBrill and the challenge of inclusive-trasparent algorithms. The case of @... 6 Nov 2017
.@JulieSBrill at #BrusselsPrivacySymposium hosted by @futureofprivacy & @pri... 6 Nov 2017
‘ voluntarily providing @Microsoft datasets to others is the next frontier ‘... 6 Nov 2017
Tx to all sponsors for generous support of 2017 #BrusselsPrivacySymposium @Maste... 6 Nov 2017
Thanks to all speakers, participants & helping hands to make the 2nd an a gr... 6 Nov 2017
You can find all paper abstracts for #BrusselsPrivacySymposium at https://t.co/4... 7 Nov 2017
What a great week in Brussels at AI event hosted by @futureofprivacy and @privac... 13 Nov 2017
Debate with the authors of a recent article "The perfect match? A closer look at... 17 Nov 2017
Check the Summary of the conference on Jurisdiction, Conflict of Laws and Data P... 18 Nov 2017
Enjoy now the conference on Jurisdiction, Conflict of Laws and Data Protection i... 18 Nov 2017
2nd edition of "Meet the author" series a great success! Thanks to @fborgesius, ... 18 Dec 2017
Don't miss the 2nd PRIVACYTOPIA by @Privacy_Salon! Workshops and artistic interv... 12 Jan 2018
Final Programme of @CPDPconferences 2018 now available! Check out the over 80 pa... 19 Jan 2018
Hope you all excited for our #CPDP2018 launch tonight, hosted together with @Pri... 23 Jan 2018
Thanks to everybody to joining us and @Privacy_Salon yesterday for our launch! A... 24 Jan 2018
Missed #CPDP2018 launch event? watch it here: @maxschrems @RenateNikolay @gabrie... 30 Jan 2018
SAVE THE DATE: #CPDP2019 will take place from 30th January to the 1st February 2... 2 Feb 2018
Missed our Meet the Author in December with @FusterGloria @fborgesius @arcapde &... 2 Feb 2018
Could not attend our @CPDPconferences Panel on Data Protection Challenges in Hum... 6 Feb 2018
We are very proud to have a first lunchtime event with @EU_EDPS next Tuesday on ... 13 Feb 2018
Excited & preparing for our first lunchtime event with @EU_EDPS tomorrow! @d... 19 Feb 2018
First collaboration with @EU_EDPS a great success! Many thanks to our speakers @... 20 Feb 2018
Congratulations to @privacyhub_bru Board Member @PaulNemitz on his appointment a... 2 Mar 2018
SAVE THE DATE! Next Meet the Author lunchtime event with @MajaBrkan on "In Searc... 9 Mar 2018
Digital innovation enables humanitarians to save more lives. But this also comes... 12 Mar 2018
#dataprotection and cash transfers in humanitarian action @privacyhub_bru @Linaj... 12 Mar 2018
Nice to get a mention as part of the VUB Summer School on the GDPR. https://t.co... 16 Mar 2018
REGISTRATION OPEN for our next Meet the Author lunch time event with @MajaBrkan ... 21 Mar 2018
Curious about the implications of the US CLOUD Act? Join us for a first event in... 30 Mar 2018
Law Enforcement Data Access Series: US Cloud Act (Brussels Privacy Hub 18th Apri... 3 Apr 2018
Today we start a new #privacy & #dataprotection #doctoralseminar series with... 23 Apr 2018
Brussels Privacy Hub is proud to have joined forces with @IES_Brussels and excit... 30 Apr 2018
New! #EUdatap courses @VUBrussel with @privacyhub_bru 30 Apr 2018
Another great event of our Law Enforcement Data Access Series - this time on 'e-... 10 May 2018
Very proud to have @PaulNemitz opening our summer school this year! Looking forw... 16 May 2018
Confused about the GDPR? Register for the 3rd European Data Protection Law Summe... 22 May 2018
Registrations for our public opening event to the 3rd European Data Protection L... 23 May 2018
Prof. Christopher Kuner from @privacyhub_bru on data transfers in the future: "T... 25 May 2018
Brussels Privacy Hub is proud to announce its cooperation with @dpialab and @EUd... 5 Jun 2018
Still unsure about the #GDPR? Deadline for our 3rd European Data Protection Law ... 11 Jun 2018