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Centre Bouddhiste de la Voie du Diamant ASBL

Rue de la Bonte 8
1060 Brussels, Belgium

The Centre Bouddhiste de la Voie du Diamant ASBL, founded in December 1999, belongs to the Karma Kagyu lineage, one of the main schools of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism which is especially suited to modern and independent people.As with all our centres and meditation groups, the Brussels center is organized on the basis of friendship, autonomy and everybody's initiative. Each one of us contributes to the organization of the centre, as volunteers and during spare time. Authorized and experienced teachers give regulary lectures in an accessible way and the teachings can be very well used in our everyday life. There are no monks or nuns in our groups. In the Diamond Way, love and partnership have always been considered as a strong basis for rapid progress and development.

Rue de la Bonte 8

1060 Brussels



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Past Events (2)

Buddhism in the Modern World 28 Sep 2012
Buddhism in the West 7 Nov 2011