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Europe 2020 Steering Committee

Rue Belliard 99
1040 Brussels, Belgium

Mission of the Europe 2020 Steering CommitteeFor decades EU policies have been developed in a strict EU framework primarily concentrated in Brussels. In spite of increasing European convergence important gaps remained between EU policy making and national policies and practices. The new Europe2020 Strategy focuses on bridging these gaps. It intends to commit Member States more closely to the EU, also in areas which until reently were exclusively national. Only effective dovetailing of the EU and national decision and policy making can reinforce the common basis and goals. This process should also include participation of society at large.In the overall perspective the EESC will give shape to the participation of national social partners and civil society in the practical implementation of the Europe2020 Strategy. It will focus on co-ownership of national societal forces in Europe2020 and on mobilising transborder networks.The mandate of the EESC Europe2020 Steering Committee is: - to coordinate and ensure consistency of the the work carried out by all the Sections, the CCMI, and the Observatories, and in the Opinions on issues related to Europe2020- to organise meetings with national ESC´s and similar organisations to prepare joint initiatives and reports focusing on Europe2020- to coordinate with EESC Members and the Communication group on a Europe2020 communication by organised civil society

Rue Belliard 99

1040 Brussels


+32 2 5469916

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Europe 2020 6 Jul 2015

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