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ICLEI Europe

Leopoldring 3
79098 Freiburg, Germany

Global challenges require local solutions and global governance. Protecting the climate, biodiversity, air quality and freshwater resources needs international commitment and cooperation between all levels of government.ICLEI is an:Association of over 1,200 local governments that represents the interests of local authorities within the United Nations and at international policy forums.A movement driving positive change on a global scale through programmes and campaigns on local sustainability.A resource centre offering information, tools, networking, training and consulting services.ICLEI is the only network of sustainable cities operating worldwide. The organisation facilitates local government input to United Nations (UN), processes such as the UN Framework Conventions on Climate Change, and Biodiversity. In partnership with the UN and other organisations, as well as national governments, ICLEI puts in the groundwork for more ambitious and more responsible international commitments - and seeks global recognition and support for local action.

Leopoldring 3

79098 Freiburg


+49-761 / 36 89 2-0

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Past Events (45)

THERMOS Training & Capacity Building Workshop 6 Dec 2019
Webinar: Local Leadership, or From Usual Suspects to Local Heroes: How to work t... 13 Nov 2019
Training Programme on optimised local district energy network planning - THERMOS... 22 Oct 2019
Implementing the Paris Agreement: EU cities and regions in energy transition 9 Oct 2019
Equitable and resilient access to the benefits of green and blue infrastructure 9 Oct 2019
Training Programme on optimised local district energy network planning - THERMOS... 8 Oct 2019
Training Programme on optimised local district energy network planning - THERMOS... 24 Sep 2019
Local district energy planning reloaded - Hot solutions and cool technologies 19 Jun 2019
Knowledge Transfer of Innovative Mechanisms for Socially-Inclusive Wind Energy D... 12 Jun 2019
Perspectives on and Challenges for the Bioeconomy 29 May 2019
THERMOS Capacity Building & Train-the-Trainer Workshop 23 May 2019
Beyond the upcoming EU regulation on water reuse 21 May 2019
Circular Cities: Innovating to tackle plastic waste 16 May 2019
The city as a living organism, understanding its metabolism to reduce its resour... 4 Apr 2019
How can cities tackle food waste? 11 Mar 2019
Roadmaps are ready: now what?? Exploring the realities of the heat transition 13 Feb 2019
Aligning district energy and building energy renovation 24 Jan 2019
Upscaling Hydrogen Gensets in European Cities 15 Jan 2019
Circular Heating and Cooling Workshop at the Local Renewables Conference 2018 25 Oct 2018
Local Renewables Conference 2018 24 Oct 2018
Heat Synergy Regions as driver of integrated territorial development - European ... 10 Oct 2018
Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructures 2018 9 Oct 2018
Live market engagement: Sustainable procurement of ICT 3 Oct 2018
EcoProcura 2018, Nijmegen 3 Oct 2018
Putting the Basque Declaration into practice 5 Jul 2018
Shaping an integrated market with hot findings and cool solutions - EUSEW 2018 S... 7 Jun 2018
ICLEI organises a policy session on social cohesion during EUSEW 18 6 Jun 2018
Heat Roadmap Europe Webinar Series 30 May 2018
Heat Roadmap Europe Workshop 16 Mar 2018
GREEN SURGE Final Conference 19 Sep 2017
UrbanWINS webinar: How can urban metabolism lead to a circular economy and a mor... 5 Jul 2017
PPI4Waste Workshop 29 Mar 2017
Water PiPP Final Conference 9 Nov 2016
Local Renewables Conference 2016 26 Oct 2016
Sustainable Catering Forum in Ghent 9 Jun 2016
8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns 27 Apr 2016
EcoProcura 2014, Ghent 24 Sep 2014
Local Renewables 2014 Conference 24 Oct 2013
7* European Conference on Sustainable Cities+Towns 17 Apr 2013
Local Renewables 2012 Conference 25 Oct 2012
ADWICE Stakeholder Exchange Conference 2012 2 Oct 2012
EcoProcura 2012 19 Sep 2012
CARE-North final conference 20 Mar 2012
Local Renewables Freiburg 2011 27 Oct 2011
ICLEI European Convention 2011 12 Sep 2011

Videos (54)

Barcelona Intro EN 29 Mar 2016 1459267993
GPP 2020 webinar on low-carbon street lighting solutions 29 Mar 2016 1459267994
GrowSmarter Stockholm 29 Mar 2016 1459267997
The Academy of the Future: ARTS project in Genk 20 Apr 2016 1461110414
Interview with Henriette van Eijl, Policy Officer, Sustainable Urban Mobility, European Co... 18 May 2016 1463529612
Interview with Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director, European Environment Agency 18 May 2016 1463529612
Interview with Célia Blauel, Deputy Mayor, City of Paris, France 18 May 2016 1463529612
Interview with Åsa Karlsson, Deputy Mayor, City of Växjö, Sweden 18 May 2016 1463529612
Interview with Markku Markkula, President, Committee of the Regions (on the Basque Declara... 19 May 2016 1463616014
Interview with Markku Markkula, President, Committee of the Regions 20 May 2016 1463702415
Interview with Filippo Boselli, Policy Officer, Climate and Energy Programme, World Future... 24 May 2016 1464048023
Interview with Arab Hoballah, Chief of Sustainable Lifestyle, Cities and Industry, UNEP 24 May 2016 1464048023
Interview with Daniele Violetti, Chief of Staff, UNFCCC 26 May 2016 1464220814
Interview with Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, Mayor, City of Aalborg, Denmark 31 May 2016 1464652821
Interview with Rebecca Karbaumer, Sustainable Mobility Project Coordination, City of Breme... 1 Jun 2016 1464739217
Interview with Tineke Cartreul, International Officer, City of Ghent, Belgium 4 Jun 2016 1464998413
Interview with Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor, City of Warsaw, Poland 7 Jun 2016 1465257613
Exploring physical activity for health and fun 14 Jun 2016 1465862417
Impressions from the 3rd Open European Day 12 Jul 2016 1468281617
Interview with Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor for Environment, City of Barcelona 29 Jul 2016 1469750417
Interview with Teresa Artigas, Councillor for Environment, City of Zaragoza 30 Jul 2016 1469836814
CIVITAS Interview: Philippe Crist, International Transport Forum 21 Feb 2018 1519233453
CIVITAS Interview: Maja Bakran, Deputy Director-General, DG MOVE 21 Feb 2018 1519233507
CIVITAS Interview: Steen Møller, CIVITAS PAC Chair & Deputy Mayor of Odense 21 Feb 2018 1519233529
Introducing the CIVITAS Tool Inventory 21 Feb 2018 1519233791
RUGGEDISED Project - Animated 15 Mar 2018 1521104830
Cities to unveil new ways to plan for climate change at Brussels conference 6 Sep 2018 1536271286
CIRC-PACK - from waste to resource (vol.2) 5 Nov 2018 1541458883
CIRC-PACK - from waste to resource 5 Nov 2018 1541458885
Avoiding Greenwash - How to verify green commitments in tenders and contracts 5 Nov 2018 1541458888
UrbanWINS: Civic participation in waste and resource management 16 Nov 2018 1542359927
UrbanWINS cities' pilot actions to prevent and manage waste/resources 26 Mar 2019 1553608211
PlastiCircle - too valuable to waste 17 May 2019 1558086417