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Via Volturno, 15
26900 Lodi, Italy

ICONS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bridge the gap between science and society through science communication, social and business innovation. ICONS supports researchers and innovators in maximising their impacts on society through impactful strategies involving citizens, scientists, investors, policy makers and the media.

Via Volturno, 15

26900 Lodi



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Mr Barbara Ricco Account Admin

Publications (32)

Shaping the Future of Biomedical Applications 4 Nov 2020 1604489946
Post-2020 common agricultural policy: turning point or greenwashing operation? 4 Nov 2020 1604490512
Nano level microscopy goes into the field 12 Nov 2020 1605184082
Nanotechnologies to help in new cancer treatment strategy 13 Nov 2020 1605259255
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Cutting Costs of Monoclonal Antibodies for Biological Drugs against Covid-19 and Cancer 15 Dec 2020 1608029574
Council climate bond: pioneering experiments from the SocialRES partner Abundance 21 Dec 2020 1608554286
Last mile delivery: a greener Santa Claus is coming to town 22 Dec 2020 1608647457
Energy app to teach energy saving at home, school and work 8 Jan 2021 1610110472
An Ecological Corridor to reunite the city and nature 13 Jan 2021 1610547711
Another round of smart and sustainable innovation in Pamplona 14 Jan 2021 1610637900
Meet ASTRABAT: a chat with Fraunhofer ISC 18 Jan 2021 1610979343
From blackwater and biowaste to clean energy 20 Jan 2021 1611155997
Bio4Comp: next generation computing powered by muscle proteins 22 Jan 2021 1611315982
Probing the European bioeconomy’s development through its drivers and indicators 26 Jan 2021 1611654691
Comfort Enhancement and Energy Saving through Behavioral Change of Energy Users 29 Jan 2021 1611935489
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Rethinking cultural tourism in Europe 2 Feb 2021 1612280650
Hints and recommendations regarding Digital Tools for Sustainable and Efficient Energy Beh... 3 Feb 2021 1612354308
When Nature Goes Vertical 4 Feb 2021 1612441041
Breast cancer: innovative 3D device to boost research on metastasis 5 Feb 2021 1612524642
Tampere keeps pursuing its 2030 carbon neutral dream 8 Feb 2021 1612798709
Shifting to 800-volt systems: Why boosting motor power could be the key to better electric... 18 Feb 2021 1613659188