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17, Bd Lefebvre
75015 Paris, France

OpenExp is a global network of independent experts that develops with and for policy-makers, business leaders, civil society and the scientific community, solutions aiming at the implementation of the sustainable development goals. OpenExp strives to support actors thinking out of the box.

OpenExp is driven by providing expertise in a collaborative and open access approach. Knowledge sharing is considered at OpenExp as the foundation of a harmonious and sustainable development. Besides the philosophical and ethical aspect of equal sharing of intellectual resources, the objective is to give players access to knowledge and the means to freely shape their lives and future.

OpenExp believes that meeting today's challenging sustainability goals depends on us working together to find common solutions.

17, Bd Lefebvre

75015 Paris



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Dr Yamina Saheb Account Admin

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Webinar Report Presentation 12 Oct 2016

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Merci@RoyalSegolene France: first country to ban all plastic cups and plates to... 19 Sep 2016
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To register click on the link below. You should later receive the link to the re... 3 Oct 2016
40% energy savings = the sum of energy savings and renewables overtake the sum o... 3 Oct 2016
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Only if we go for Min 40% energy savings target by 2030 #EfficiencyFirst Now @Ju... 11 Oct 2016
Good to see more funding dedicated to #circulareconomy https://t.co/Vrff7wziPm 14 Oct 2016
#EfficiencyFirst= energy 2.0 paradigm @IEA @IEABirol Visions clash at World En... 15 Oct 2016
Another important #climatechange deal https://t.co/PsqLT3EQxU 15 Oct 2016
@Energy4Europe if U in NYC: Book your calendar Oct 20 from 1:30 to 2:30 PM Energ... 17 Oct 2016
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Could #betterregulation make EU policies consistent with EU commitments? @Timmer... 5 Nov 2016
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#Tw4SE Is it really over for the EU climate leadership? @MAC_europa @Energy4Euro... 22 Nov 2016
Because #climatechange questions our daily choices and challenges our short-term... 6 Dec 2016
#Tw4SE Excellent picture which says a lot @Energy4Europe https://t.co/z2LaU732R5 20 Dec 2016
#Tw4SE Could this be a wake-up call? https://t.co/m5XQrEiUQY 20 Dec 2016
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#Tw4SE what if #cleanenergypackage was based on bad Nash equilibrium @Energy4Eur... 27 Dec 2016
#Tw4SE Back to the future: Bike-sharing revolution in China https://t.co/MAJ9H5... 28 Dec 2016
#Tw4SE I wonder why bike-sharing is not one of the policy options in the EU mode... 28 Dec 2016
#Tw4SE Does the focus on energy storage mean efficiency is not in investors' min... 29 Dec 2016
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Important column by Andrew Warren https://t.co/bIrZ6TMbtN 29 Mar 2017
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This is the best example of an energy transformation: old coal mine becomes hydr... 2 Apr 2017
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#ParisAgreement How cities are taking a lead on climate change https://t.co/Dbwx... 13 Jun 2017
Norwegian oil and gas giant Statoil calling for #EfficiencyFirst https://t.co/Vk... 16 Jun 2017
#makeourplanetgreatagain starts at home @N_Hulot make sure on Monday @EmmanuelM... 23 Jun 2017
#MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain nécessite au minimum 40% d'économies d'énergie Beso... 26 Jun 2017
Could this vote be the tipping point about the US position regarding #ParisAgree... 17 Jul 2017
Soon Soon Soon! Farewell of oil fossil fuels! @climateprogress https://t.co/Hbll... 18 Jul 2017
#ParisAgreement needs to be strengthened Worse than we thought We may be at 1 o... 27 Jul 2017
Swapping cars for bikes to reduce air pollution and encourage greater physical a... 31 Jul 2017
Shaming and blaming those without ethics and their supporters will cost less to ... 5 Aug 2017
Good to see arguments against energy transition falling down one after the other... 17 Aug 2017
Energy efficiency and renewables: The two pillars to decarbonise global energy s... 25 Aug 2017
Not to miss! 21/09 at 3 PM webinar on Smart Finance for Smart Buildings. To reg... 31 Aug 2017
Register now for the webinar on 21/09 to learn more about Smart Finance for Smar... 1 Sep 2017
Eliminating Energy Pove... https://t.co/k5W92BwsnN via @openexpenergy 5 Sep 2017
Check out how Paris, the capital the 19th century, could be the capital of the 2... 7 Sep 2017
Smart Finance for Smart Building webinar with @adrian_joyce @claireroumet @s... 21 Sep 2017
Check out our presentation and discussion paper on Smart Finance for Smart Build... 21 Sep 2017
Financing energy renovation: we need to re-think o... https://t.co/EwY5E8T0iU vi... 22 Sep 2017
Will a target to increase sales of clean cars phase out polluting cars faster t... 30 Sep 2017
6.5% of Global GDP in 2013 was used to subsidize fossil fuels making them more c... 6 Oct 2017
Interesting discussion @OpenExpEnergy @AgoraEW webinar on EE and RE with @Claude... 20 Oct 2017
Just like for batteries Airbus model is needed to @RenovateEurope and unleash 4t... 26 Oct 2017
Like for PV, cost reduction will increase the penetration of electric cars https... 4 Dec 2017
Stable long term targets are necessary. But how to achieve them if 70% of energy... 5 Dec 2017
The end of the coal era is finally becoming a reality https://t.co/qjwepCDps5 8 Dec 2017
Too bad for the planet and for the US: Trump will drop climate change from US Na... 18 Dec 2017
Shenzhen will run exclusively on #eletric buses by the end of year! China will d... 19 Dec 2017
Proud to have our proposal to @RenovateEurope finalist of @ClimateCoLab competit... 5 Jan 2018
Our proposal is one of the 37 finalists out of 300 impactful proposals to limit ... 7 Jan 2018
This will definitely end the coal era: Insurers go cold on coal industry https:/... 8 Jan 2018
Last chance to vote for the Innovative market framework to renovate Europe's bui... 14 Jan 2018
Good news "Fossil fuel divestment movement is active and growing and by its natu... 16 Jan 2018
This is what the United States looked like before and after the EPA. We cannot l... 17 Jan 2018
The US Department of Defense is emerging as a climate champion to #makeourplanet... 23 Jan 2018
The case for higher targets and ambition for renewables is stronger than ever as... 26 Jan 2018
Beware China's 'anti-smog tower' and other plans to pull pollution from the air ... 2 Feb 2018
Great Sweden. But 35% target will not put Europe in the Paris path. We need min ... 11 Feb 2018
Next step: No deal if national targets are not aligned with the Paris Accord @Ma... 13 Feb 2018
At this rate, it’s going to take nearly 400 years to transform the energy syst... 19 Mar 2018
World’s largest desert has grown even larger due to climate change https://t.c... 30 Mar 2018
Wheeling the axe: Prague to ban bikes from historic squares and streets https://... 4 Apr 2018
Will the energy transition lead to an #OPEC of renewable? https://t.co/9EswL3k1dv 6 Apr 2018
Robust evaluation of energy and climate policies is needed to ensure they delive... 10 Apr 2018
French data show: Deep energy renovation is cost effective and much more afforda... 13 Apr 2018
Global warming is also expected to increase the share of the population facing s... 17 Apr 2018
EU can reduce its #ghg emissions by up to 62% by 2030 if best practice policies... 25 Apr 2018
U.S. and UK rushing to understand risks of a rapidly shrinking Antarctic glacier... 2 May 2018
Climate change aid to poor nations lags behind Paris pledges https://t.co/ggFnhV... 3 May 2018
#Tw4SE More evidence about why the EU is needed to ensure the ecological transit... 18 May 2018
Hydrogen is the energy future | Letters https://t.co/3p3lpBl4A9 19 May 2018
#Tw4SE @RockyMtnInst report provides evidence about costs savings of clean energ... 21 May 2018
The EU will finally work on aligning its domestic targets with the #ParisAgreeme... 20 Jun 2018
The Polish government support to coal is leading the country to a deadlock #Tw4S... 26 Jun 2018
Worrying news: gas leakage increase the negative environmental impact of fossil... 26 Jun 2018
Good to see half of EU countries calling for stronger climate action @EURACTIV h... 27 Jun 2018
The bumpy road to net zero emissions: almost all sectors fall short in meeting t... 3 Jul 2018
Good news: Sovereign wealth funds gather in Paris to launch climate plan https:/... 6 Jul 2018
Will the next @Energy4Europe scénarios be aligned with EU obligations under #Pa... 11 Jul 2018
Africa: the least contributing continent to #climatechange is already victim of ... 16 Jul 2018
Keeping cool in a warming world is not ... https://t.co/A1deDzXUmN via @openexpe... 6 Aug 2018
Trump’s August Assault on Climate Policy https://t.co/UttJcEKTAn 22 Aug 2018
Good Sunday reading from NY times Magazine Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost St... 26 Aug 2018
Norway wants aircraft makers to come up by 2025 with a 25-to-30-seat airliner, p... 27 Aug 2018
EU set to end Chinese solar panel import controls in September | Article [AMP] |... 3 Sep 2018
‘Major shift’: Nations face bottom-up pressure to act on climate change http... 16 Sep 2018
Limiting warming to 2C would prevent ‘worldwide increases’ in heat-related d... 17 Sep 2018
Hundreds of people died in England as result of this summer's heatwave, figures ... 18 Sep 2018
Three years after the Dieselgate, the number of dirty diesels on road still gro... 18 Sep 2018
California: the first State to align it’s long-term target with the #ParisAgre... 21 Sep 2018
The fight against climate change: how can we limit the damage to the global e... 25 Sep 2018
The fossil fuel industry’s dirty secret: Climate action or not, things look ba... 28 Sep 2018
#Tw4SE Every year @EIB & @EBRD spend billion € supporting coal companies ... 1 Oct 2018
Leaked US critique of climate report sets stage for political showdown in Korea ... 3 Oct 2018
Could blockchain technology unlock the potential of renewable energy? https://t.... 4 Oct 2018
We must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero or face more floods | Nichol... 9 Oct 2018
Climate change will make the next global crash the worst | Larry Elliott https:/... 11 Oct 2018
By 2030, global carbon budget to keeping global warming within the 1.5 degrees ... 16 Oct 2018
Energy bills jump 21% in five months leaving millions facing fuel poverty this w... 18 Oct 2018
Only 16 countries meet their commitment to Paris Agreement, new study finds @EUR... 31 Oct 2018
Ozone layer finally healing after damage caused by aerosols, UN says https://t.c... 6 Nov 2018
One hundred 1.5C compatible investments by 2030 https://t.co/iumjVOmuSQ 7 Nov 2018
#climatechange is undoubtedly having an impact on #foodsecurity and #Migration ... 20 Nov 2018
10 countries demand net-zero emission goal in new EU climate strategy @EURACTIV ... 20 Nov 2018
U.S. Climate Report Warns of Damaged Environment and Shrinking Economy https://t... 24 Nov 2018
Accordingly to @IEA, the share of fossil fuels in global energy mix was at 81%, ... 26 Nov 2018
A fossil fuels alliance (US, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) arguing against sc... 9 Dec 2018
EU relaxation of diesel emission limits was illegal, court rules https://t.co/3V... 13 Dec 2018
Arab countries are taking a lead in developing renewable energy https://t.co/9Jy... 26 Dec 2018
Ignoring threats of climate change is no longer an option for citizens! https:/... 28 Dec 2018
#fossilfuel divestment: Finally becoming true https://t.co/etMQHagv3a 5 Jan 2019
Investors in the shale revolution have been mislead by fracking companies and th... 6 Jan 2019
´ Right to repair' will this end the era of planned obsolescence ? https://t.c... 9 Jan 2019
Great news from @IRENA: Cost of battery storage could fall by 66% by 2030 https:... 10 Jan 2019
More evidence that the world is running towards a disaster https://t.co/JsUyemMqOO 15 Jan 2019
China is a significant source of financing coal power plants in the developing w... 22 Jan 2019
Removing #coal from the energy mix is taking too long https://t.co/vZUpEtGM6p 23 Jan 2019
#Tw4SE A move in the right direction for the use of EU regional funds https://t... 28 Jan 2019
The Australian heatwaves were unprecedented in duration and intensity https://... 2 Feb 2019
Europe's pollution divide https://t.co/LjFiqOLRIU 5 Feb 2019
The massive decline of insect species calls for an urgent shift in agriculture p... 11 Feb 2019
EU carbon neutrality: an important step towards the implementation of the #Paris... 18 Feb 2019
The European Energy Poverty Index (EEPI) hinders Principle 20 of the European Pi... 20 Feb 2019
The #eepi tool allows policy-makers and advocates assessing the impact of the co... 26 Feb 2019
Transport #energypoverty is an overlooked issue by policy makers despite its spr... 27 Feb 2019
Summer and winter thermal discomfort should be considered when tackling domesti... 28 Feb 2019
A red alert to banks and investors with fossil-fuel assets? https://t.co/z0GdjCC... 11 Mar 2019
The end of coal in Asia is ringing as Japanese investors back renewables https:/... 18 Mar 2019
Bad news for the planet: CO2 emissions reached a record high according to @IEA r... 26 Mar 2019
Beyond global warming, fossil fuels are responsible for million of premature dea... 28 Mar 2019
Good to have the @Europarl_EN clarifying what energy sources could be labeled gr... 30 Mar 2019
‘Ryanair is the new coal’: airline enters EU’s top 10 emitters list https:... 2 Apr 2019
Chernobyl’s cover-up is a warning for our nuclear future | Kate Brown https://... 4 Apr 2019
Important message from the Governor of the Bank of England :” global banks can... 18 Apr 2019
Investment in coal power plants accounted for 42% of Chinese overseas investment... 25 Apr 2019
Good move: Amsterdam to ban petrol and diesel cars and motorbikes by 2030 https:... 5 May 2019
Science cannot be more clear: Human society under urgent threat from loss of Ear... 6 May 2019
Excellent initiative from 7 May 2019
Discussion on carbon neutrality finally taking place in Germany https://t.co/zj... 14 May 2019
Impressive images of climate change impacts https://t.co/9hfBPR781M 16 May 2019
The Guardian will no longer use #climatechange. Instead #climatecrisis will be u... 18 May 2019
Fossil Fuel Companies supportive of gradual climate change policies and “Mark... 21 May 2019
Oil companies must stop methane’s leaks immediately https://t.co/OSBXL0Ktnp 26 May 2019
Some EU Member States intent to burning coal for electricity beyond 2030 @EURACT... 29 May 2019
Will France lead the green agenda? https://t.co/DLcyuX5AWo via @financialtimes 31 May 2019
Finland: the first EU country to become carbon neutral https://t.co/dUqw1LgTUm 4 Jun 2019
Will policy-makers understand that carbon budget of the planet does not relate t... 10 Jun 2019
18 out of 28 EU countries plan to go carbon-neutral by 2050 https://t.co/z1GZVE... 18 Jun 2019
What a shame! Central European countries block EU moves towards 2050 zero carbon... 21 Jun 2019
Could EU countries be climate champions while investing abroad €billion in fos... 28 Jun 2019
Good news for the planet: The shale boom in the Permian is slowing https://t.co/... 15 Jul 2019
Radical change is needed in our agriculture policy https://t.co/FzPPjuDOVQ 16 Jul 2019
New York climate plan sets 30-year goal for 100% renewable energy https://t.co/... 22 Jul 2019
This is the first airport in the US to operate fully on renewable energy https:/... 25 Jul 2019
The battle to limit global warming will be won or lost in the next 18 months. ht... 25 Jul 2019
Landmark move: Berkeley became first US city to ban natural gas. https://t.co/Ge... 26 Jul 2019
It’s time to end the fossil fuels era! https://t.co/EnBhBZw1L3 29 Jul 2019
The discrepancy between public speeches and investment of BP and Shell will lead... 30 Jul 2019
Check out the Online European Energy Poverty Index (EEPI) tool to understand how... 2 Aug 2019
Policy makers are finally getting the point: sufficiency first ! Shifting to ele... 22 Aug 2019
Europe’s carbon neutrality target is under the threat of the Energy Charter Tr... 4 Sep 2019
On this day of global #ClimateStrike the EU and its Member States should withdra... 20 Sep 2019
.@GretaThunberg wasn’t able to make the #EarthChamps award ceremony to join la... 27 Sep 2019
Cars Are Death Machines. Self-Driving Tech Won’t Change That. https://t.co/axS... 5 Oct 2019
Good news: divesting is going faster than expected. https://t.co/eS7cUd3qrA 14 Oct 2019
Unbelievable: No choice but to invest in oil, Shell CEO says https://t.co/GKDjDx... 17 Oct 2019
This is a game changer: IMF to Examine Climate Risk to Financial Markets-Officia... 20 Oct 2019
Britain now G7's biggest net importer of CO2 emissions per capita, says ONS http... 23 Oct 2019
This explains partly why the Clean Energy Package is not aligned with the #Paris... 24 Oct 2019
Prince Charles urged the bankers to invest in saving our planet https://t.co/VRH... 25 Oct 2019
From ancient Greece 31 Oct 2019
It’s time to scrap the Energy Charter Treaty https://t.co/4b1uE72K7J via @open... 10 Nov 2019
Next step is to end the energy charter treaty #ect2019 which protects foreign in... 12 Nov 2019
Towards Construction industry 4.0? Check out our latest contribution to move for... 13 Nov 2019
Lufthansa will be next Friday the first airline to start regular biofuel flights... 16 Nov 2019
Experts warn: "We’re in a deep hole over the climate crisis and we need to sto... 20 Nov 2019
2019: A record decline in electricity generation from coal https://t.co/xx2Y3rxhF7 25 Nov 2019
The world may have crossed several tipping points #climateemergency now https:... 27 Nov 2019
Got it wrong AXA: Nature does not recognize our GDP boarders https://t.co/liB... 28 Nov 2019
Fossil Fuel Industry Is on a drip @TheTyee https://t.co/RngXtm3SUl 29 Nov 2019
Since the signature of the #ParisAgreement, CO2 emissions increased by 4% https... 5 Dec 2019
Fighting energy poverty requires a holistic approach which includes both housing... 5 Dec 2019
Unreal: Fossil Fuel Groups sponsoring #COP25 https://t.co/poVAi2ItUr 8 Dec 2019
278 environmental, trade unions, consumers and many other organisations calling ... 9 Dec 2019
Time for radical change. We have only 10 years left! https://t.co/1A1FCoiKjD 13 Dec 2019
Depression and suicide linked to air pollution in new global study https://t.co/... 19 Dec 2019
Investing in fossil fuels means burying your money – because last century’s ... 24 Dec 2019
Understanding 26 Dec 2019
Australia weather and fires: NSW firefighters 'give their all' ahead of worsenin... 27 Dec 2019
Will 2020 be the year of change in the banking sector? https://t.co/jdHPqtQFsu 30 Dec 2019
The most challenging decade for humanity starts in few hours. Will world leaders... 31 Dec 2019