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Research Institute for Quality of Life

13 September no. 13
050711 Bucharest, Romania

ICCV is a leading research institute in the field of quality of life and social ; The institute is part of the research network of the Romanian Academy of Science and a member of the National Institute for Economic Research “Costin C. Kirițescu”.  Founded in 1990, the Research Institute for Quality of Life combines an already valuable tradition in social research with a modern outlook, while carrying out both fundamental and applied research.

Our institute is dedicated to research in two key areas: quality of life and social policy as well as in the major subsequent topics: health, education, employment and working conditions, housing, family, poverty and living standards, public services, social development, social economy. A main focus of research has been transition analysis as well as social change in the long term in Romania.  More than 220 books and over 1000 articles have been published, many of which in prestigious publishing houses and highly ranked journals. Moreover, we publish a series of social reports dedicated to policy makers and the general public.

Apart from undertaking fundamental research, ICCV actively contributes to the debate on the current social issues of our time and provides knowledge that can assist in the development of better policies. The institute’s contribution in supporting policy making is visible in the National Strategy on Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction, The Joint Inclusion Memorandum, as well as various pieces of legislation on employment, social benefits, social assistance, and education.

With a staff of around 50 researchers and research assistants, ICCV established itself as a major research institute in Romania. Our researchers have a high level of expertise in social sciences and are part of important national and international research networks and projects among which those funded by European Union/European Commission as well as many other local and international sources.

13 September no. 13

050711 Bucharest



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