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Mr Florin-Răzvan RADU

Deputy Director

Mr Florin-Răzvan RADU is currently the Deputy Director of the Directorate for International Law and Judicial Cooperation within the Romanian Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Previously, he served as Advisor to the minister of justice (December 2017-April 2018, and July-October 2019), Minister Plenipotentiary (diplomat) at the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union (May 2018-June 2019) – Chair of the Working Party on Cooperation in Criminal Matters (COPEN) during the 2019 Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union,  Director of the Directorate for European Affairs, International Relations and Programs within the Superior Council of Magistracy (September 2011-October 2014), Director of the Directorate for International Law and Treaties with the MoJ  (July 2003-January 2009), head of the Unit for international cooperation in criminal matters (August 2002-July 2003) and of the Unit for treaties (April-July 2002) with the MoJ. He was also a seconded national expert to the Secretariat of the European Judicial Network, at Eurojust, in The Hague,  during two mandate periods (January 2009-July 2011 and October 2014-November 2017).

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