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Ms Gracia Vara Arribas

Project Leader

Field of specialisation

EU law and institutions; Multilevel governance and decentralisation in Europe; European Public Procurement Law and Practice.

Professional experience

Gracia Vara Arribas (ES) is an Expert at the European Institute of Public Administration in Barcelona. As a lawyer, she practised in Galicia for almost ten years (1986-1995), during which time she was granted the ICEX scholarship by the Spanish Ministry of External Affairs to conduct comparative legal studies for the Spanish Government at its Embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands (1990-1991). She gained her Master of Laws (LLM) in comparative, European and international law from Maastricht University (1995-1996).

She specialises in European law, regional participation in decision making, and the legal aspects of European integration, with a particular focus on regional and local governance (Multilevel Governance). Under her direction, several impact assessment and evaluation studies have been carried out on EU laws at regional level, which were commissioned by the EU Presidencies (UK 2006 and SE 2009) and for different Member States (SE, NO, UK, FR, NL, DE). In 2009 she was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Interior to evaluate the impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the Dutch Provinces and Municipalities. She works as a consultant for the Committee of the Regions, the Dutch Ministry of Interior, and the UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. She has co-authored two books on the EU and subnational entities, “Tripartite Arrangements: An Effective Tool for Multilevel Governance?” (EIPA 2005), and “The Role of Regional Parliaments in the Early Warning System” (published in six languages by the Committe of the Regions www.cor.eu). She has also authored several policy reports and published numerous articles on the European Union and the Regions.


Based in Barcelona
+34 691812425