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I got it!

Ms Minna Lanz

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Minna Lanz works as a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tampere University, focusing on Production Systems and Technologies. Her research interests are in Manufacturing ICT solutions, Semantic modelling of manufacturing systems, and in robotics; especially Human-Robot collaboration. She is a member of the Finnish Robotics Association, EFFRA, ManuFuture, the Vanguard Initiative and euRobotics, and actively contributes to Visions and Strategic Research and Innovation roadmaps originating from these networks. She has published over 100 research papers, articles and/or book chapters. Minna's presentation will explore the potential of digital innovation hubs (DIH). The thematic DIH actions can play an important role in supporting the R&D&I technology leaps that are strongly tied to the competitiveness and sustainability of individual companies acting as the backbone of the European economy.