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I got it!

Dr Nigel Walker

Senior Vice President Operational Excellence

Nigel Walker is a chartered engineer who started work with the power industry in 1995 during his Ph.D. studies. He started as a technical consultant and moving to work directly for Scottish Power and Powergen. He has had a range of roles from integrity management, failure investigator,
weld inspector, asset risk management, asset management, power plant operations, and more recently in operational excellence. A key part of these roles has been working in a diverse and multicultural environment and living and working in many different countries including the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Russia. During this
time, the energy industry has undergone many changes both technical, commercial as well as political which has forced the power generation providers to make significant changes to how they work. At times the changes in the market outstripped the ability to change. The realisation of Uniper was part of E.ONs approach to the situation splitting the generation, sales and trading part into a new company, Uniper. From the very start of Uniper, operational excellence has been at the heart of what we do and is central to the transformations which has occurred during the early development of Uniper.