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I got it!

Mr Trevor Fenech

Director & Lead speaker

  • Former Senior Manager at the Managing Authority for Structural and Cohesion funds
  • Past experience in ERDF, ESF, CF, EAGGF and FIFG programmes
  • Strongly involved in the design, implementation and monitoring of the management and control systems for the 04-06 and 07-13 financial periods, including eligibility rules, financial reporting to Management, the European Commission and the Monitoring Committee, management verifications, audits, financial corrections, and internal procedures
  • Carried out the closure process of the 04-06 Single Programming Document (SPD)
  • Delivered several presentations in the field of financial management of EU funds to the MA, CA, AA, IBs, Beneficiaries and TAIEX Beneficiaries
  • Engaged in major audit missions carried out by the EC, ECA and OLAF
  • Former nations delegate to the ESF Committee (Treaty of the Functioning of the EU, Art. 163).
  • Providing expert advise to the Maltese Government on PPPs and the conduct of the Competitive Dialogue procedure
  • Managing successfully a number of EU-funded projects
  • Masters graduate in Financial Management and Economics from the University of London

Trevor spoke at

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BRATISLAVA || Financial Corrections workshop: prevent, detect and corr... EuropeanFunds.i... Nov 2019
Simplification mid-way through implementation: lessons learnt EuropeanFunds.i... Oct 2019
Irregularities Toolkit: prevent, detect, correct, audit EuropeanFunds.i... Sep 2019
Indicators Toolkit: Targets, Performance & Simplification EuropeanFunds.i... Jul 2019
ROME || Fighting fraud & corruption in EU funded projects EuropeanFunds.i... Jun 2019
ERDF & CF projects Toolkit: State Aid, Procurement, Feasibility Studie... EuropeanFunds.i... Jun 2019
BRUSSELS || Introducing ESI Funds 2021-2027: Fewer, clearer, shorter r... EuropeanFunds.i... May 2019
Financial Management toolkit: OTS checks & public procurement EuropeanFunds.i... May 2019
LJUBLJANA || Applying, verifying & auditing SCO EuropeanFunds.i... Apr 2019
ZAGREB || Managing ESF projects in 2014-2020 EuropeanFunds.i... Apr 2019
ESIF 2014-2020: monitor, evaluate & report EuropeanFunds.i... Sep 2017
Irregularities toolkit: how to prevent, detect & treat errors EuropeanFunds.i... Jul 2017
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Managing ESF projects in 2014-2020 EuropeanFunds.i... May 2017
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