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Challenges that Trans-Atlantic Region Faces and How NATO and the EU Could Tackle Them

Panel Discussion- Challenges that Trans-Atlantic Region Faces and how NATO and the EU Could Tackle Them

Challenges that Trans-Atlantic Region Faces and How NATO and the EU Could Tackle Them

There is an urgent need to address challenges that Trans-Atlantic region faces, and to offer ways to overcome them. The old continent entered into a new phase in its history when Russia illegally annexed Crimea. Academia and defence and security practitioners revisit Cold War dynamics. Hybrid practises pose multi-dimensional threats to our nations and societies. Battlefield is widened when new domains such as cyber and space has been added to the existing ones. Illiberalism is on the rise, even in Europe. Just to make things worse, disarrange and disorder around Europe, particularly in MENA region creates irregular migration on a huge scale. Frustration fuels terrorism on one side, (right-wing) extremism on the other.

As means, NATO and the EU provide options for nations to tackle challenges with their unique capabilities. However, to deal with these multi-faceted challenges and to keep up with the pace of change, adaptation and cooperation is a must.

Beyond the Horizon wishes to thank distinguished panellists having invaluable expertise from various backgrounds who contribute to the ongoing debate.


1 Apr 2019 @ 04:00 pm

1 Apr 2019 @ 06:30 pm

Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes


Copernico Science14 Brussels

14 Rue de la Science

1040 Bruxelles


Organised by

Beyond the Horizon ISSG

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