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Regulating Water: principles & recommendations for an efficient system

Debate around efficient and dynamic regulatory models for water systems in Europe

This seminar will present the results of a CERRE research project providing recommendations for efficient and dynamic regulatory models for water systems in ;

Water regulation deserves greater attention. Nowadays, efficient and dynamic regulation for water systems in Europe continues to spark debate over different models and their fitness for purpose. While a wide range of approaches are in place the tension between increasing costs for consumers and increasing capital needed for infrastructure-related investments is shaping political views and polarising a wide spectrum of stakeholders and decision makers.

In this context, the Italian government is currently debating an important reform, which includes fundamental regulatory changes to the existing water system. This new legislative proposal aims to significantly revise today’s water system, its governance and, consequently, the performance of the entire sector. Such reform leads to new questions:

·         Do we need to re-think the fundamental principles of water regulation?

·         What is the role of independent regulators?

·         Are we heading to better and more dynamic efficient models for consumers?

·         If yes, how do these models look like?

CERRE is delighted to invite you to learn from the main findings of the new research: “Water Sector Ownership and Operation: An Evolving International Debate with Relevance to Proposals for Nationalisation in Italy”. Led by Professor Sean Ennis, this report will shed light on the fundamentals of water regulation, lessons learnt from European models and recommended actions for more efficient and sustainable water systems.


11 Jul 2019 @ 09:00 am

11 Jul 2019 @ 01:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours


The Office

80 Aarlenstraat

1000 Brussel


Organised by

The Centre on Regulation in Europe

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