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Oil and Gas Digitalization MasterClass

Oil and Gas Digitalization MasterClass

The evolution from paper-based to electronic processes and now to digital is part of the natural change which is happening across all industries. As it was impossible for an organization to continue operating with papers without using computers, the Internet and electronic forms in the late 20th century, it is now impossible for organizations to survive and succeed without moving into a digital economy in this century. Digital transformation is the mechanism to move to the next level of the evolution by leveraging the new emerging digital technologies and identifying new digital business models to create new values of products/services, prices, customer experiences and platforms. Every organization must adopt the digital transformation to create the market disruption otherwise it will be disrupted by others and, ultimately, might be put out of business – which is exactly what happened with Nokia, Blackberry, Kodak and many others.

This course will let attendees understand the true meaning of digital transformation. They will learn and think about the strategy and execution of digital transformation and the necessary elements to succeed. Trainees will be exposed to the Mindset, Execution, Transformation, Regulations, Innovation, Customer and Strategy (METRICS) approach and the clear structured roadmap of digital transformation.

Delegates will learn on how transform themselves before they can contribute to transform their organizations by acquiring the transformation and digital mindset. Digital economy is all about data, so delegates need to have this mindset of how to extract from data, information, knowledge and wisdom to build new competitive digital business models to monetize data by using big data analytics, AI and other digital technologies.

Delegates will learn all about the transformation management, innovation and technical capabilities which are critical for any digital transformation initiatives.

Case studies from Oil and Gas industry will be explored, moreover workshops will be organised to brainstorm the digital transformation initiatives at your organization. Digital transformation is not an option or choice; it is a destiny for all organizations.


17 Sep 2020 @ 12:00 am

18 Sep 2020 @ 12:01 am

Duration: 1 days


Novotel Budapest Danube

33 Bem rakpart

1027 Budapest


Organised by

GLC Europe

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