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Online Webinar
05 Mar 2024
Internal Market

[Webinar] ZW Live! - On the go: accelerating progress towards reusable takeaway packaging

Join us on 5 March to to discover some of the most inspiring stories from pioneer cities across Europe on reuse packaging systems.

Packaging waste has been one of the most contentious topics in recent months within discussions and negotiations at the EU level, as the text for the new Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) becomes ;

Yet even within this context, the latest data showcases that packaging waste is still increasing in the EU. Between 2009 and 2020, the total mass of packaging waste generated in the EU has risen by a staggering 20%. Furthermore, existing recycling targets on packaging are not being met by a majority of EU Member States.

There is an urgent need to tackle the packaging issue, pushing solutions that focus on reuse rather than simply substituting one single-use material for another. With the PPWR soon being finalised in Brussels, attention will turn to the national and local levels, where implementation should begin immediately afterwards.

Despite the recent challenges at the European level, many sparks of hope and positive impact come from packaging waste reduction and prevention programmes at the local level. In recent years, many cities and municipalities have recognised the importance of going beyond the usual attempts to “recycle better”, instead focusing on introducing systems that embed reusable packaging within key public and private spaces.

Join us for this important webinar to discover some of the most inspiring stories from pioneer cities across Europe. Learn more about cities that have embarked on a journey to introduce some of the continent’s most ambitious packaging reuse systems, as well as the key philosophy and methodology of these ;

Specifically, this webinar will go into more detail to examine these key topics:

  • What are the essential criteria cities need to follow and adapt to when considering the design and implementation of a reuse system? 
  • What are the most promising incentives to ensure reusable packaging becomes the norm again in Europe?
  • Where are we already seeing success stories in this field, and what are the reasons behind these victories?
  • What challenges have these cities faced when starting their initiatives, and how are they working to overcome them? 
  • What advice and best practices can be helpful for cities wanting to implement packaging reuse systems? 


5 Mar 2024 @ 02:00 pm

5 Mar 2024 @ 03:30 pm

Duration: 1 hours, 30 minutes

Timezone: GMT +2:00


Online Webinar


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Zero Waste Europe

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