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Online Webinar
12 Mar 2024

Social Network Investigations

From “likes” to evidence


Social networks have become crucial tools for communication and information exchange. However, they also present unique challenges for investigators who seek to uncover and analyse data that may be relevant to criminal investigations.

This seminar is designed to equip legal practitioners with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct effective investigations in the world of social media. It will scrutinise the fundamental principles of social network investigation, including the collection, analysis and presentation of data from social media platforms.

Participants will be introduced to the various tools and techniques used in social network investigation, including open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, data-mining, social network analysis and digital forensics.

Key topics

  • Basics of computer forensics for social network investigations
  • Open-source intelligence tools
  • Social networks and the cha(lle)nges for the criminal justice system
  • Hunting on social platforms


12 Mar 2024 @ 09:00 am

13 Mar 2024 @ 01:00 pm

Duration: 1 days, 4 hours

Timezone: GMT +2:00


Online Webinar


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