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Online Webinar
20 Mar 2024

The Legislative Race Is On: Legislation & Regulation in the European Union

This live webinar is part of Climate Action Week for Fashion & Apparel, March 18-22, 2024

Finally a consensus is emerging that smart regulation and legislation is essential for ensuring the fashion and apparel industries take responsbility for their environmental and social impacts. The EU is one of the world’s largest markets for fashion and apparel, which means its a big deal when it proposes and begins to implement a significant number of pieces of legislation to end what it calls “Fast Fashion”. So where does climate action fit in this legislative agenda?

Some of the key questions we will cover in this session will include:

  • Will the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles and all the related legislative packages be effective at driving decarbonization at the pace and scale required?
  • Which pieces of legislation will be most effective and where are there currently significant problems or gaps?
  • What should be improved?
  • Are there any links between EU policies on textiles and on climate change?


20 Mar 2024 @ 01:00 pm

20 Mar 2024 @ 02:30 pm

Duration: 1 hours, 30 minutes

Timezone: GMT +2:00


Online Webinar


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