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18 Apr 2024

2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction

2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction

Join us for the 2nd Edition of the Global Summit on Scope 3 Emissions Reduction, where industry experts, thought leaders, and decision-makers convene to delve into the intricacies of Scope 3

This two-day event will feature in-depth case studies of supply chain transformation and carbon accounting and reporting, and provide maximum networking opportunities to exchange insights and expertise on tackling Scope 3 emissions.

Scope 3 emissions, often responsible for over 70% of a company’s carbon footprint, originate from external sources beyond a company’s direct control. Environmental regulations now require companies to adhere to GHG Protocol standards, making it crucial to address these emissions comprehensively. The summit offers a unique opportunity to learn from experts about strategies, tools, and high-tech innovations for carbon reduction, emission calculation and disclosure.

The event will cover essential topics such as legislative and regulatory frameworks (including CSRD), effective organi- zational setups, procurement’s role in emission reduction, data collection challenges and solutions, and ways to reduce upstream and downstream emissions through procurement practices, sustainability communication, product design and circular economy strategies.

Join us on April 18-19, 2024, in Berlin, Germany to gain insights, network, and prepare your organization for the future of carbon minimization and disclosure.


18 Apr 2024 @ 09:00 am

19 Apr 2024 @ 04:00 pm

Duration: 1 days, 7 hours


Eurostars Berlin

Friedrichstraße 99, 10117 Berlin

10117 Berlin



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Future Bridge Events (deactivated)

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