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Global Conference on Management and Economics (GLOBALCME)
Delve deeper into the intricacies of modern economic trends and management practices at GLOBALCME
International Conference on Social Sciences (SSCONFERENCE)
Global stage of social sciences, where knowledge meets innovation and collaboration
World Conference on Education (WORLDEDUCONF)
Connect with educators, researchers, and thought leaders, exchange ideas and insights
LIFE CIRCforBIO Open Events
The LIFE CIRCforBIO project will hold 8 open events to demonstrate the results of the project.
4th International Workshop on Data Analytics in the Energy Sector
As part of the 15th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems, and Applications (IISA 2024), this workshop provides a platform for various EU-funded projects, such as the LIFE project ENERGATE, to share their findings.
5th International Conference on Materials Science & Nanotechnology
Future Materials2024 will provide an international platform to discuss emerging trends and advancement in the research and development of Materials science and Nanotechnology.