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Non-profit sector

Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy

Mönchsberg 2a
5020 Salzburg, Austria

The Austrian Institute for Law and Policy acts according to the following principle:Science for the humane society, for the knowledge about our law and for a prudent and responsible legislation.Legal Policy deals always with the question how a future law should be conditioned. Even when science cannot take away the decision from politics, it can support politics in making the right and just propositions (decisions). By this however legal policy should not be exhausted in its endeavours, but should tackle the principle dimension of ethics of law.The Austrian Institute for Law and Policy in Salzburg is hitherto the sole such Institute in Austria. Such an Institute for Legal Policy deserves the special commitment of politics. The problem concerning a degrading acceptance in the law, the decreasing knowledge about the law and the lacking involvement of the citizens, infringes the capacity of parliamentary democracy.Strategies that improve the relationship between decision makers (in legislation) and the citizens have to be developed. Therefore, legal policy and legal information policy as they are performed by the Austrian Institute for Law and Policy are tools to improve the current situation.

Mönchsberg 2a

5020 Salzburg



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