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European Commission

Rue de la Loi 170
1049 Brussels, Belgium

Rue de la Loi 170

1049 Brussels



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Kristina Kiefer Team Member
Gabriele Bertolli Team Member
Ellen Vermoesen Team Member
Jill Berger Team Member
Liliana Caraça Team Member
Mrs Marguerite GAZZE Communication Advisor Team Member
Mr Antonio Fonduca Team Member

Videos (117)

Winter Economic Outlook 2016 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support -EN 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
TRACES – Animal Traceability 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Corporate Tax Avoidance 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Tax Avoidance 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Erasmus+: Traineeships 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Erasmus+: Staff Mobility 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Erasmus+: European Voluntary Service (EVS) 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Erasmus+: Sport 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Erasmus+: Youth Exchange 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Erasmus+: Skill Alliances 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Erasmus+: Adult education 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Ensuring healthy public finances 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Digital Single Market: digital content and online sales across the EU 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Making buying and selling online easier across the EU 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
EU Aviation Strategy 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
EU Aviation Strategy teaser 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
COP21 #united4climate 18 Feb 2016 1455799475
Posted workers in the EU 9 Mar 2016 1457527869
VAT Action Plan 13 Apr 2016 1460542904
Corporate Tax transparency - Country by Country Reporting 15 Apr 2016 1460678403
EU Agencies' Network 16 Apr 2016 1460764803
Spring economic forecast 4 May 2016 1462320003
#EmergencyLessons: My school photo 18 May 2016 1463529603
Carcinogens exposure at work 18 May 2016 1463529603
25 years of MEDIA programme celebrated at Cannes Film Festival 19 May 2016 1463616004
Erasmus+ OLS: Live Coaching - Forum 3 Jun 2016 1464912005
What if Schengen disappeared? 15 Jun 2016 1465948803
New skills Agenda for Europe 21 Jun 2016 1466467204
Reaction to outcome of the UK referendum 25 Jun 2016 1466812805
Official start of the Slovak Presidency of the EU - Jean-Claude Juncker 2 Jul 2016 1467417603
CEF Digital: Cross-Border Solutions for your EU Project 2 Jul 2016 1467417603
TTIP, CETA etc - How are trade deals made in Europe? 5 Jul 2016 1467676803
CETA - EU and Canada Trade Deal 8 Jul 2016 1467936004
Jean-Claude Juncker on on prolongation of EU sanctions against ‪‎Russia‬ over ‪Ukr... 21 Jul 2016 1469059204
Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support -EN 26 Jul 2016 1469491206
Solar Impulse completes its round-the-world journey - (fuel free) 27 Jul 2016 1469577604
We All Share the Same Dreams - standing against discrimination 6 Aug 2016 1470441606
Investment Plan Roadshow with Katainen in Germany 24 Aug 2016 1471996803
Investment Plan Roadshow with Katainen in Finland 24 Aug 2016 1471996804
Investment Plan Roadshow with Katainen in Spain 24 Aug 2016 1471996804
Investment Plan Roadshow with Katainen in France 24 Aug 2016 1471996804
Katainen thoughts about Investment Plan Roadshow in Spain 24 Aug 2016 1471996805
Europe as an Investment Destination 24 Aug 2016 1471996805
EU Global Strategy explained by Mogherini 25 Aug 2016 1472083204
Better Regulation explained 25 Aug 2016 1472083204
Economic and Monetary Union 25 Aug 2016 1472083204
The European Week of Sport - #BeActive 27 Aug 2016 1472256004
31/08/2018 Article 50 press point 31 Aug 2018 1535752806
20% renewable energy by 2020 16 Mar 2019 1552777220
50 Years EU 16 Mar 2019 1552777229

News (5610)

#G20: EU secures action on steel over-capacity, #RefugeeCrisis and #FairTaxation... 5 Sep 2016
What are the opportunities for EU funding in the transport sector? ➡️ https:... 5 Sep 2016
A staggering €160 bln in VAT revenues lost across the EU in 2014 - figures rel... 6 Sep 2016
What is the VAT Gap? | Main findings of the 2016 Report | Estimates per Member S... 6 Sep 2016
#TeamJunckerEU meeting: preparing next week's #SOTEU and #BratislavaSummit, prop... 7 Sep 2016
Good luck @VioBebe for the #Paralympics starting today & thanks for your sup... 7 Sep 2016
We propose EU rules for certification of airport screening instruments, ensuring... 7 Sep 2016
MEP @MariaSpyraki on #investEU opportunities for companies & regions, and th... 7 Sep 2016
#SOTEU 2016: one week to go! Save the date: 14/9/2016 | Save the page (including... 7 Sep 2016
#Roaming | Fair Use Policy | 90 days is the strict minimum. Providers can always... 8 Sep 2016
12:00 watch live announcement by @StylianidesEU on the new aid for #refugees in ... 8 Sep 2016
#LiveOnEbS now: @StylianidesEU on the new aid for #refugees in #Turkey https://t... 8 Sep 2016
"Largest EU humanitarian aid programme ever" €348 million for refugees in #Tur... 8 Sep 2016
€348 million for refugees in #Turkey: How will it work? Who will benefit? → ... 8 Sep 2016
9 Sept: @FedericaMog & @JHahnEU to chair EU-#Turkey High Level Political Dia... 8 Sep 2016
In practice, #roaming charges will disappear for the vast majority of us. 99% of... 8 Sep 2016
Une task force met en place suite à l'annonce de la fermeture de Caterpillar à... 8 Sep 2016
Une task force mise en place suite à l'annonce de la fermeture de Caterpillar ... 8 Sep 2016
Education is crucial for children living in crisis and conflict. #LiteracyDay #I... 8 Sep 2016
On International #LiteracyDay, get inspired by our Commissioners who got #caught... 8 Sep 2016
Roaming charges will end in June 2017. Latest on 'fair use policy' ➡️ https... 9 Sep 2016
.@VeraJourova met with 31 European consumer organisations on the Volkswagen case... 9 Sep 2016
14:15 CET join live #EUdialogues with EU Transport Commissioner @Bulc_EU from Co... 9 Sep 2016
European Heritage Days take place in Sept and Oct everywhere in #Europe. Map of ... 9 Sep 2016
Support from #investEU in France & Belgium ➡️ cleaning polluted sites &... 9 Sep 2016
Interactive map with all projects funded by Facility for #refugees in #Turkey by... 9 Sep 2016
How will we address the most pressing challenges the EU is facing? 14/9/16 @Junc... 9 Sep 2016
European Week of #Sport starts today (10-17/9)! Find an event near you: you http... 10 Sep 2016
Interested to invest in EU? Check out our European Investment Project Portal: ht... 10 Sep 2016
From 15hCET watch live #EUdialogues focused on education&culture w/ @TNavrac... 10 Sep 2016
In < 2 years #InvestEU is already set to support 200K+ #SMEs. Follow #SOTEU t... 10 Sep 2016
3 days until the State of the European Union speech! Follow our live blog: https... 11 Sep 2016
€115 million in emergency support to improve conditions for #refugees in Greec... 12 Sep 2016
€9.2 million for energy interconnectors between Germany and Poland https://t.... 12 Sep 2016
ERC Starting Grants 2016 for 325 early-career researchers across Europe https://... 12 Sep 2016
On 15/09, @JunckerEU answers questions from @YouTube creators live ➡️ https:... 12 Sep 2016
Am 15. Sept: @Juncker_EU beantwortet Fragen von @YouTube Creators, live: #AskJun... 12 Sep 2016
#SecurityUnion Commissioner-Designate exchanges views with @EP_Justice @ 7pm 12 Sep 2016
Le 15 septembre, @Juncker_EU répond aux questions de créateurs @YouTube. Live ... 12 Sep 2016
#SecurityEU commissioner needed now -Remarks by @JulianKingFCO @ @EP_Justice htt... 12 Sep 2016
Following up on the #ParisAgreement #ClimaDiplo https://t.co/1j6iXc90wK https://... 13 Sep 2016
In #Strasbourg. Start of a big European week. Working for the unity of our Membe... 13 Sep 2016
TUNE IN: 14/9/2016 9am CET = State of the European Union debate! LIVE video + bl... 13 Sep 2016
Get behind the scenes of #SOTEU through our #InstagramStories from the ground! h... 13 Sep 2016
President @JunckerEU is preparing to deliver the State of the Union address tomo... 13 Sep 2016
In 30 minutes | +/- 9am CET: State of the European Union debate! LIVE video + bl... 14 Sep 2016
#SOTEU just about to start 14 Sep 2016
"Europe means peace" @JunckerEU: https://t.co/6mHQPIkRz9 | #SOTEU https://t.co/f... 14 Sep 2016
We need to be connected: our economy needs it; our people need it @JunckerEU ann... 14 Sep 2016
"A #CapitalMarketsUnion will make our financial system by far more resilient" @J... 14 Sep 2016
We will continue to roll out the #YouthGuarantee... reaching out to the regions ... 14 Sep 2016
Europe is not the Wild West, but a social market economy #SOTEU https://t.co/HgA... 14 Sep 2016
State of the Union Address 2016: Towards a better Europe | full speech: https://... 14 Sep 2016
The €315 billion #InvestEU Plan has already raised €116 billion in investmen... 14 Sep 2016
Towards a Better Europe: A Europe that Protects, Empowers and Defends | Key #SOT... 14 Sep 2016
#Article50 Task Force set up: @MichelBarnier in the lead with @WeyandSabine appo... 14 Sep 2016
"We need to deliver a better Europe". Major initiatives announced by @JunckerEU ... 14 Sep 2016
"The next 12 months are decisive if we want to reunite our Union." #SOTEU key me... 14 Sep 2016
New initiative announced by @JunckerEU for #youth https://t.co/jAZabiXwGH 14 Sep 2016
"#investEU worked better than anyone expected. Today, we are launching #investGl... 14 Sep 2016
LIVE: press conference on extension & doubling of #EFSI + #investglobal http... 14 Sep 2016
Extension of #EFSI, increasing SMEs financing.. Want to know more? See: https://... 14 Sep 2016
"#EFSI 2.0 will have higher risk bearing capacity & allow @EIB to invest €... 14 Sep 2016
Mid-term review of #EUbudget: focus on priorities, more flexibility, less red ta... 14 Sep 2016
Our new External investment plan aims at leveraging €44bln in investments in A... 14 Sep 2016
"What our partners ask from us is investments, and we found an innovative approa... 14 Sep 2016
"We need to be connected. Our economy needs it. People need it. And we have to i... 14 Sep 2016
LIVE now: announcement of modernisation of EU telecoms & #copyright rules: h... 14 Sep 2016
"We propose to equip every European village&city with free #WIFI4EU around t... 14 Sep 2016
Modern #copyright rules will allow European culture to flourish & circulate:... 14 Sep 2016
New proposals pave the way for more & better #connectivity for all: https://... 14 Sep 2016
Towards a Better Europe: @JunckerEU proposed a positive agenda of European actio... 14 Sep 2016
#SOTEU debate is not yet over: 3 @YouTube creators will #AskJuncker LIVE tomorro... 14 Sep 2016
Towards a Better Europe | presenting the results of #BetterRegulation approach: ... 14 Sep 2016
"We settle our conflicts around the table, not in trenches" @JunckerEU #SOTEU ht... 14 Sep 2016
A number of measures were put forward today to strengthen Europe's External Bord... 14 Sep 2016
"Our aim is to get the whole Europe connected" @Ansip_eu https://t.co/VJj5JAzAgV... 14 Sep 2016
Now it's the turn of @CorpsMaisonEspr to #AskJuncker 15 Sep 2016
The last of the 3 @YouTube creators is @lukaszjakobiak. Hear what he has to #Ask... 15 Sep 2016
#AskJuncker interview is over, but the debate continues on @DebatingEurope! What... 15 Sep 2016
Work launched on first common EU list of non-cooperative #tax jurisdictions: htt... 15 Sep 2016
YES!!! It's a #Gold medal for @VioBebe at the #Rio2016 #Paralympics !!! We could... 15 Sep 2016
New #investEU agreement in Denmark 15 Sep 2016
.@JunckerEU: "we need unity to prove that Europe works" #BratislavaSummit https:... 16 Sep 2016
"We must take urgent action to curb #aviation sector emissions" - EU calls on @i... 16 Sep 2016
.@TimmermansEU, @FedericaMog and @eucopresident to represent the EU at the #UN4R... 16 Sep 2016
3 Vice-Presidents & 6 Commissioners to participate in high-level meetings at... 16 Sep 2016
"Global action on #migration is urgently needed". More info on #EU involvement a... 16 Sep 2016
#investEU 1st year: projects & agreements approved for financing expected to... 16 Sep 2016
#BratislavaSummit confirms EU's positive policy agenda: https://t.co/vdgCczO4S3 ... 16 Sep 2016
It's European #MobilityWeek! 2 247 cities in 50 countries are organising activit... 17 Sep 2016
"Europe must invest strongly in its youth, in its jobseekers, in its start-ups."... 17 Sep 2016
"@EU_Commission will always stand by EU farmers. I won't accept that milk is che... 17 Sep 2016
"Workers should get same pay for same work in the same place. Europe is a social... 18 Sep 2016
Ahead of #UNGA Refugees & Migrants Summit, find all #MigrationEU factsheets ... 18 Sep 2016
In-depth investigation into Luxembourg's #tax treatment of GDF Suez group opened... 19 Sep 2016
€108 million announced to support #Bulgaria's border & #migration manageme... 19 Sep 2016
New assistance package of almost €210 million for the EU Neighbourhood announc... 19 Sep 2016
.@JunckerEU highlights #BratislavaSummit support for #DigitalSingleMarket & ... 19 Sep 2016
EU support to Southern Mediterranean: https://t.co/nk1LZWoC5K & Eastern Par... 19 Sep 2016
Latest #InvestEU deal will see support for media digitalisation in #Sweden ⏩ h... 19 Sep 2016
#EUbudget mid-term review: focus on EU priorities, more flexibility, less red ta... 19 Sep 2016
#UN4RefugeesMigrants Summit offers an opportunity to build upon #MigrationEU Age... 19 Sep 2016
#EU well represented at #UN4RefugeesMigrants Summit, in plenary as well as round... 19 Sep 2016
EU-#UNGA side event intros European External Investment Plan, first revealed at ... 20 Sep 2016
EU-@UNICEF partnership helps address learning & protection needs of children... 20 Sep 2016
Understanding #EnergyUnion | new @EU_Eurostat digital publication offers simple,... 20 Sep 2016
In his #SOTEU speech @JunckerEU called for an EU Strategy for #Syria to help reb... 20 Sep 2016
What is #TeamJunckerEU up to at #UNGA? Get up-to-date here: https://t.co/vooc3vx... 20 Sep 2016
.@Vestager talks #tax avoidance & #privacy issues in the digital economy at ... 20 Sep 2016
Europe means peace. #InternationalDayOfPeace https://t.co/kFjqPXezC0 21 Sep 2016
Today is the day: Let it be a European Day Without A Road Death! #ProjectEDWARD ... 21 Sep 2016
LIVE NOW: @Ansip_EU & @GOettingerEU new approach to the end of #roaming http... 21 Sep 2016
End of #roaming charges in the EU in 2017: Commission agrees on new approach to ... 21 Sep 2016
#Roaming: No limits in terms of days or volume. Residence is the key principle.... 21 Sep 2016
EU announces further €40 million in humanitarian aid to #Yemen at #UNGA https:... 21 Sep 2016
FIRST Trans-Atlantic #EUDialogues 21 Sep 2016
The first Trans-Atlantic #EUDialogues is LIVE now: https://t.co/6wH2tE6JUk 21 Sep 2016
#HighAmbitionCoalition presser on 21 Sept at 11h NY time (17h Brussels time) Liv... 21 Sep 2016
Trans-Atlantic #EUDialogues 21 Sep 2016
The longest period of #peace in written history in Europe started with the forma... 21 Sep 2016
Today #TeamJunckerEU agreed on a new approach to end #roaming by 2017: https://t... 21 Sep 2016
Almost 1.1 million persons with asylum applications pending in the EU at end Q2 ... 22 Sep 2016
Additional €30 million in humanitarian aid for #Iraq pledged by @StylianidesEU... 22 Sep 2016
.@MargSchinas answering a question on former Commissioner Neelie Kroes. @Juncker... 22 Sep 2016
#Volkswagen commits to EU-wide action plan to address the diesel emissions issue... 22 Sep 2016
Political Dialogue & Cooperation Agreement marks a turning point in #EU-#Cub... 22 Sep 2016
#BahamasLeaks: Scale of tax avoidance and evasion is simply unacceptable. @EU_Co... 22 Sep 2016
.@MargSchinas answering questions on the Code of conduct for Commissioners and p... 22 Sep 2016
We will continue to fight tax avoidance. @MargSchinas on the implications of th... 22 Sep 2016
#EUtrade creates jobs ✔️ Hear what else @JunckerEU had to say in the @EU_EES... 22 Sep 2016
EU pushes for further tightening of wildlife trade rules at @CITIES global summi... 23 Sep 2016
The number of counterfeit goods seized by EU authorities continued to rise in 20... 23 Sep 2016
EU at #UNGA| Day 5: https://t.co/go2sD97zSY #IranDeal #SouthSudan #Cuba https://... 23 Sep 2016
Lendava, #Slovenia, hosts a cross-border #EUdialogues on education & culture... 23 Sep 2016
European Day of Languages: more than 80% of primary pupils in the EU study a for... 23 Sep 2016
What's the role of #education in fostering growth & jobs? Here's how #Erasmu... 23 Sep 2016
#InvestEU reaches Malta: 1st deal signed to support SMEs: https://t.co/mMyxWaTFr... 23 Sep 2016
We made the deal; after #UNGA, we're closer to making it real: 60 countries (= 4... 24 Sep 2016
The #migration challenges know no national borders – we are all part of the Eu... 25 Sep 2016
This week, @JKingEU joined the #teamJunckerEU college meeting for the first time... 25 Sep 2016
Joint Statement on #Syria by @FedericaMog and Foreign Ministers of France, Italy... 25 Sep 2016
New #investEU agreement in Malta 25 Sep 2016
"#Solidarity must be given voluntarily. It must come from the heart" in his #SOT... 25 Sep 2016
#TeamJunckerEU weekly activities: https://t.co/aR5nIi2djC https://t.co/rnD5BvVSzf 26 Sep 2016
@MarosSefcovic #LubošBlaha a #JaroslavPaška budú 26/9 v Bratislave diskutova... 26 Sep 2016
Happy European Day of Languages! What languages do you speak? Welche Sprachen sp... 26 Sep 2016
New #InvestEU signature in #Slovakia: €135 million to support Slovak SMEs http... 26 Sep 2016
How is EU money spent? 26 Sep 2016
.@StylianidesEU launches the Emergency Social Safety Net, the largest EU aid pro... 26 Sep 2016
Watch #EUDialogues LIVE with Commissioner @MalmstromEU discussing #EUtrade polic... 26 Sep 2016
Seven @MEDIAprogEU-funded films received awards at #64SSIFF this weekend! Congra... 26 Sep 2016
.@Bulc_EU to push for 1st global scheme to curb aviation CO2 emissions at the #I... 26 Sep 2016
Malta last week, Slovakia today and more to come! #investEU supporting SMEs with... 26 Sep 2016
Get specialised support for your project with the EU Investment Advisory hub htt... 26 Sep 2016
Vice-President @KGeorgievaEU hosts the #EUBudget4results conference. Follow live 27 Sep 2016
€ 300 million #InvestEU loan to finance projects by Portuguese SMEs & Mid-... 27 Sep 2016
#EFSI is triggering investments now in 27 Member States. 127.2bn additional inve... 27 Sep 2016
"Simplicity and flexibility are key to ensuring the success of #ESIFunds investm... 27 Sep 2016
#Colombia manda mensaje de paz. Union Europea apoya y suspende a las FARC de la ... 27 Sep 2016
All 28 EU defence ministers meeting today in #Bratislava agreed to move forward ... 27 Sep 2016
#investEU reaches more than €127 bn in mobilised investments in the EU. Who ar... 27 Sep 2016
#TeamJunckerEU meeting 28/09 | Agenda: transparency register, #migrationEU, #EUt... 27 Sep 2016
Are you an investor? EU-based projects looking for investment listed here: https... 27 Sep 2016
"In support of the #ParisAgreement, aviation should contribute to global efforts... 28 Sep 2016
+-12.00: watch press conference w/ @TimmermansEU & @Avramopoulos on #Transpa... 28 Sep 2016
#TransparencyEU: @EU_Commission proposes mandatory Transparency Register for all... 28 Sep 2016
LIVE now: press conference with @TimmermansEU on the #TransparencyEU Register pr... 28 Sep 2016
New proposal for Transparency register: what are the changes compared to the cur... 28 Sep 2016
"Let's take all EU institutions to the same level of transparency." @TimmermansE... 28 Sep 2016
A coordinated EU approach for temporary internal border controls: what was adopt... 28 Sep 2016
EU signs grants worth €600 million to help #refugees in #Turkey in the areas o... 28 Sep 2016
EU-Turkey Statement: state of play as of 28 September - Questions & Answers:... 28 Sep 2016
Press release: progress made under the European Agenda on #MigrationEU as of 28 ... 28 Sep 2016
LIVE now: press conference with @Avramopoulos on progress made under the Europea... 28 Sep 2016
European Border and Coast Guard to be launched on 6 October 2016 https://t.co/5v... 28 Sep 2016
#RefugeeCrisis: 5,651 relocations from Italy & Greece and 10,695 resettlemen... 28 Sep 2016
Statement by President @JunckerEU & @eucopresident on the passing away of fo... 28 Sep 2016
#EUTurkey: Progress report on EU-Turkey Statement https://t.co/Rz30G3e7ub https:... 28 Sep 2016
1,202 asylum seekers were relocated to other EU countries in Sept - the highest ... 28 Sep 2016
When can Member States temporarily reintroduce border controls? What are the #Sc... 28 Sep 2016
1st #CEFSynergy call has opened today: €40 million for synergies between Trans... 28 Sep 2016
Good progress has been made in the implementation of the #EUTurkey Statement - e... 28 Sep 2016
"L'accord #CETA doit être ratifié. Les accords de commerce créent des emplois... 28 Sep 2016
What happened during #teamJunckerEU meeting today: mandatory #TransparencyEU Reg... 28 Sep 2016
"Tunisia is confronted by many challenges in what is a challenging region." @EU_... 29 Sep 2016
#investEU support to 450 SMEs in Lithuania = Šiaulių bankas to provide financi... 29 Sep 2016
Supporting #Tunisia’s transition: what are the tangible actions the @EU_Commis... 29 Sep 2016
Mergers: @EU_Commission opens in-depth investigation into proposed Deutsche Bö... 29 Sep 2016
.@mariannethyssen & @Vapaavuori launch a new guide on public private partner... 29 Sep 2016
September infringement package: legal action against Member States for failing t... 29 Sep 2016
New support for the people of #Mali announced by @MimicaEU ahead of his meeting ... 29 Sep 2016
Un marché unique européen du numérique apportera une croissance d'environ 415... 29 Sep 2016
New Guide to the Statistical Treatment of Public Private Partnerships - Fact she... 29 Sep 2016
Hospitalisation could be reduced through better spending in #health check out th... 29 Sep 2016
“The need for humanitarian access in #Aleppo, Syria could not be more urgent.... 29 Sep 2016
Make 29 Sep 2016
#WorldMaritimeDay: Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg are the busiest cargo ports in... 29 Sep 2016
In need of advisory & technical assistance to finance your project? Check @E... 29 Sep 2016
New #InvestEU signature: € 65 million for innovative SMEs in Bulgaria & Sl... 30 Sep 2016
New proposal to increase Ukrainian exports to be unveiled today by @MalmstromEU ... 30 Sep 2016
In a historic move, EU ministers today approved the ratification of the #ParisAg... 30 Sep 2016
6 October: Launch of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency by @Avramopoulos... 30 Sep 2016
Enhancing collaboration on the ground between EIF & National Promotional Ins... 30 Sep 2016
The decision taken today by all #EU ministers to ratify the #ParisAgreement brin... 30 Sep 2016
Invest in bright ideas with EU-based projects looking for investment! Check: htt... 30 Sep 2016
International Day of Older Persons: 1 in every 20 persons living in the EU is ag... 1 Oct 2016
Watch 1 Oct 2016
.@MichelBarnier starts today as Chief Negotiator in charge of the Negotiations w... 1 Oct 2016
New #EUBorderGuard to become operational on Thursday 6 October just 9 months aft... 1 Oct 2016
"No registration, no meeting" - @EU_Commission proposed this week a mandatory Tr... 1 Oct 2016
.@JKingEU paid his first official visit as new EU Commissioner for #SecurityUnio... 1 Oct 2016
Important progress on resettlement unveiled this week: Members States have offer... 2 Oct 2016
Investment in research is essential: this is why almost 14 000 projects have rec... 2 Oct 2016
Securing Europe’s external borders: new #EUBorderGuard to be launched on 6 Oct... 2 Oct 2016
1st #EUDialogues in partnership with @EU_CoR to take place tomorrow in #Bulgaria... 2 Oct 2016
Next week, the EU & Afghanistan are hosting the #AfghanConf, a strong signa... 2 Oct 2016
How can I submit my project to the European Investment Project Portal ? See: htt... 2 Oct 2016
#TeamJunckerEU's agenda this week: #AfghanConf, #EUBorderGuard, #EPLenary https:... 3 Oct 2016
2,000 agricultural #SMEs in Hungary are to benefit from #EFSI deal worth HUF 50 ... 3 Oct 2016
Micro-finance guarantee will support #entrepreneurship in Slovenia: https://t.co... 3 Oct 2016
Last week EU Ministers made a historic decision to ratify #ParisAgreement. @Euro... 3 Oct 2016
The images of German reunification are true symbols of our European identity #De... 3 Oct 2016
Latest #investEU : EU support for renewable energy off the Belgian coast ➡️ ... 3 Oct 2016
EU Fund for Strategic Investments #EFSI aims to address market gaps & mobili... 3 Oct 2016
There's a European Border & Coastguard on the horizon | #EUBorderGuard launc... 4 Oct 2016
Signature ceremony on ratification of #ParisAgreement LIVE from 12:00 (CET) 4 Oct 2016
#ParisAgreement to enter into force as EU agrees ratification: https://t.co/IBPb... 4 Oct 2016
Today, the EU turned climate ambition into climate action. The #ParisAgreement w... 4 Oct 2016
The political process for the European Union to ratify the #ParisAgreement is co... 4 Oct 2016
In his #SOTEU speech, @JunckerEU called for a swift ratification of the #ParisAg... 4 Oct 2016
Financial assistance will support reforms in new #Afghanistan National Peace &am... 4 Oct 2016
Results of #YouthGuarantee & #YouthEmployment Initiative 3 years on + new #E... 4 Oct 2016
Here are the main achievements of the #YouthGuarantee & #YouthEmployment Ini... 4 Oct 2016
"I deeply appreciate your leadership&engagement. EU has a long&proud rec... 4 Oct 2016
#AfghanConf Day One: realising #Afghanistan's economic potential and reinforcing... 4 Oct 2016
More than 100 EU-based projects waiting for investors! https://t.co/iSp8G6dnmi ... 4 Oct 2016
"Je disais que l'UE n'allait pas signer n'importe quel accord, qu'il devrait êt... 4 Oct 2016
From 09:00 (CET) @JunckerEU addresses #EPlenary session in preparation of the #E... 5 Oct 2016
"I'm not a blind free-trader, but I know that trade is essential" @JunckerEU in ... 5 Oct 2016
New East Anglia trains in London - intercity, airport & local services - to ... 5 Oct 2016
International community confirms continued support for and engagement in #Afghan... 5 Oct 2016
⚡️ European Border & Coastguard to enter into force just 9 months after ... 5 Oct 2016
The European Border & Coast Guard becomes operational tomorrow, only 9 month... 5 Oct 2016
Official launch of the European Border & Coast Guard. Watch LIVE ⚡️ 10:... 6 Oct 2016
Securing Europe's external borders: Launch of the European Border & Coast Gu... 6 Oct 2016
Official launch of European Border & Coast Guard Agency, LIVE now from the B... 6 Oct 2016
What is the new European Border & Coast Guard Agency & how will it work?... 6 Oct 2016
"Today is a milestone in the history of European border management." @Avramopoul... 6 Oct 2016
Commission proposes deep-sea fishing opportunities ensuring the sustainable expl... 6 Oct 2016
Remarks by @Avramopoulos at launch of #EUBorderGuard: https://t.co/kuCRHoph92 [s... 6 Oct 2016
#EUdialogues with @TimmermansEU on #refugeecrisis & #MigrationEU - Watch LIV... 6 Oct 2016
#EUBorderGuard: a milestone in the history of European border management. 6 Oct 2016
Support for victims of #HurricaneMatthew in #Haiti: €255 000 and mobilising in... 6 Oct 2016
⚡️ "European Border and Coast Guard Agency - Opening Day" https://t.co/Q5QgfiS7e3 6 Oct 2016
#EUBorderGuard is a missing link in strengthening Europe's external borders, so ... 6 Oct 2016
Main tasks of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency: https://t.co/WqZ9LHnQ... 6 Oct 2016
Tolerance cannot come at the price of security. We need to know who is crossing ... 6 Oct 2016
Support for victims of #HurricaneMatthew in #Haiti: €255000 &mobilising fu... 7 Oct 2016
Watch 7 Oct 2016
"Nous devons cesser de parler des Etats-Unis d'Europe." @JunckerEU #Delors20 htt... 7 Oct 2016
.@EU_Commission welcomes landmark agreement to reduce international aviation emi... 7 Oct 2016
Over EUR 2 million awarded by @europe_creative to support cultural projects for ... 7 Oct 2016
Découvrez le discours prononcé par @JunckerEU ce matin au @DelorsInstitute sur... 7 Oct 2016
https://t.co/0qZC1eRIec Découvrez le discours prononcé par @JunckerEU ce matin... 7 Oct 2016
EU steps up support for victims of #HurricaneMatthew: €1.5 million,team of exp... 7 Oct 2016
How to improve the online access to information about the #SingleMarket? #EUHave... 8 Oct 2016
European Border & Coast Guard Agency launched on 6 Oct.! It will monitor the... 8 Oct 2016
We’ve reached the end of an excellent week for #climate! Ratification of the #... 8 Oct 2016
#YouthGuarantee & #YouthEmployment initiatives are bearing fruit.We keep up ... 9 Oct 2016
Statement by @FedericaMog on the attack in #Yemen: https://t.co/WbWpYjZYdx. 9 Oct 2016
A crucial step towards the carbon neutral growth of aviation was made this week:... 9 Oct 2016
New #EUBorderGuard - timeline: -DEC16: rapid reaction pool -BY DEC16: 50 new rec... 9 Oct 2016
The winners of the #RegioStars awards 2016 will be revealed on Tuesday during th... 9 Oct 2016
Check out #TeamJunckerEU agenda for this week > https://t.co/u1DLlubvhr https... 10 Oct 2016
European & World Day against Death Penalty: the EU reaffirms strong & un... 10 Oct 2016
Bomb attack in #Hakkari | #EU extends condolences, stands w #Turkey against terr... 10 Oct 2016
Attack in #Jerusalem | #EU condemns and extends condolences; underlines need 4 n... 10 Oct 2016
Development-oriented Economic Partnership Agreement with 5 southern African coun... 10 Oct 2016
France 10 Oct 2016
4 girls from Brazil, Tanzania, Bangladesh + Netherlands take over our #socmed ac... 10 Oct 2016
The European Week of Regions and Cities - #EUWRC - has started! Follow the webst... 11 Oct 2016
My statement following tonight's progress on the Financial Transactions Tax #FTT... 11 Oct 2016
Support for high-speed mobile internet in Sweden 11 Oct 2016
At 8.6% unemployment rate in #EU is at lowest level since 2009. Our efforts cont... 11 Oct 2016
EU stands for equality | @KGeorgievaEU & @MimicaEU for Girls Rights Gazette ... 11 Oct 2016
6300+ #codeEU events on the map. Add your event here: https://t.co/kWzACkjW1r an... 11 Oct 2016
#DayoftheGirl: On Thu 13 Oct 4 girls from Brazil, Tanzania, Bangladesh + Netherl... 11 Oct 2016
Innovative power plant in Kiel 11 Oct 2016
at +/-12:00CET watch live read-out by @Avramopoulos & @JKingEU on the progre... 12 Oct 2016
+/-13:00CET watch live read-out by @Avramopoulos & @JKingEU on the progress ... 12 Oct 2016
"Redoubling our efforts on security" First in a series of monthly reports on pro... 12 Oct 2016
A European Agenda on Security: State of Play October 2016 https://t.co/Rd97CQBq1... 12 Oct 2016
#RegioStars awards highlight the most innovative projects supported by #ESIFunds... 12 Oct 2016
New platform for better management of knowledge & data for #territorial poli... 12 Oct 2016
Breaking: #EUbudget error rate drops under 4%. Glad to see common efforts bear f... 13 Oct 2016
#EUaccounts cleared for 9th time in a row. #EUaudit2015 shows level of errors co... 13 Oct 2016
#EUbudget well directed in 2015.Less errors in payments for 3 consecutive years.... 13 Oct 2016
#EUBudget makes difference on the ground.Find successful EU projects,visit EU Re... 13 Oct 2016
From 12 to 4pmCET today all @europeaid accounts are managed by these 4 girls from 13 Oct 2016
We are bridging the investment gap in #EU, 1.9 billion just made available to fi... 13 Oct 2016
15-16hCET join Twitter chat with the girls managing the @europeaid accounts toda... 13 Oct 2016
EU launches Mobility Partnership with Belarus. Press release: https://t.co/70NLo... 13 Oct 2016
Watch @PhilHoganEU talking with citizens in Toledo about agriculture &rural ... 13 Oct 2016
.@Avramopoulos: "I welcome @EUCouncil adoption of Commission's proposal on the E... 13 Oct 2016
New EU rules guarantee legal aid in criminal proceedings - @EUCouncil adopts Com... 13 Oct 2016
New EU rules to guarantee legal aid in criminal proceedings - @EUCouncil adopts ... 13 Oct 2016
Congratulations to #NoviSad, first European Capital of Culture from a candidate ... 13 Oct 2016
LIVE from Toledo @PhilHogan discusses with citizens about agriculture, rural dev... 14 Oct 2016
#InvestEU: 1ère signature d’un prêt en @paysdelaloire 14 Oct 2016
Investment Plan for Europe: €30 million for innovative small and mid-sized bus... 14 Oct 2016
Don't forget - @CodeWeekEU starts tomorrow. What kind of events are being held w... 14 Oct 2016
Evaluation Report on the implementation of the Visa Information System: https://... 14 Oct 2016
Commission proposes to support Germany after the floods in Bavaria with €31.5 ... 14 Oct 2016
The EU employment rate returned to pre-crisis level, having increased consistent... 14 Oct 2016
#investEU: La UE apoya la digilitazión de Bankia con un préstamo del BEI de 50... 14 Oct 2016
The @CodeWeekEU kicks off today! Join an event & learn how to create apps, b... 15 Oct 2016
New @EIB loan to Kiel plant 15 Oct 2016
This week, 15 Greek schools welcomed for the 1st time refugee and migrant childr... 15 Oct 2016
#WorldFoodDay - The Emergency Social Safety Net, the largest EU aid programme, h... 16 Oct 2016
#EUDialogues Join the debate with President @JunckerEU & Oliver #Paasch on 1... 16 Oct 2016
What will #TeamJunckerEU be doing this week? Check out the agenda: https://t.co/... 17 Oct 2016
Letter @JunckerEU to @eucopresident & European Council Members on 'Facility ... 17 Oct 2016
We're working together to curb subsidies that lead to #overfishing 17 Oct 2016
.@FedericaMog ahead of #EUCO - EU leaders to discuss migration , trade, #InvestE... 20 Oct 2016
We want to hear your thoughts on #H2020. Take part in public consultation launch... 20 Oct 2016
Press conference by @JunckerEU following first #EUCO session - #migrationEU #in... 21 Oct 2016
#Balticconnector is bringing people & Member States in the region closer tog... 21 Oct 2016
.@EU_Commission contribution to the @UN #NewUrbanAgenda: https://t.co/w6XEsQAh3Z... 22 Oct 2016
School = Hope for the Future. Milan and Susma from #Nepal talk about their dream... 23 Oct 2016
4 agreements signed to support investment in 24 Oct 2016
EUR 6 million to help Afghan refugees in #Iran announced by @StylianidesEU durin... 24 Oct 2016
We express our deep condolences to families and friends of those who lost their ... 24 Oct 2016
What are the priorities for the Commission in 2017? How is the Work Programme pr... 25 Oct 2016
Fighting terrorism also means tackling the causes of terrorism. We have to fight... 25 Oct 2016
EUR 74 million to support sustainable development in Latin America and the Carib... 26 Oct 2016
#InvestEU: €1 billion mark reached in EU support for micro-entrepreneurs https... 27 Oct 2016
Proposal for fishing opportunities in the Atlantic & North Sea for 2017: htt... 27 Oct 2016
#EUTransport Scoreboard 2016: How are EU Member States performing? 27 Oct 2016
6 European companies received a #EUGreenBiz award yesterday for their green busi... 28 Oct 2016
How has the EU supported #Ukraine throughout its reform process? What are the ma... 28 Oct 2016
Commission welcomes 1st major Marine Protected Area in Ross Sea as a landmark de... 28 Oct 2016
#EUCanada Summit tomorrow, 30/10. Signing ceremony &press conf. @JunckerEU ... 29 Oct 2016
#CETA - a trade deal that sets a new standard for global trade: https://t.co/J1w... 29 Oct 2016
Live now 30 Oct 2016
#CETA's progressive nature will set a new global standard for trade agreements @... 30 Oct 2016
Arrival of @JustinTrudeau, welcomed by @eucopresident & @JunckerEU 30 Oct 2016
Our 2017 Work Programme looks to deliver in 10 priority areas to address the big... 30 Oct 2016
EU-Canada Summit: #CETA Signing Ceremony 30 Oct 2016
EU-Canada Summit: Press Conference LIVE: https://t.co/P0BIU0PzXA 30 Oct 2016
16th EU-Canada summit - Joint declaration: https://t.co/W0TznIKZfz https://t.co/... 30 Oct 2016
EU-Canada summit: newly signed trade agreement sets high standards for global tr... 30 Oct 2016
EU – Canada Summit: An historic juncture in our political and economic partner... 30 Oct 2016
More than 120 projects looking for finance on #EIPP. Get your spot now too and a... 30 Oct 2016
EU help to Syrian Refugees in Turkey is #MoreThanFoodEU. Learn about our e-food ... 2 Nov 2016
€222 million for 144 green and low-carbon innovative projects - List of projec... 3 Nov 2016
Think you have a good project idea? #EIPP is your potential meeting point with i... 3 Nov 2016
.@JunckerEU: "Free trade must be fair trade! We need stronger trade defence inst... 3 Nov 2016
The #ParisAgreement legally enters into force. Berlaymont goes green. https://t.... 4 Nov 2016
€222 million for 144 innovative projects to support Europe's transition to mor... 5 Nov 2016
Are you interested in making your project visible? Use #EIPP portal for potentia... 6 Nov 2016
Stay tuned for EU Ocean Week, key milestones presented by Commissioner @KarmenuV... 6 Nov 2016
Evolution of education and training in the EU 7 Nov 2016
#ECforecast le PIB devrait augmenter dans tous les États membres en 2017, et l'... 9 Nov 2016
LIVE: @jyrkikatainen & @MalmstromEU on @EU_Commission proposal to the EU ant... 9 Nov 2016
Preventing and countering radicalisation: a key task of the Radicalisation Aware... 9 Nov 2016
All you need to know about #teamJunckerEU meeting today #ECforecast #EUenlargeme... 9 Nov 2016
Application date of Packaged Retail & Insurance-based Investment Products (P... 9 Nov 2016
.@JunckerEU "#US & #EU share a friendship and believe in the same values. O... 10 Nov 2016
EU takes action to improve international ocean governance #EUOceanGov. All you n... 10 Nov 2016
EU support for @SATOkoti’s energy efficient building in Finland = financing ne... 11 Nov 2016
Congrats to Elefsina 11 Nov 2016
#EUtrade: "#TTIP: we need to see where we are by the end of year. Agreement make... 11 Nov 2016
Showcase your EU-based projects to potential investors worldwide on the #EIPP po... 11 Nov 2016
"Oceans are the unsung heroes of #ClimateAction " My #Ocean action day @cop22 sp... 12 Nov 2016
.@JunckerEU #ParisAttacks: "The memory of the victims of that brutal night will ... 12 Nov 2016
Am 15 Nov, @JunckerEU LIVE im Dialog in St Vith 12 Nov 2016
#TeamJunckerEU's agenda for the week: https://t.co/rtCW9vDBb2 https://t.co/HhDe... 14 Nov 2016
#EUEnergyDay is the perfect oprtnity to discuss #ActionTime of #ParisAgreement. ... 14 Nov 2016
Tomorrow: President @JunckerEU in St Vith 14 Nov 2016
#TeamJunckerEU to propose EU Travel Information & Authorisation System -ETIA... 15 Nov 2016
Study on impact of future trade agreements on European #agriculture sector - pre... 15 Nov 2016
.@JunckerEU #EUdialogues "Impressed by #solidarity of people in the #refugeeCris... 15 Nov 2016
"Trade agreements must respect EU norms" @JunckerEU. Here, state of #EUtrade wit... 15 Nov 2016
LIVE NOW Launch of the #EuropeanSemester 2017. Press conference w/ @VDombrovskis... 16 Nov 2016
Start of the #EuropeanSemester 2017: what is in today's package, countries in pr... 16 Nov 2016
Appalled by reports of bombing near children's hospital in East #Aleppo. Many vi... 16 Nov 2016
"Malta: small country but with great ambition.We will have 6 good & European... 16 Nov 2016
College meeting 16/11/2016 - All you need to know: https://t.co/DlUOYkUOdW #ETIA... 16 Nov 2016
#EuropeanSemester 2017 - summary and all documents: https://t.co/kzferzLbuO | Ho... 16 Nov 2016
Proposal for European Travel Information and Authorisation System - #ETIAS. How ... 16 Nov 2016
#EUBudget 2017 agreed. Focus on strengthening economy and responding to the #Ref... 17 Nov 2016
A transparent & open portal for EU projects to be visible = the European Inv... 17 Nov 2016
Congratulations to everyone involved! #counterterrorism #SecurityUnion https://t... 17 Nov 2016
What are EU satellite launches about? What do they deliver for you? Our #EUSpac... 17 Nov 2016
"#ETIAS will vastly increase our knowledge on those who come in - and most impor... 18 Nov 2016
European Week for Waste Reduction (19-27 November): why not #ReduceReuseRecycle?... 19 Nov 2016
Marrakech climate conference concludes-concrete results to put #ParisAgreement o... 19 Nov 2016
Need technical assistance to finance a project? Get in touch with the EU Investm... 19 Nov 2016
"Global peace & security cannot be achieved without respect for all rights o... 20 Nov 2016
Over the last 20 years, the number of road accident victims in the EU has halved... 20 Nov 2016
On the attack on Baqir Al-Uloom mosque in #Kabul. EU stands by Afghanistan in th... 21 Nov 2016
Stay tuned! On 22 Nov we'll share with you our vision for a new European develop... 21 Nov 2016
We are setting out a strategic approach for achieving #SustainableDevelopment in... 22 Nov 2016
LIVE now @VDombrovskis presenting #StrongBanks package of reforms to further str... 23 Nov 2016
.@JunckerEU spoke this morning to Merkel & Hollande. "There will be Visa Lib... 24 Nov 2016
#OrangeTheWorld Berlaymont building illuminated in orange for the @UN 'Orange ... 25 Nov 2016
This week we presented a set of European rules on business #insolvency for the f... 26 Nov 2016
.@lalibrebe "@JunckerEU garde le cap malgré la tempête" // @JunckerEU stays co... 26 Nov 2016
"His legacy will be judged by history" Statement by President Juncker on the pas... 26 Nov 2016
Three years on from the Maidan demonstrations, this week the EU reaffirmed its s... 26 Nov 2016
New #EUDevConsensus = framework for EU countries to implement the @UN 2030 Susta... 26 Nov 2016
We need to talk... https://t.co/OXfZFt52Qh #CircularEconomy https://t.co/rQxpu... 27 Nov 2016
.@JunckerEU wants to tighten the Code of Conduct for Commissioners: https://t.co... 27 Nov 2016
What are the key elements of the proposal for the recovery & resolution of C... 28 Nov 2016
44 cities applied for this year's #EUAccessCity Award. The winners will be annou... 28 Nov 2016
Increasing access to finance: evaluations give evidence to support the investmen... 29 Nov 2016
Looking for investors? A single application on the #EIPP portal makes your proje... 29 Nov 2016
#TeamJunckerEU to meet tomorrow 30/11. Agenda: European Defence Action Plan and ... 29 Nov 2016
EU funds to support reconstruction after earthquakes. Italy to receive a first a... 30 Nov 2016
#WorldAidsDay 1 in 7 people living with HIV in EU/EEA are not aware of their HIV... 1 Dec 2016
Today's #eVAT package - why, what, how (Q&A) ▶️https://t.co/8QrfeMOUlT #... 1 Dec 2016
.@EU_Commission and Germany reach agreement on a fair and non-discriminatory roa... 1 Dec 2016
Where does the investment plan for Europe make a difference? In Normandy 1 Dec 2016
6⃣5⃣0⃣ events taking part in the #EUVocationalSkills Week & the number... 2 Dec 2016
#GreenBonds first issued in 2007 & grown hugely since then | New @EU_Commiss... 2 Dec 2016
#investEU: making a difference in the real economy. Around 380 000 SMEs in the E... 2 Dec 2016
Congrats to Chester 3 Dec 2016
#CleanEnergyEU package released this week: how does #investEU help to reach the ... 3 Dec 2016
Increasing access to finance: 3 evaluations give evidence to support the investm... 3 Dec 2016
How does the investment plan for Europe benefit SMEs ? Check Slumbersac's story ... 3 Dec 2016
Get specialised support for accessing finance with the EU Investment Advisory hu... 4 Dec 2016
Why does vocational education matter? Find an event near you and see where #EUVo... 4 Dec 2016
#TeamJunckerEU's agenda for the week ➡️ https://t.co/hmFTlq7syZ https://t.co... 5 Dec 2016
Tomorrow, Tuesday 6 Dec 11.30CET - Press briefing w/@MichelBarnier, chief negoti... 5 Dec 2016
#IVD2016 To Vanda from Czech Republic volunteering means solidarity D-2 before ... 5 Dec 2016
We welcome @Europarl_EN & @EUCouncil's agreement on systematic checks for al... 5 Dec 2016
Now live: press conference with @MichelBarnier, #Brexit chief negotiator ➡️ ... 6 Dec 2016
LIVE now: Commissioner @vestager press conference on cartel case involving Créd... 7 Dec 2016
Ready? #EUSolidarityCorps is coming… follow the #-tag, the launch event and be... 7 Dec 2016
Between 17-30 y/o? You can now register to be part of #EUSolidarityCorps. Volunt... 7 Dec 2016
Health, social integration, shelter construction... #EUSolidarityCorps to engage... 7 Dec 2016
#EUSolidarityCorps: ✔️ Launch ✔️ Activities in EU countries ✔️ Multi... 7 Dec 2016
#EUSolidarityCorps is about volunteering & jobs.But mainly, is about solidar... 7 Dec 2016
If you are up for a challenge & willing to help other people, join the #EUSo... 7 Dec 2016
Today we presented several key actions to support young people in Europe. More i... 7 Dec 2016
+/-12h Press conference w/ @Avramopoulos: State of play of #migrationEU Agenda&a... 8 Dec 2016
Progress made under the European Agenda on Migration: https://t.co/nN7w37PAU7 #m... 8 Dec 2016
5 minutes that can change your life. Register now for the #EUSolidarityCorps htt... 8 Dec 2016
If you are up for a challenge & willing to help other people, join the #EUSo... 8 Dec 2016
Speech by @JunckerEU at conference marking the 25 years of Maastricht Treaty, LI... 9 Dec 2016
Are you less than 30 y/o? Want to be part of the #EUSolidarityCorps? Register no... 9 Dec 2016
Investing in young people in Europe: launch of the European Solidarity Corps thi... 10 Dec 2016
#EUSolidarityCorps = work experience, volunteering & life experience for you... 11 Dec 2016
What will #TeamJunckerEU be doing this week? Check out the agenda ➡️ https:... 12 Dec 2016
First in a series of planes delivering EU aid touches ground in #Iraq: https://t... 12 Dec 2016
Around 2,000 SMEs in #Ireland will be able to expand & create jobs thanks to... 12 Dec 2016
EU Member States voted: we can adopt proposed safeguards to make end of #roaming... 12 Dec 2016
EU offers unprecedented support to peace implementation in #Colombia with almost... 12 Dec 2016
Laptops, power tools run on rechargeable lithium batteries.€166mio fines to pr... 12 Dec 2016
EU awards €605 million to 314 outstanding researchers via the @ERC_Research Co... 13 Dec 2016
A Union that delivers: Three Institutions sign Joint Declaration on the EU's leg... 13 Dec 2016
Only with joint efforts can we ensure #fair internal market that our citizens &a... 13 Dec 2016
.@JunckerEU @Europarl_EN #EUCO "We need to reinforce our strategic autonomy. Nee... 14 Dec 2016
"€144 bn of investments triggered in 27 EU countries but important to look at... 14 Dec 2016
Appel aux chefs d'états et gouvernements:"Nous devons renforcer la défense eur... 14 Dec 2016
#Galileo - the European #GPS - goes LIVE 14 Dec 2016
#Stateaid: @EU_Commission approves support to four highly-efficient co-generatio... 14 Dec 2016
#InvestEU: €80 million loan agreement from @EIB for Giesecke & Devrient's ... 14 Dec 2016
Declaration by @JunckerEU, @eucopresident & @larsloekke regarding Danish dep... 15 Dec 2016
11 actions worth almost €170 million to tackle instability & irregular mig... 15 Dec 2016
"Investing in #EUDefence industrial base. Soft power,not enough" @JunckerEU to E... 15 Dec 2016
Live now- #EUCO Press conference with @JunckerEU @eucopresident and Robert Fico,... 15 Dec 2016
Find #EUCO conclusions here: https://t.co/pH8iMMDdrk @EUCouncil https://t.co/zkG... 16 Dec 2016
Remarques du président @JunckerEU lors de la conférence de presse #EUCO - http... 16 Dec 2016
Over €6 bn in loans to support 67,000 SMEs in Italy. New agreement backed by ... 16 Dec 2016
Need advice on how to design public-private partnerships? ➡️ https://t.co/VX... 17 Dec 2016
Investment plan for Europe in action: supporting the construction of a wind farm... 17 Dec 2016
#EUCO outcome showed progress in implementing European responses to challenges t... 17 Dec 2016
If you are up for a challenge and willing to help other people, then join the #E... 17 Dec 2016
Today we dedicate our thoughts to all #migrants around the world | joint stateme... 18 Dec 2016
#Galileo - the European #GPS - went LIVE this week & has begun Initial Servi... 18 Dec 2016
In Brussels on 20 Dec? Interested in sustainability, #SDGs & how Europe will... 18 Dec 2016
Here's what's on the #TeamJunckerEU Agenda this week: https://t.co/bqNkv5d7ln ht... 19 Dec 2016
Concrete EU support for #Ukraine: watch signature of 6 loan agreements with @Mar... 19 Dec 2016
EU prolongs economic sanctions against #Russia over #Ukraine crisis by 6 months ... 19 Dec 2016
16:30 CET 19 Dec 2016
Main results of the 3rd meeting of the 19 Dec 2016
My thoughts are with all those affected and their families in #Berlin tonight 19 Dec 2016
Condolences to the families & relatives of all those who were killed or inju... 20 Dec 2016
.@MarianneThyssen on behalf of @EU_Commission: Heartfelt condolences to the vict... 20 Dec 2016
#Firearms Provisional agreement by @Europarl_EN & @EUCouncil on Commission's... 20 Dec 2016
New @EIB loan to OHB System AG to develop a fully electric satellite propulsion ... 20 Dec 2016
On #TeamJunckerEU's agenda today: #SecurityUnion, #Schengen, visa reciprocity #P... 21 Dec 2016
Proposal for a Directive on countering money laundering: why, what, how: https:/... 21 Dec 2016
The clock is ticking: have your say in our #SocialRights consultation before the... 21 Dec 2016
Now registered by #teamJunckerEU: a new European Citizens' initiative calling fo... 21 Dec 2016
Latest @EurobarometerEU shows immigration & terrorism continue to be seen as... 22 Dec 2016
€270 million for construction and equipping of 100 school buildings for over 7... 22 Dec 2016
How safe is your children's #wishlist for Christmas? Check for unsafe #toys in t... 23 Dec 2016
€48.2 million in emergency funding to #Bulgaria for border and migration manag... 23 Dec 2016
Changed your mind about a present? Return online purchases up to 14 days after r... 25 Dec 2016
Are you stuck in an airport? Is your luggage missing? You have rights! Find them... 26 Dec 2016
Moving to another EU country next year? Know your rights! https://t.co/vywTgBfyX... 26 Dec 2016
.@JunckerEU calls on social media to do more to fight fake news: "Credibility is... 26 Dec 2016
Where does the investment plan for Europe make a difference? Check some of the ... 27 Dec 2016
Problems with cross-border #parcel delivery? Europeans need more efficient, affo... 27 Dec 2016
Going on #Erasmus? Is learning a new language one of your #newyearsresolutions? ... 27 Dec 2016
#EUSolidarityCorps will offer opportunities to volunteer or work in projects ben... 28 Dec 2016
#investEU: making a difference in the real economy. Around 380 000 SMEs in the E... 29 Dec 2016
As of 1 January, Aarhus 30 Dec 2016
Get specialised support for your project with the EU Investment Advisory hub htt... 30 Dec 2016
Between 17-30 y/o? A tip for a #NewYearResolution: Register for the #EUSolidarit... 31 Dec 2016
We’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! #HappyNewYear2017 https://t.... 1 Jan 2017
Today, the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union moves to #Ma... 1 Jan 2017
Today, we mark 15 years of the #Euro banknotes and coins. Take a look at the suc... 1 Jan 2017
#HappyNewYear! Did you know? Aarhus 1 Jan 2017
Our priorities for 2017. 21 key initiatives: https://t.co/iUJe753SqX (pdf) https... 2 Jan 2017
Interested in checking EU content on #SocialMedia? Use this search tool to find ... 2 Jan 2017
Entry into force of new transparency rules for tax rulings | central depository,... 3 Jan 2017
EU Fund for Strategic Investments #EFSI aims to address market gaps & mobili... 3 Jan 2017
Are you interested in making your project visible? Use #EIPP portal for potentia... 3 Jan 2017
Registration for paid traineeships in the European Commission is now open! https... 4 Jan 2017
How does the Investment Plan for Europe benefit SMEs ? #investEU concrete exampl... 5 Jan 2017
Q&A on the evaluation report of investments under the European Social Fund 2... 5 Jan 2017
Heavy fog in Lisbon and the resulting airport congestion has unfortunately preve... 5 Jan 2017
If you need technical assistance to finance a project, get in touch with the EU ... 5 Jan 2017
EU releases additional emergency assistance in #Africa and #Asia: https://t.co/z... 6 Jan 2017
SMEs are the backbone of Bulgaria’s economy 6 Jan 2017
Is your business looking for investors? #EIPP portal showcases EU-based projects... 6 Jan 2017
For @FedericaMog #Erasmus meant a "first real taste of independence." What does ... 7 Jan 2017
81% of Europeans are in favour of 'free movement' according to latest @Eurobarom... 7 Jan 2017
Over 9.4 million Europeans found a job between 2007 - 2014 thanks to the Europea... 7 Jan 2017
6 MEDIA-backed films will compete today for the #GoldenGlobes Awards. Good luck ... 8 Jan 2017
New Fund-of-Funds in #Greece 8 Jan 2017
Here's what's on the #TeamJunckerEU Agenda this week: https://t.co/IhizDf9kCt ht... 9 Jan 2017
Follow live: At 6 pm exchange of views @Europarl_EN on my new responsibilites HR... 9 Jan 2017
EU aid operations in #Iraq: planes deliver over 260 tonnes of relief assistance ... 9 Jan 2017
#DidYouKnow that the best film in foreign language at the #GoldenGlobes- #ELLE w... 9 Jan 2017
Services are 2/3 of the EU economy & create 90% of new jobs. Our plan to 10 Jan 2017
Today's #SingleMarket proposal #FAQ: What about those who only want to provide s... 10 Jan 2017
.@EU_Commission takes initiative to protect workers from risk of cancer, improve... 10 Jan 2017
New simplified e-card for services: what changes and what doesn't? Factsheet (pd... 10 Jan 2017
#TeamJunckerEU in #Malta for @EU2017MT. Joint objectives: Single Market, Migrati... 11 Jan 2017
[Infographic] 11 Jan 2017
"I am convinced that @EU2017MT will be a huge success." @JunckerEU discusses tod... 11 Jan 2017
"We are very much on the same line; swimming in the same channel, swimming in th... 11 Jan 2017
"The leave of Britain does not mean the end of the European project. Rome summit... 11 Jan 2017
.@JunckerEU in #Geneva #CyprusTalks. "It will be a difficult process that will t... 12 Jan 2017
EU Fund for Strategic Investments #EFSI aims to address market gaps & mobili... 13 Jan 2017
Déclaration de @MalmstromEU @V_Andriukaitis & @PhilHoganEU sur la levée de... 13 Jan 2017
Are you interested in making your project visible? Use #EIPP portal for potentia... 13 Jan 2017
Services create 90% of new jobs. We released this week a plan to boost the servi... 14 Jan 2017
#investEU: making a difference in the real economy. Around 380 000 SMEs in the E... 14 Jan 2017
On Wednesday #TeamJunckerEU visited Valetta 14 Jan 2017
This week, we proposed policy and legal solutions to unleash EU's #DataEconomy: ... 15 Jan 2017
‘We can &must ensure that war does not give way to a lost generation’ @U... 15 Jan 2017
What will #TeamJunckerEU be doing this week? Check out the agenda: https://t.co/... 16 Jan 2017
Supporting the creation of jobs and innovation: this Belgian SME 16 Jan 2017
.@EU_Commission adopts Opinions on the updated Draft Budgetary Plans of Spain an... 17 Jan 2017
Recommendations on the future financing of the EU by the High-level Group on Own... 17 Jan 2017
Where does the investment plan for Europe make a difference? Check some of the p... 17 Jan 2017
"We cannot give up now. The European humanitarian tradition must be maintained" ... 18 Jan 2017
"À ceux qui pensent que le moment est venu de déconstruire l'Union 18 Jan 2017
.@JunckerEU: "Spoke to @theresa_may yesterday & welcomed the clarifications ... 18 Jan 2017
.@JunckerEU with @Antonio_Tajani @JosephMuscat_JM: "I will continue to work with... 18 Jan 2017
"The EU today & in the future 19 Jan 2017
EU and #Zambia sign 65M€ grant to improve access to energy for 300.000 people ... 19 Jan 2017
Fairer treatment when renting a 19 Jan 2017
Setting up a business in the EU? Full of questions? Ask our experts on 23 Jan at... 19 Jan 2017
#investEU 19 Jan 2017
#EUHaveYourSay: public consultation launched on Capital Markets Union Mid-Term R... 20 Jan 2017
Together with @theIRC, we're working to help refugees cope with record winter st... 20 Jan 2017
Today the 2016 EU Green Capital, Ljubljana 21 Jan 2017
So much has happened in 2016 with regards to #EUSpaceStrategy! 21 Jan 2017
The official opening of @Aarhus2017, European Capital of Culture 2017, takes pla... 21 Jan 2017
Make some space in your schedule on Monday! We're landing the conversation on #E... 22 Jan 2017
Statement by @StylianidesEU on his visit to Belgrade, Serbia https://t.co/o9x0pb... 22 Jan 2017
Planning to set up a company in another EU country? Questions? Chat w/ @YourEuro... 22 Jan 2017
#TeamJunckerEU agenda for this week, check: https://t.co/xQIbRMcQOy https://t.co... 23 Jan 2017
Equal opportunities & access to labour market,fair working conditions & ... 23 Jan 2017
#EUSolidarityCorps - 20 000 young people registered already! What is this new in... 23 Jan 2017
.@EU_Commission defends national rules on employee participation rights before t... 24 Jan 2017
Today's 3rd EU Citizenship Report sets out priorities in promoting the rights th... 24 Jan 2017
Looking to invest? Check EU-based projects on the EU project portal: https://t.c... 24 Jan 2017
Now - #TeamJunckerEU meeting. Agenda: Malta Summit package (Central Med Route, #... 25 Jan 2017
.@JunckerEU will meet @MartinSchulz tomorrow for a working breakfast at @EU_Comm... 25 Jan 2017
LIVE now: press conference by @FedericaMog & @Avramopoulos ahead of the Malt... 25 Jan 2017
4th progress report on #SecurityUnion: information systems, soft target protecti... 25 Jan 2017
Today's contribution from #TeamJunckerEU ahead of the Malta Summit to manage mig... 25 Jan 2017
How has #ErasmusPlus evolved over the last 30 years? How successful has the Eras... 26 Jan 2017
#CircularEconomy progress report published today: "There is no time to waste" ht... 26 Jan 2017
#CircularEconomy: we are establishing a new Circular Economy Finance Support Pla... 26 Jan 2017
1 year after adopting our #CircularEconomy Package, we report on delivery &t... 26 Jan 2017
Dîner de travail entre @JunckerEU et @fhollande hier à l'Elysée en vue de pr... 27 Jan 2017
Are you interested in making your project visible? Use #EIPP portal for potentia... 27 Jan 2017
No time to waste. We need compromise on wholesale #roaming Tuesday to end roamin... 27 Jan 2017
The official opening of @Pafos_2017, European Capital of Culture 2017, takes pla... 28 Jan 2017
Today is Data Protection Day! Wake up to the EU’s new rules: https://t.co/Bn9S... 28 Jan 2017
"It was the moment that my life changed forever." Commissioner @Moedas shares hi... 28 Jan 2017
This week we published a progress report on #CircularEconomy: learn more about o... 29 Jan 2017
Here's what's on #TeamJunckerEU's agenda this week: https://t.co/yaRBN9KpVJ #EUC... 30 Jan 2017
With latest #investEU agreement, more loans by Komerční banka on favourable te... 30 Jan 2017
In the European Union we do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race o... 30 Jan 2017
Welcoming #refugees regardless of religion is not a simple preference. It's a mo... 30 Jan 2017
.@JunckerEU received tonight @tonylgardner and expressed gratitude for his commi... 30 Jan 2017
Cooperation w/@Europol vital in achieving #SecurityUnion goals: tackling cross-b... 31 Jan 2017
Juncker-Radev press conference(with Questions & Answers)+Transcript here: ht... 31 Jan 2017
A lot been achieved. A lot more to be done. Join me tmr at 12h CET as we take st... 31 Jan 2017
LIVE now | Read-out of #TeamJunckerEU College meeting by Vice-President Maroš ... 1 Feb 2017
Europe's energy transition is well underway: 2nd #EnergyUnion report shows progr... 1 Feb 2017
Renewables: Europe on track to reach its 20% target by 2020: https://t.co/ZYTcuV... 1 Feb 2017
#Antitrust: @EU_Commission opens three investigations into suspected anticompeti... 2 Feb 2017
LIVE now 2 Feb 2017
Modernising and simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy 2 Feb 2017
Tonight again in #Valletta. #MaltaSummit opportunity to reaffirm European values... 2 Feb 2017
.@JunckerEU arrives in #Malta. Working dinner with @JosephMuscat_JM @eucopreside... 2 Feb 2017
.@JunckerEU doorstep #MaltaSummit: "#Europe stands united today. // Die Europäi... 3 Feb 2017
Die Europäischen Reihen stehen geschlossen zusammen. #MaltaSummit @JunckerEU h... 3 Feb 2017
Unity and strength. The world and Europeans need a strong European Union. @Fed... 3 Feb 2017
.@JunckerEU @eucopresident & #EU28 leaders at the #MaltaSummit "We are famil... 3 Feb 2017
.@JunckerEU "@EU_Commission proposed concrete measures to manage #migration alon... 3 Feb 2017
Europe's Migration & Asylum Policy: small steps to make a big difference. La... 3 Feb 2017
.@JunckerEU #MaltaSummit: Good talk with @antoniocostapm and @marianorajoy about... 3 Feb 2017
Investment in research & technology pave the way for better treatment option... 4 Feb 2017
#investEU: @EIB & Ireland Strategic Investment Fund to support €112 millio... 4 Feb 2017
Closely monitoring humanitarian consequences of escalation of violence in Easter... 4 Feb 2017
#MaltaSummit all about #EuropeUnited. Partners for a strong Europe. https://t.... 4 Feb 2017
SME Innovators on the fight against cancer | projects funded by the EU ➡️️... 4 Feb 2017
We have launched a public consultation on the future of the Common Agricultural ... 5 Feb 2017
EU Fund for Strategic Investments #EFSI aims to address market gaps & mobili... 5 Feb 2017
Who cracked the challenge? The winner of #HorizonPrize on #AntimicrobialResistan... 5 Feb 2017
#TeamJunckerEU's agenda for the week ➡️ https://t.co/3T7J2Xz8BM #FAC #EUdial... 6 Feb 2017
"We need to strengthen Lybian capacities to save lives & protect people" @Fe... 6 Feb 2017
€3.9 million in emergency funding to Greece to help improve reception conditio... 6 Feb 2017
"Le régime qui sera offert au Royaume-Uni ne saurait être aussi avantageux que... 6 Feb 2017
[Public Consultation] What should the key priorities be for the #EUSolidarityCor... 6 Feb 2017
We published today 9 initial European proposals for the trade agreement under ne... 7 Feb 2017
EU Fund for Strategic Investments to trigger more than €168 bn in investments ... 7 Feb 2017
"Greece and Italy should be able to count on the solidarity of other Member Stat... 8 Feb 2017
"All cartels undermine competition, and make our markets work less well." @vesta... 8 Feb 2017
.@CorinaCretuEU & @V_Andriukaitis are taking part in #EUdialogues tomorrow i... 8 Feb 2017
"We want to be a privileged partner of The New Gambia." Statement by @MimicaEU d... 9 Feb 2017
.@V_Andriukaitis is holding a Citizens's dialogue in Budapest 9 Feb 2017
In Washington DC starting my first official visit to #US with the new Administra... 9 Feb 2017
#InvestEU in Estonia 10 Feb 2017
#112day 11 Feb 2017
Meet the 12 finalists of the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2017: https://t.co/Br... 11 Feb 2017
On #ChildSoldierDay we remember all the children around the 12 Feb 2017
.@JunckerEU @Deutschlandfunk "For as long as #UK is member of the EU, it is the ... 12 Feb 2017
This week, we ensured that Europeans who have online subscriptions can still acc... 12 Feb 2017
Finger prick test distinguishing between viral or bacterial infections was award... 12 Feb 2017
Here's what's on the #TeamJunckerEU agenda this week: https://t.co/IA2RjXyLgg #E... 13 Feb 2017
Pour la 5ème année consécutive, la croissance de l'UE tient bon, et ce malgr... 13 Feb 2017
Happy #WorldRadioDay! Check out how Europe can benefit from a smarter use of #sp... 13 Feb 2017
All EU countries' economies set to grow in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Look out for you... 13 Feb 2017
The longest period of #peace in written history in Europe started with the forma... 14 Feb 2017
What is #comitology and what are the proposed changes? See ➡️️ https://t.c... 14 Feb 2017
We welcome @Europarl_EN's vote in favour of the EU-Canada trade deal #CETA 15 Feb 2017
We urge 4 Member States to protect #SMEs in commercial relations by complying w/... 15 Feb 2017
February infringement package: legal action against EU countries for failing to ... 15 Feb 2017
#CETA demonstrates the strength of the EU-Canada relationship after today's endo... 15 Feb 2017
Soutien à la mobilité en Pologne 16 Feb 2017
.@JunckerEU "Don't accept that US narrows down 'security' to military expenses.#... 16 Feb 2017
#HateSpeech | Lithuania's suspension of Russian language TV channel is compati... 17 Feb 2017
"We are not proud enough of what we've achieved. This was a continent of divisio... 17 Feb 2017
#Comitology new rules meant to ensure political ownership of sensitive decisions... 18 Feb 2017
A Danish 18 Feb 2017
Gellért's bakery apprenticeship with #ErasmusPlus was the 'icing on the cake' 19 Feb 2017
Let's talk about the future of Europe 19 Feb 2017
#EUSolidarityCorps Public consultation | Submitted contributions will feed into ... 19 Feb 2017
President @JunckerEU to meet U.S. Vice-President @mike_pence in Brussels, Monday... 19 Feb 2017
Here's what's on the #TeamJunckerEU Agenda this week: https://t.co/thWJH6HVji ht... 20 Feb 2017
"I don't think the moment has come to divide the USA and the EU" - @JunckerEU at... 20 Feb 2017
"#Greece has made already very good progress: I am confident we can have a very ... 20 Feb 2017
Did you know you can combine several projects & submit a larger project prog... 20 Feb 2017
Congratulations to #EUfunded astronomer Michaël Gillon & the international ... 22 Feb 2017
Did you know? The team that has discovered 7 Earth-like planets around the #Trap... 23 Feb 2017
.@JunckerEU meets @EndaKennyTD - on the agenda: future of #EU and minimising imp... 23 Feb 2017
"Nous ne devons pas, au vu de l'histoire et devant les défis qui nous guettent,... 24 Feb 2017
"It is your continent. It is your Europe." @jyrkikatainen tells us about his exp... 25 Feb 2017
.@TimmermansEU & l'Europe à 2 vitesses: "Nous ne sommes pas tous dans la m... 25 Feb 2017
Think your project is too small to present to investors? Partner up & get on... 25 Feb 2017
Protecting the seas means protecting the future. 26 Feb 2017
Who is a #Refugee? And what is @EU_Commission doing to help? The latest from our... 26 Feb 2017
On Tuesday 28 February join the #EUIndustryDay - programme & webstreaming: h... 26 Feb 2017
Statement by @Avramopoulos on the adoption by the Council of the strengthened vi... 27 Feb 2017
Record year for EU agri-food exports in 2016, with total exports reaching €130... 27 Feb 2017
117 millions d'€ en faveur de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle &... 27 Feb 2017
1 Mar 2017
#FutureofEurope: initiating reflections on avenues for unity for the #EU27 by 20... 1 Mar 2017
2 Mar 2017
#MigrationEU 5th Progress Report on the EU-Turkey Statement: Press release: http... 2 Mar 2017
.@JunckerEU "Slovenia has behaved like a founding #EU member from day 1. Sloveni... 2 Mar 2017
EU support helps 2,500 refugee and migrant children get back to school in Greece... 3 Mar 2017
How digital is your country? 3 Mar 2017
Using #EU archive footage, create GIFs to tell the story of Europe! #EUGIFstory ... 3 Mar 2017
#FutureofEurope Scenario 1: The #EU27 sticks to its course and pursues a joint a... 4 Mar 2017
#FutureofEurope Scenario 2: The #EU27 increasingly focuses on deepening certain ... 4 Mar 2017
#FutureofEurope Scenario 3: The #EU27 proceeds as today but certain Member State... 4 Mar 2017
#FutureofEurope Scenario 4: The #EU27 focuses its attention and limited resource... 4 Mar 2017
#FutureofEurope Scenario 5: The #EU27 goes full throttle towards a common future... 4 Mar 2017
Have you implemented innovative ideas on energy efficiency & renewables? Sub... 5 Mar 2017
For travelers & commuters borders are a thing of the past. But how will #EU... 5 Mar 2017
How digital is your country? Check out the latest Digital Economy & Society ... 5 Mar 2017
5 Mar 2017
Can you capture a little bit of history in a GIF? #EUGIFstory applications are o... 5 Mar 2017
6 Mar 2017
Track & express your views on @EU_Commission initiatives, from initial ideas... 6 Mar 2017
Chine: @EU_Commission se félicite de la levée de l'interdiction sur les import... 6 Mar 2017
Successful launch of a new Copernicus satellite. It will halve the time needed t... 7 Mar 2017
How does higher education in Europe need to adapt? Give us your feedback ➡️... 7 Mar 2017
.@JunckerEU @RTLlu: "Bin überrascht über fast tägliche Rhetorik aus der Türk... 8 Mar 2017
#IWD2017"Do not let our daughters have to revisit our grandmothers' fights" ask ... 8 Mar 2017
New report on equality between men & women. EU actions 8 Mar 2017
On #WomensDay find out how the EU is helping Syrian #refugee women in Turkey: ne... 8 Mar 2017
8/3/17 #EUSolidarityCorps database opens for organisations to search for potenti... 8 Mar 2017
Help us stop drinking water contamination & adverse effects on human health.... 8 Mar 2017
Ahead of #EUCO, @FedericaMog on what she's bringing to the table of EU leaders: ... 9 Mar 2017
.@JunckerEU #EUCO: "Tonight, I will reconfirm what I have always said: #WesternB... 9 Mar 2017
.@JunckerEU "PM of Japan Abe will come to Brussels on 21 March - we will seize t... 9 Mar 2017
.@JunckerEU "First #EUCO in the '#Tusk tower' and happy #Tusk got re-elected as ... 9 Mar 2017
Remarks by @JunckerEU following #EUCO - Donald Tusk re-elected. Growth up. Unem... 9 Mar 2017
Time for Europe to look forward and shape its own future. #EU27 meet to debate #... 10 Mar 2017
Tous les chemins mènent à Rome; après Rome, un seul chemin: celui de l'unité... 10 Mar 2017
"#Brexit is not the end of the European Union. Brexit is encouraging the others ... 10 Mar 2017
New EU €30 million package for the #WesternBalkans to further support their ef... 10 Mar 2017
We remember & honour #victims of #terrorism. By standing together we can &am... 11 Mar 2017
Juncker Plan | Sweden: €75 million in a loan agreement for construction of ene... 11 Mar 2017
"We don't want to dictate what is the #FutureOfEurope. We have to strengthen nat... 12 Mar 2017
Track & express your views on @EU_Commission initiatives, from initial ideas... 12 Mar 2017
60 years, 60 seconds. #EU60 https://t.co/px1CXndrGu 13 Mar 2017
On recent events: The #EU calls on #Turkey to refrain from excessive statements ... 13 Mar 2017
Can you capture a little bit of history in a GIF? Help us to tell the EU's story... 13 Mar 2017
Did you know that your business idea can be shared with investors? Check the EU ... 13 Mar 2017
College meeting read-out by @FedericaMog at 15:30 (CET) 14 Mar 2017
What progress the EU made in delivering on its priorities in 2016? ➡️'The EU... 15 Mar 2017
New proposal for an EU Action Plan on Drugs to enhance action against drug use a... 15 Mar 2017
Ensuring access to credit for Italian SMEs :️@ConfidiSystema gets guarantee w/... 15 Mar 2017
Cohesion Policy invests over €121 million to improve connectivity & sustai... 15 Mar 2017
Scenario 5: The #EU27 goes full throttle towards a common future: https://t.co/9... 15 Mar 2017
We asked 60 people what it means to be European. #EU60 series, coming soon... 15 Mar 2017
Online marketplaces join efforts to remove dangerous products from EU market: ht... 16 Mar 2017
Join @jyrkikatainen for a Facebook Live discussion on 16/03 at 14h CET to discus... 16 Mar 2017
So happy about the strong support in European Parliament for the conflict minera... 16 Mar 2017
#SocialMedia companies are being asked to comply with EU consumer rules followin... 17 Mar 2017
How EU universities can perform better in pioneering top-notch research? #EUHave... 17 Mar 2017
EU reinforces cooperation with the @_AfricanUnion and announces new peace buildi... 17 Mar 2017
Investment plan for Europe: EU Fund for Strategic Investments to trigger more th... 18 Mar 2017
60 years of the EU in 60 seconds 18 Mar 2017
4.5% of people in EU don't have full access to drinking water. Should the EU rea... 18 Mar 2017
This week #Syria entered its 7th year of conflict. Here's how we're trying to he... 19 Mar 2017
Should the EU support student-centred learning,good teaching & effective use... 19 Mar 2017
What does it mean to be European? 60 stories, coming soon... #EU60 #FutureOfEu... 19 Mar 2017
#TeamJunckerEU agenda for the week, including #EU60 on 25 March: https://t.co/5H... 20 Mar 2017
Who cracked the challenge? 3 innovative companies to receive #HorizonPrize today... 20 Mar 2017
To all convinced Europeans: stand up & get moving 20 Mar 2017
PM of Japan 20 Mar 2017
Warm welcome to PM @AbeShinzo. @JunckerEU: "We are like-minded partners, long-st... 21 Mar 2017
#mobilityweek: Malmö 21 Mar 2017
21 Mar 2017
"Europeans expect a Europe that protects. The @EU_Commission has launched a #EUD... 21 Mar 2017
#investEU: Juncker Plan agreement provides €93 million for new transport infra... 21 Mar 2017
Are you an investor? Check EU investments' opportunities on the EU Investment Po... 21 Mar 2017
Live - @vestager press conference on our proposal to make national competition a... 22 Mar 2017
Commemoration in tribute to Patricia Rizzo, our dear colleague,and all victims o... 22 Mar 2017
Better financial services & more choice for EU consumers across the EU | New... 23 Mar 2017
Before heading to #RomeSummit, @TimmermansEU holds a morning Facebook live on #F... 24 Mar 2017
.@JunckerEU says Britain won’t be punished for #Brexit but must honour commitm... 24 Mar 2017
We're helping European consumers to resolve online purchase disputes 24 Mar 2017
EU Heads of State and Government at an audience with @Pontifex on the eve of the... 24 Mar 2017
Our parents & grandparents founded the EU with 1 vision:never again war. Wor... 24 Mar 2017
Peace, freedom, tolerance, solidarity, rule of law. 60 years,same values. Look b... 25 Mar 2017
60 years since its foundations were laid in Rome, the EU enjoys a diversity of c... 25 Mar 2017
60 years, 60 seconds #EU60 #FutureofEurope #RomeSummit https://t.co/h5vsld4MnG 25 Mar 2017
LIVE NOW- Ceremony of the signature of the Rome Declaration https://t.co/a3gMlEd... 25 Mar 2017
#RomeDeclaration -European unity started as the dream of a few, it became the ho... 25 Mar 2017
The Rome Agenda. Focusing on things that matter, concrete actions that improve p... 25 Mar 2017
The road from Rome-working for a more social Europe.Time to establish Pillar of ... 25 Mar 2017
The road from Rome - A strong, connected, Single Market https://t.co/82OIQ8TMPj ... 25 Mar 2017
The road from Rome - A stronger Europe on the global scene https://t.co/HrY37PJ1... 25 Mar 2017
Only by staying united can we pass on to future generations a more prosperous, s... 25 Mar 2017
60 people across Europe, 60 stories https://t.co/CaYqDMV7Fh #EU60 #FutureofEurop... 25 Mar 2017
Lights Out. It is #EarthHour #EarthHour2017 https://t.co/zvledhJwJa 25 Mar 2017
.@JunckerEU @ZDFheute #EU60: "There will be a 100th birthday of the #EU." https:... 25 Mar 2017
Inspired by peace, democracy & solidarity? Make a GIF to help tell the story... 26 Mar 2017
From a continent ravaged by war and famine to a unique Union with strong common ... 26 Mar 2017
Last time @bertrandpiccard spoke with @MarosSefcovic live while crossing the Atl... 26 Mar 2017
Press conference with Commissioner @vestager on a merger decision today at aroun... 27 Mar 2017
.@EU_Commission clears merger between Dow and DuPont, subject to conditions http... 27 Mar 2017
27 Mar 2017
EU investments can create opportunities. Spotlight on stories happening in the E... 27 Mar 2017
☀️ Join our Facebook live with @bertrandpiccard & @MarosSefcovic on 28 M... 27 Mar 2017
#Georgia 28 Mar 2017
Behind every EU investment = people's stories (transport users, entrepreneurs, r... 28 Mar 2017
.@JunckerEU met with @MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan - conveyed solidarity with London... 28 Mar 2017
Interested to take part in #EUSolidarityCorps as an organisation? Get info&a... 28 Mar 2017
#Mergers: @EU_Commission blocks proposed merger between Deutsche Börse and Lond... 29 Mar 2017
Commission clears post-mandate activities for former Commissioner Jonathan Hill,... 29 Mar 2017
#Article50 has been triggered. What happens next? https://t.co/5hnFQl2jAa #Brexi... 29 Mar 2017
29 Mar 2017
.@JunckerEU We need European solidarity to address #RefugeeCrisis.Cannot leave I... 29 Mar 2017
It is citizens first. EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the... 29 Mar 2017
Where competition is distorted, job creation and economic growth lag behind. #EU... 30 Mar 2017
EU investments can create opportunities. Spotlight on stories happening in the E... 30 Mar 2017
10-year pledge to save Mediterranean fish stocks https://t.co/dZSYFPcV62 #MedFis... 30 Mar 2017
"I hope you take the #FutureofEurope discussion home & think about what you ... 31 Mar 2017
Do you want to give your SME visibility to global investors ? Go on the EU Inves... 31 Mar 2017
We can't build a society if we don't find compromises with people we don't agree... 31 Mar 2017
Behind every EU investment = people's stories (researchers, apprentices, entrepr... 1 Apr 2017
Empower national competition authorities to fight vs companies breaching 1 Apr 2017
Do you have an innovative project that can inspire other regions? 2 Apr 2017
As EU hosts #FutureofSyria #SyriaConf2017 next week, see how we helped Syrians i... 2 Apr 2017
#FutureOfEurope - In these times of change,aware of the concerns of our citizens... 2 Apr 2017
3 Apr 2017
A few more days to enter @EUSocialInnov competition with your idea for digital i... 3 Apr 2017
EU and Member States agree to step up efforts to protect oceans and seas: https:... 3 Apr 2017
Thoughts with the victims, their families & Russian people. Nothing can just... 3 Apr 2017
"Whoever is responsible of the attack in #Idlib, impunity is not an option." @Fe... 4 Apr 2017
#Mergers: Commission clears ChemChina acquisition of Syngenta, subject to condit... 5 Apr 2017
5 Apr 2017
Präsident @JunckerEU begrüßt @sigmargabriel in der @EU_Commission: Gutes Gesp... 5 Apr 2017
As of 15/6 people will be able to use their mobile phone when travelling in the ... 6 Apr 2017
The EU's Galileo search and rescue service: reaching you faster when every minut... 6 Apr 2017
7 Apr 2017
.@EU_Consumer @VeraJourova Screening of 352 price comparison & travel bookin... 7 Apr 2017
Booking holidays - Together with consumer protection authorities we are acting o... 7 Apr 2017
#FutureOfEurope - All actors need to work together to make a common European mig... 9 Apr 2017
Registrations open now for the Brussels Economic Forum on 1 June 2017: https://t... 9 Apr 2017
Contribute online now | Are you for real implementation of #circulareconomy? #EU... 9 Apr 2017
Mergers: Commission clears 21st Century Fox's proposed acquisition of Sky under ... 10 Apr 2017
Bank on Nature: first loan under Natural Capital Financing Facility (NCFF) agree... 11 Apr 2017
EU investments can create opportunities. Spotlight on stories happening in the E... 11 Apr 2017
Natural Capital Finance Facility announcement 11 Apr 2017
Supporting Greece in the #RefugeeCrisis: the first year of EU emergency support ... 11 Apr 2017
"We will present a proposal for a legal basis for the #EUSolidarityCorps before ... 12 Apr 2017
"We will make #EUSolidarityCorps as open and inclusive as possible to ensure you... 12 Apr 2017
Relocation and Resettlement report: Steady progress made but more efforts are ne... 12 Apr 2017
⏰In +/- 20 min, 3pm CET 12 Apr 2017
"With the invasion of Hitler I was sent to my family in Czechoslovakia..." Only... 13 Apr 2017
.@JunckerEU @welt "Have fought my entire life against the extreme right.Cannot a... 14 Apr 2017
La Commission ne décide pas, elle propose. Ce sont les Etats & les citoyens... 14 Apr 2017
"Europe is not just Brussels or Strasbourg" - Alexandre wants EU decision-makers... 15 Apr 2017
Tell us online! Are you for real implementation of #circular economy? Say it he... 15 Apr 2017
Looking to invest in the EU? Check the database of EU investment opportunities: ... 15 Apr 2017
From a continent ravaged by war and famine to a unique Union with strong common ... 16 Apr 2017
195 #ChibokGirls still missing #3YearsTooLong. #EU won't stop supporting work to... 16 Apr 2017
#TurkeyReferendum - Statement by President @JunckerEU , VP @FedericaMog and Comm... 17 Apr 2017
"All those different countries & people working together to propose solution... 17 Apr 2017
All #EBCG vessels deployed in operation #Triton participated in search & res... 18 Apr 2017
New EU electronic certification system to better monitor imports of organic prod... 18 Apr 2017
Choqué par le meurtre d'un policier à Paris et 2 blessés victimes d'une attaq... 20 Apr 2017
Want to have your say? Give your views now online re national competition author... 21 Apr 2017
Juncker Plan: EUR 150 million to finance green shipping https://t.co/jSoMqYmrlq ... 21 Apr 2017
Lancement d'un programme d'échange pour les jeunes agriculteurs européens avec... 21 Apr 2017
.@JunckerEU @antonioguterres in #springmeetings. #EU committed to effective mul... 21 Apr 2017
@MajaEUspox on the attack on an Afghan National Defence Forces base in Balkh Pro... 22 Apr 2017
Do you want to publish project in a simple way and attract investors? Do it on t... 22 Apr 2017
In 1 year, 140+ countries have ratified the #ParisAgreement. This #EarthDay, let... 22 Apr 2017
This week, we launched a system of electronic certification to better monitor im... 23 Apr 2017
The EU is the largest trade power and development & humanitarian aid donor. ... 23 Apr 2017
24 Apr 2017
Le Président @JunckerEU a décidé de soutenir le candidat qui défend les vale... 24 Apr 2017
.@EU_Commission awards over 2300 'Seals of Excellence' to help researchers attra... 24 Apr 2017
My vision for the upcoming European Pillar of #SocialRights to be launched by @E... 24 Apr 2017
Meeting @IsaMustafaKS today @Avramopoulos expressed support to #Kosovo in last s... 25 Apr 2017
One step closer to #WiFi4EU - Free wifi for Europeans! We welcome the progress b... 25 Apr 2017
To follow tomorrow 26/4: #FutureOfEurope & #SocialRights - @EU_Commission to... 25 Apr 2017
What will the social dimension of Europe look like by 2025? Possible options ➡... 26 Apr 2017
April infringements package - main decisions: https://t.co/fUdAItVait | About in... 27 Apr 2017
27 Apr 2017
President @JunckerEU and I met @georgesoros to discuss the development of the po... 27 Apr 2017
New Eurobarometer survey on Development: 82% of Europeans believe tackling pover... 27 Apr 2017
Second tranche of Macro-Financial Assistance to #Georgia (€ 23 million) will b... 28 Apr 2017
#EUTrade Transparency page 28 Apr 2017
EU agri-food exports remain higher than previous years - increase by 2.2% compa... 28 Apr 2017
Do you want to publish your project and attract investors? Do it on the EU Inves... 28 Apr 2017
#EU27 leaders meet today to adopt guidelines for #Brexit negotiations.They will ... 29 Apr 2017
How long will the actual negotiations last? Timeline + Questions and Answers her... 29 Apr 2017
.@JunckerEU #Brexit #EUCO "Clear sequencing to be respected: First, agree on div... 29 Apr 2017
.@MichelBarnier: "Nous sommes prêts. Nous sommes ensemble" #EU27 #EUCO #Brexit ... 29 Apr 2017
We will assist Slovenia and Croatia in providing effective solutions for systema... 29 Apr 2017
#Almaraz agreement. European spirit of finding compromises for smooth functionin... 29 Apr 2017
What EU does best: Solving problems, #buildingbridges. #Almaraz #EuropolDanemark... 29 Apr 2017
LIVE now - Press conference by @JunckerEU & @eucopresident https://t.co/7RAs... 29 Apr 2017
#EU27. Unité. @JunckerEU #EUCO #Brexit https://t.co/sLucjp63E1 29 Apr 2017
Investment plan for Europe: EU Fund for Strategic Investments to trigger more th... 30 Apr 2017
30 Apr 2017
€22.1 million to support 7 projects connecting transport & energy infrastr... 30 Apr 2017
Statement by Commissioner @MarianneThyssen on the occasion of International Labo... 1 May 2017
How can we sustain our standards of living, create more jobs and equip people wi... 1 May 2017
Some EU workers still miss unemployment benefits & pensions. Have your say o... 1 May 2017
Behind every EU investment = people's stories (researchers, apprentices, entrepr... 1 May 2017
#EUOpenDay 1 May 2017
Digitalisation=more jobs but also a risk of social protection inequalities. #EUH... 1 May 2017
Visa Reciprocity & suspension of the visa waiver for Canadian & American... 2 May 2017
#EUHaveYourSay | Some employed people are left without sufficient access to soci... 2 May 2017
Whether you want to live/work/do business in another country or stay at home, we... 2 May 2017
"There is no punishment, no #Brexit bill. The financial settlement is only about... 3 May 2017
Juncker Plan: @EIB finances €75 million upgrade to the Port of Barcelona htt... 4 May 2017
320,000+ responses in the public consultation on the future Common Agricultural ... 4 May 2017
4 May 2017
5 May 2017
€15.33 million in emergency assistance to enhance relocation in Italy https://... 5 May 2017
5 May 2017
Looking forward to speaking about my #ErasmusPlus experience tomorrow at #EUopen... 5 May 2017
Are you an owner of a good business idea? Share it on the EU Investment Portal #... 5 May 2017
Tomorrow 6 May is the #EUOpenDay 5 May 2017
Thousands of EU-funded projects are opening their doors to the public throughout... 6 May 2017
No plans for today yet? If in Brussels, you can still make it to the #EUOpenDay 6 May 2017
#SocialRights | Digitalisation=more jobs but also a risk of social protection in... 6 May 2017
#EUHaveYourSay 7 May 2017
Félicitations @EmmanuelMacron. Ensemble pour une Europe plus forte et plus just... 7 May 2017
.@rponline: @JunckerEU will mit @EmmanuelMacron „Hand in Hand“ für die Zuku... 7 May 2017
8 May 2017
Juncker Plan: €25 million to support @mariadb innovative software systems. htt... 8 May 2017
"I feel European" says @philipplahm. The EU enjoys a diversity of culture, idea... 9 May 2017
It's #EuropeDay ! 9 May 2017
Follow @JunckerEU at #EUdialogues on the #FutureOfEurope in Brussels. Live strea... 9 May 2017
.@JunckerEU "Nous révisons les règles sur le détachement des travailleurs pou... 9 May 2017
#DigitalSingleMarket-We presented main initiatives. Now, @Europarl_EN & Memb... 10 May 2017
#DigitalSingleMarket since its launch (including impact in society & busines... 10 May 2017
.@GabrielMariya,candidate for Commissioner from Bulgaria. Next step: interview w... 10 May 2017
European economy has entered its fifth year of recovery, which is now reaching a... 11 May 2017
#Visafree travel to the Schengen area for the citizens of #Ukraine will soon bec... 11 May 2017
Live #EUdialogues: @JunckerEU & @CorinaCretuEU talking with Romanian citizen... 11 May 2017
#EUdialogues with First Vice-President @TimmermansEU in Stockholm 11 May 2017
"The EU is much more than what we realize. Largest market, largest economy, larg... 13 May 2017
❓ Are women under-represented in the labour market? Contribute your feedback o... 13 May 2017
Write a blog post about any EU-funded project to win a trip to Brussels for some... 13 May 2017
The EU Investment Portal is where the EU projects meet worldwide investors. Chec... 13 May 2017
#EUfunding supports actions on the ground to make our society inclusive for peop... 13 May 2017
.@JunckerEU "@EmmanuelMacron is a signal of hope for Europe. // @EmmanuelMacron ... 14 May 2017
.@JunckerEU @salzburg_com "#Europa ist unsere Zukunft // #Europe is our future. ... 14 May 2017
Harnessing globalisation,a shared task. We need to modernise economy with action... 14 May 2017
10h30 watch LIVE as we make 21st May #Natura2000 day https://t.co/iEsBX9mbQQ &am... 15 May 2017
@StylianidesEU: Following the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo... 15 May 2017
"Following the #Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo we are fully ... 15 May 2017
Our proposal on #WorkLifeBalance set a number of new or higher minimum standards... 15 May 2017
.@EU_Commission welcomes @Europarl_EN vote on @JunckerEU Plan's #EFSI. Good news... 15 May 2017
.@Avramopoulos "We have reached more than 18,000 relocations so far - this shows... 16 May 2017
"We have reached more than 18,000 relocations so far; this shows what political ... 16 May 2017
✈️ All airlines from Benin and Mozambique cleared from EU #AirSafety List. C... 16 May 2017
Freedom to love is freedom to live. 16 May 2017
@may17IDAHOT @EU_Justice @VeraJourova @TimmermansEU @FedericaMog @eu_eeas Today ... 16 May 2017
Every human should be free to love who they want without fear of discrimination ... 17 May 2017
17 May 2017
@JunckerEU #Brexit website for transparency and public debate on #Article50 nego... 17 May 2017
State aid: To create jobs and growth we have widened the scope of the General Bl... 17 May 2017
#Trade | Sri Lanka will have better access to EU market as incentive for reform ... 17 May 2017
*Everyone* has the right to equal treatment & opportunities regarding employ... 17 May 2017
@A_WintersteinEC #Hungary | We will move forward with the infringement procedure... 17 May 2017
Investment plan for Europe: EU Fund for Strategic Investments to trigger more th... 17 May 2017
@A_WintersteinEC #Health & #environment | We have referred Italy to Court ov... 17 May 2017
#Cannes2017 kicks off today! 17 May 2017
Investment Plan for Europe: 275 SME financing agreements signed = total financin... 18 May 2017
19 May 2017
@TNavracsicsEU @EUErasmusPlus @NatBruxelles Tackling violent radicalisation with... 19 May 2017
Statement by @FedericaMog & @JHahnEU on the agreement reached by political ... 19 May 2017
Projects receiving EU support are happening close to you! Check out @EIB interac... 20 May 2017
Allow your project to achieve its full potential! Submit your project to the EU ... 20 May 2017
Let's celebrate the European #Natura2000 day! The EU has been protecting our nat... 21 May 2017
Which sectors receive the most support from the EU Fund for Strategic Investment... 21 May 2017
What is the impact of digitalisation and automation on citizens daily life? #Eur... 21 May 2017
What will #TeamJunckerEU be doing this week? Check out the agenda: https://t.co... 22 May 2017
Having assessed EU gov. plans,we present economic&budgetary country-specific... 22 May 2017
"European Investigation Order" enters into force. Access to evidence quickly whe... 22 May 2017
.@JunckerEU "Europa ist und bleibt meine Liebe fürs Leben! // Europe is and wil... 23 May 2017
How can we make EU company law better? Give your views online on new digital sol... 24 May 2017
@FedericaMog @jyrkikatainen #EUDefence - The case for greater cooperation on sec... 24 May 2017
Le 25 mai à 15h15, conférence de presse de @JunckerEU 24 May 2017
Behind every EU investment = people's stories (researchers, apprentices, entrepr... 24 May 2017
Leaders meeting now with @EP_President @FedericaMog & delegations. Strong EU... 25 May 2017
.@JunckerEU @eucopresident welcome @RT_Erdogan to Brussels. #EU and #Turkey must... 25 May 2017
Bienvenue, @EmmanuelMacron ! Ensemble pour une Europe plus forte et plus juste. 25 May 2017
"Le dumping social n'a pas sa place en Europe" @JunckerEU - Conférence de pres... 25 May 2017
Pour revoir la conférence de presse d' @EmmanuelMacron et @JunckerEU, c'est par... 25 May 2017
.@JunckerEU & @eucopresident meeting with PM Abe Shinzo to advance common tr... 26 May 2017
#G7Taormina Statement on the fight against terrorism and violent extremism. A me... 26 May 2017
Want to find out more about 'green skills' & jobs? Check out events near you... 27 May 2017
Just published: President @JunckerEU at #G7Taormina > https://t.co/AKOhH7HoQM... 27 May 2017
Looking to invest? The EU Investment Portal #EIPP connects you with more than 15... 27 May 2017
EU investments can create opportunities. Spotlight on stories happening in the E... 28 May 2017
EU consumers benefit from strong #ConsumerRights & we want the same in digit... 29 May 2017
Investment plan for Europe: more than €168bn in investments to be triggered ac... 29 May 2017
Agreement on our #WIFI4EU initiative https://t.co/eKAzq2InXe https://t.co/dotwes... 30 May 2017
30 May 2017
Draft #EUbudget 2018: We propose a focus on jobs, investments, migration and sec... 30 May 2017
European Alliance for Apprenticeships: 4 years of key stakeholders at national, ... 30 May 2017
Tomorrow, 31/05, new reflection paper on deepening of the Economic & Monetar... 30 May 2017
Another big step towards the creation of a #CapitalMarketsUnion. https://t.co/Im... 30 May 2017
.@JunckerEU "More than just a principle, solidarity is a state of mind that goes... 30 May 2017
On 31 May at 17h CET: #FutureofEurope Facebook Live with @TimmermansEU 30 May 2017
31 May 2017
"Europe produced the best cars & trains in the past decades. 'Made In Europe... 31 May 2017
@Bulc_EU @MarosSefcovic @mariannethyssen @EBrivioEU @Transport_EU Paving the way... 31 May 2017
'The story of the euro' | Blog post on strengths, weaknesses, past & future ... 31 May 2017
Economic & Monetary Union: reflection paper to build a consensus on how to t... 31 May 2017
"If the US wants to pull out of the Paris Agreement, we will be firm. #ParisAgre... 31 May 2017
President @JunckerEU in #Berlin on the #ParisAgreement: "The law is the law. It ... 1 Jun 2017
Why is China important for the EU? Why is the EU important for #China? Questions... 1 Jun 2017
LIVE NOW: Watch Brussels Economic Forum #EUBEF2017! Follow @ecfin for the latest... 1 Jun 2017
Support package of €31.6 million announced for education and vocational traini... 1 Jun 2017
"China, EU have potential to be closer partners". President @JunckerEU ahead of ... 1 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU @WDR "If the #US decides to retreat, the vacuum it leaves needs to b... 1 Jun 2017
Together, we will stand by the Paris Agreement, we will implement the #ParisAgre... 1 Jun 2017
2 Jun 2017
Have your voice heard! 2 Jun 2017
Agreement today with #China | 100 European geographical indications set to be pr... 2 Jun 2017
#investEU working to #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain. Projects in the environment &... 2 Jun 2017
This week we have proposed 3 steps to complete our Economic and Monetary Union ... 3 Jun 2017
3 Jun 2017
#OnlineHateSpeech 3 Jun 2017
Which sectors receive the most support from the EU Fund for Strategic Investment... 3 Jun 2017
The aim of the Code of Conduct is only to tackle online hate speech that is alre... 3 Jun 2017
@JunckerEU #LondonAttacks: "My thoughts now are with the victims and their famil... 4 Jun 2017
@JunckerEU "The cowardly people who committed these attacks will not undermine o... 4 Jun 2017
@JunckerEU "Together we will continue to uphold the values that make us peaceful... 4 Jun 2017
@JunckerEU "The European Union, its Member States and its allies around the worl... 4 Jun 2017
"I know that the people of #London will carry on defiantly, just like the people... 4 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU letter to @theresa_may "The cowardly people who committed attacks wi... 4 Jun 2017
Statement by President @JunckerEU and letter to PM @theresa_may on #LondonAttack... 4 Jun 2017
At the request of President @JunckerEU, 4 Jun 2017
Flags at the @EU_Commission at half mast #LondonAttacks https://t.co/RFrLrbzs8r 4 Jun 2017
Commissioners' weekly activities calendar: week from 5 June to 11 June ➡️ ht... 5 Jun 2017
Projects receiving EU support are happening close to you! Check out @EIB interac... 5 Jun 2017
5 Jun 2017
5 Jun 2017
The story of the #euro is ongoing. This is the right time to reflect on its futu... 5 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU @WSJ "Europe must take its #defence into its own hands." @EU_Commiss... 6 Jun 2017
#TeamJunckerEU today: #EUDefence Reflection paper #FutureofEurope, proposal for ... 7 Jun 2017
@JunckerEU @FedericaMog @jyrkikatainen Just published - Reflection paper on the ... 7 Jun 2017
Document de réflexion sur l'avenir de la défense européenne:3 scénarios pour... 7 Jun 2017
New European Consensus on development adopted today: what makes it new? Q&A:... 7 Jun 2017
A Strategic Approach to Resilience in the EU's External Action: what does this m... 7 Jun 2017
8 Jun 2017
Completing the Capital Markets Union: we are putting a strong focus on sustainab... 8 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU "We engage and listen: @EU_Commission has held 250 debates w/ people... 8 Jun 2017
.@UniKarlova awards @JunckerEU Golden Medal for his efforts to promote European ... 8 Jun 2017
No @NATO is not an option for the EU. Together we can better provide security in... 9 Jun 2017
@NATO @JunckerEU Europe can no longer afford to piggy-back on the military might... 9 Jun 2017
"As far as the Commission is concerned, we can open negotiations tomorrow mornin... 9 Jun 2017
How can men & women have equal job opportunities in the EU❓ Tell us what y... 9 Jun 2017
Support #EUdefence from 10 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU to @SZ "On #Brexit, there is only one option: a fair deal." Also cal... 10 Jun 2017
After the financial crisis we know risk can threaten the economy at any time. Sh... 10 Jun 2017
EU Investment Portal = online match-making platform between EU project promoters... 10 Jun 2017
10 Jun 2017
Today, we bring down a barrier between the people of #Ukraine and the people of ... 11 Jun 2017
We launched a new #HorizonPrize this week! €3 million to develop a tactile dis... 11 Jun 2017
We face great many challenges.We must seize opportunities. Time for united #EU27... 11 Jun 2017
13/7 1987 - first 3000 students started their #Erasmus.13/7 2017 we will celebra... 11 Jun 2017
EU investments can create opportunities. Spotlight on some stories happening in ... 11 Jun 2017
Tomorrow 13 June #Erasmus officially turns 30 11 Jun 2017
#Roaming charges in the EU end on 15 June. Share on social media 11 Jun 2017
12 Jun 2017
#Roaming charges in the EU are ending this week. Do you have questions? Join our... 12 Jun 2017
13/6 1987 - first 3000 students started their #Erasmus.13/6 2017 we will celebra... 12 Jun 2017
TODAY (13/6) #Erasmus turns 30! At noon,we'll celebrate 9 million people it bene... 13 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU "#ErasmusPlus means falling in love with Europe & each other. Un... 13 Jun 2017
"Every euro that we invest in #ErasmusPlus is an investment in the future." - @... 13 Jun 2017
Let us together be more ambitious. #Erasmus is a good answer to national egoisms... 13 Jun 2017
Relocation works if there is political will. Call on Member States to comply wit... 13 Jun 2017
Euro-Med pioneering partnership of 19 countries tackling water 13 Jun 2017
Today #Erasmus turned 30. Since 1987 it has given 9 million people chance to stu... 13 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU à la génération #Erasmus: "Vous êtes la bonne réponse à la bê... 13 Jun 2017
#Roaming charges in the EU end on 15 June. Share on social media 13 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU in #EPlenary: our security can't be outsourced, climate maters, soli... 14 Jun 2017
"Eliminating roaming charges is one of our most tangible successes." Statement @... 14 Jun 2017
As of tomorrow, #roaming charges in the EU will no longer apply! 14 Jun 2017
Get ready to say goodbye to #roaming charges tomorrow! There will be no roaming ... 14 Jun 2017
GOODBYE roaming charges! ADIEU frais d’itinérance ! TCHÜSS Roaming-Gebühren... 15 Jun 2017
Welcome #Eurogroup agreement between Greece &institutions. @JunckerEU person... 16 Jun 2017
@MichelBarnier @DavidDavisMP Our position papers citizens' rights+financial sett... 16 Jun 2017
Urgent food aid to 500 families 1km from the western #Mosul front line was deliv... 16 Jun 2017
European flags at half-mast after the death of Helmut Kohl. President @JunckerEU... 16 Jun 2017
Helmut Kohl never ceased to propose ever better ways on how to take Europe forwa... 16 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU: "Helmut Kohl ge­bührt ein eu­ro­päi­scher Staats­akt, für d... 17 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU #BamS: Calls for first-ever EUROPEAN commemoration to honour #Helmut... 17 Jun 2017
The EU Investment Portal: meeting place for project promoters and investors. Reg... 17 Jun 2017
#Portugal - Thoughts w/ victims.EU civil protection mechanism activated.All will... 18 Jun 2017
.@StylianidesEU reiterates @JunckerEU @EU_Commission support for #Portugal fires... 18 Jun 2017
Going on #ErasmusPlus soon? Check out the new app! All you need in 1 place. Sear... 18 Jun 2017
In addition to immediate EU support mobilised this morning, further assistance o... 18 Jun 2017
Félicitations @EPhilippePM pour la victoire que la majorité présidentielle vi... 18 Jun 2017
No more #roaming anxiety! Travelling? Need info abroad? Homesick? Now you can 'r... 18 Jun 2017
Article 50 negotiations just started. #Brexit https://t.co/xxbt5ayrqz 19 Jun 2017
We must 1st tackle uncertainties caused by #Brexit .For us, transparency is key.... 19 Jun 2017
19 Jun 2017
.@MichelBarnier & @DavidDavisMP agreed on dates, organisation & prioriti... 19 Jun 2017
For both, EU & UK, a fair deal is possible & far better than no deal. "I... 19 Jun 2017
@MichelBarnier @DavidDavisMP Article 50 negotiations: who, when, what & how ... 19 Jun 2017
@MichelBarnier Missed the press conference by @MichelBarnier 19 Jun 2017
#EU #Syria Trust Fund crosses €1 billion: New package supports Syrian #refugee... 20 Jun 2017
Commissioner-Designate @GabrielMariya exchanges views with @EP_Industry & @E... 20 Jun 2017
European Ceremony of Honour for Dr. Helmut Kohl on 1 July 2017​ in Strasbourg.... 20 Jun 2017
Cérémonie d'hommage européen en mémoire d'Helmut Kohl, le 1er juillet 2017 ... 20 Jun 2017
Europäischer Trauerakt für Dr. Helmut Kohl am 1. Juli 2017 in Straßburg https... 20 Jun 2017
#Portugal | The EU #CohesionPolicy invests in the industrial modernisation of th... 20 Jun 2017
#BreakingNews: The European Union, 2017 Princess of Asturias Award for Concord. ... 21 Jun 2017
Un verdadero honor. Nuestro sincero agradecimiento a @fpa por este reconocimient... 21 Jun 2017
@pierremoscovici @vanessamock @EU_Taxud We have been active in cracking down on ... 21 Jun 2017
Oggi proponiamo €1.2 miliardi in aiuto al popolo 21 Jun 2017
21 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU welcomes @AnastasiadesCY. Good discussion on #Cyprus talks, preparat... 21 Jun 2017
EU leaders will meet today &tomorrow in Brussels to discuss #EUDefence &... 22 Jun 2017
EU has means at its disposal.As @JunckerEU said, #PESCO Sleeping Beauty of Lisbo... 22 Jun 2017
Live now- Press conference @JunckerEU and @eucopresident https://t.co/7RAsscYbcu... 22 Jun 2017
We will implement the #ParisAgreement. Together. EU leaders reaffirms commitme... 22 Jun 2017
Economy, trade, migration & digital on #EUCO agenda today. Press conference ... 23 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU #EUCO: Jobs and growth up, deficits down, open but fair trade, more ... 23 Jun 2017
Every EU economy growing, 10 million new jobs created, unemployment down, growth... 23 Jun 2017
EU citizens are more positive about the economic situation 9 years after the fin... 24 Jun 2017
#EUdefence How to use defence budgets more efficiently? Join @jyrkikatainen Face... 24 Jun 2017
Es un gran honor recibir este premio por la contribución al "más largo períod... 24 Jun 2017
Tax advisers played a major role in #PanamaPapers. We propose they report plans ... 24 Jun 2017
We want to know: How can WE empower YOU with the EU Citizens' Initiative❓ Publ... 24 Jun 2017
#Cholera outbreak #Yemen | Our response: €5 million more in aid amid rapid spr... 25 Jun 2017
The new #SkillsProfileTool 25 Jun 2017
We want to empower 100 000 young Europeans to volunteer by 2020. How do we impro... 25 Jun 2017
Which sectors receive the most support from the EU Fund for Strategic Investment... 25 Jun 2017
EU-#Lebanon relations report: Strengthening our partnership for a stable, democr... 25 Jun 2017
⏰ Time is running out! Give your feedback on #socialrights in the EU by 27 Jun... 26 Jun 2017
Any questions on #EUdefence? Join us this morning at 11h15 CET for a Facebook Li... 26 Jun 2017
Report: Protectionism on the rise, EU successful in countering barriers. G20 cou... 26 Jun 2017
#EUtrade | 31 million EU jobs depend on exports. 90% global growth expected outs... 26 Jun 2017
25 years ago #EU aviation market was born. Today, air travel is cheaper, safer &... 26 Jun 2017
#Brexit | Read our position paper on essential principles on citizens' rights: h... 26 Jun 2017
26 Jun 2017
Your engagement shapes the EU. Contribute your feedback on the EU Citizens' Init... 27 Jun 2017
#Google fined €2.42 billion for denying companies and European consumers the b... 27 Jun 2017
President @JunckerEU met with @MikeBloomberg today to discuss #ParisAgreement, #... 27 Jun 2017
#Turkey refugees | €714 million in humanitarian aid and €50 million for skil... 28 Jun 2017
@V_Andriukaitis @Moedas @EU_Health @AncaPaduraru What is the cause of rising ant... 29 Jun 2017
#AMR is a threat that no country can tackle alone. @EU_Commission steps up the f... 29 Jun 2017
.@JunckerEU "Good #G20 preparation today. #Europe open for fair #trade: #CETA to... 29 Jun 2017
#EUJapan Free Trade Agreement | We expect all European standards to be respected... 29 Jun 2017
Are you an SME? DYK that the EU Investment Portal accepts projects starting from... 29 Jun 2017
Simone Veil | La France & l'UE perdent une figure politique qui a démontré... 30 Jun 2017
Tomorrow we say goodbye to Helmut Kohl in a ceremony praising his whole life's w... 30 Jun 2017
.@EU_Commission: Flaggen auf Halbmast für den Ehrenbürger Europas #HelmutKohl.... 1 Jul 2017
Flags at half mast for Europe's honorary citizen #HelmutKohl. https://t.co/hxC0... 1 Jul 2017
"Wir nehmen heute Abschied von #HelmutKohl, dem deutschen und dem europäischen ... 1 Jul 2017
.@JunckerEU eröffnet #HelmutKohl Trauerakt "Es spricht hier nicht der Kommissio... 1 Jul 2017
"For Helmut Kohl, German and European unity went together as two sides of the sa... 1 Jul 2017
"Für Helmut Kohl gingen deutsche und europäische Einheit zusammen. Zwei Seiten... 1 Jul 2017
"Pour Helmut #Kohl, l'unité allemande et européenne allaient de pair, les deux... 1 Jul 2017
Germany and #Europe pay tribute to the impressive life's work of #HelmutKohl. We... 1 Jul 2017
Helmut #Kohl war ein deutscher Patriot aber auch ein europäischer Patriot. Für... 1 Jul 2017
Strasbourg, pour #Kohl LA capitale de l'Europe parce que siège d'@Europarl_FR, ... 1 Jul 2017
#EUAviation25 Today, air travel is cheaper, safer and open to more people than e... 2 Jul 2017
#Google fined €2.42 billion | The company needs to give equal treatment to riv... 2 Jul 2017
What were the #trade barriers reported last year & where? Protectionism risi... 2 Jul 2017
EU Citizens' Initiative | Could it be more accessible & easy to use for orga... 2 Jul 2017
3 Jul 2017
#MigrationEU - strong solidarity with #Italy: joint declaration by @Avramopoulos... 3 Jul 2017
How to maximise the impact of EU research & innovation programmes? Full inde... 3 Jul 2017
4 Jul 2017
EU support to BaltCap Infrastructure Fund (Baltic region) for transport & en... 4 Jul 2017
We will make sure to reduce the pressure on Italy and increase solidarity shown ... 4 Jul 2017
#Climate | Fuel-consumption monitoring of 4 Jul 2017
Live: First Vice-President @TimmermansEU in #EPlenary 5 Jul 2017
Per aiutare l'Italia e ridurre la pressione migratoria,il contributo di tutti è... 5 Jul 2017
Have a great project idea? The EU Investment Portal #EIPP brings you one step cl... 5 Jul 2017
.@JunckerEU #EUJapan "There is no protection in protectionism. Only by working t... 6 Jul 2017
.@JunckerEU "#EUJapan Economic Partnership Agrmt sets a new benchmark in #trade ... 6 Jul 2017
@JunckerEU @MalmstromEU @PhilHoganEU @danielrosarioEU @Trade_EU @EU_Agri The EU ... 6 Jul 2017
Das #EUSolidarityCorps wird Programm! Großer Infotag mit u.a. @GOettingerEU am ... 7 Jul 2017
Going back to protectionism is not the way ahead. The #EUJapan agreement conclud... 7 Jul 2017
.@JunckerEU at #G20 on global growth and #EUtrade: with the wind in our sails ag... 8 Jul 2017
EU and Canada agree to date for the provisional application of #CETA: 21 Septemb... 8 Jul 2017
#G20 concludes: "We can achieve more together than by acting alone." New on ou... 8 Jul 2017
Which sectors receive the most support from the EU Fund for Strategic Investment... 8 Jul 2017
#Climate | 25% of road transport CO2 emissions come from heavy-duty vehicles 9 Jul 2017
9 Jul 2017
Now customs officers have access to new IT tools to fight customs fraud & ke... 9 Jul 2017
Do you want to invest in the EU? Register on the #EIPP portal & stay informe... 9 Jul 2017
The occupation of Mosul has finally come to an end. Statement by @FedericaMog an... 9 Jul 2017
The EU Citizens' Initiative allows you to participate in democratic debate. How ... 9 Jul 2017
10 Jul 2017
.@GabrielMariya is our newest addition to #TeamJunckerEU! Her responsibilities a... 10 Jul 2017
.@JunckerEU "The results of the #G20 are good. We have a communiqué of unity. N... 10 Jul 2017
Crossing Europe on fair and efficient charging terms: Share your views on vignet... 10 Jul 2017
@CorinaCretuEU @GOettingerEU @A_WintersteinEC @EU_Regional @EU_Budget Future of ... 11 Jul 2017
Budget reports show added value from every € spent. More on achievements in #i... 11 Jul 2017
Western Balkans Summit tomorrow is an opportunity for regional cooperation and b... 11 Jul 2017
#TeamJunckerEU today: welcomes @GabrielMariya, update from @MichelBarnier on Art... 12 Jul 2017
Read about our strategic #EUJapan alliance: what is it? A clear stand against pr... 12 Jul 2017
@pierremoscovici @EEAthina "Greece is now ready to exit the Excessive Deficit Pr... 12 Jul 2017
"We have published 9 position papers on the different issues. The EU positions a... 12 Jul 2017
12 Jul 2017
#EU #Ukraine Summit in Kyiv with @JunckerEU @eucopresident @poroshenko. Ukraine ... 13 Jul 2017
Now in #Kyiv @JunckerEU with @eucopresident @poroshenko: "We delivered on visas,... 13 Jul 2017
Forest fires in Italy: More on our immediate help through Civil Protection Mecha... 13 Jul 2017
We are cracking down on the illegal import of cultural goods used to finance ter... 13 Jul 2017
@pierremoscovici @vanessamock @EU_Taxud When should the import of a cultural goo... 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017
Looking to invest? The EU Investment Portal #EIPP connects you with more than 15... 14 Jul 2017
14 Jul 2017
Find out how we are working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals through EU ... 14 Jul 2017
We want to know: How can WE empower YOU with the EU Citizens' Initiative❓ Publ... 14 Jul 2017
Le Commissaire UE @JKingEU présent au #nice14juillet en hommage aux victimes au... 14 Jul 2017
Read our blog post→ Our work helping Nigerian refugees find a safe haven in #C... 15 Jul 2017
.@JunckerEU in Thessaloniki this week: "I pay tribute to the Greek people, in pa... 15 Jul 2017
15 Jul 2017
.@JunckerEU #BamS "Europe’s hand remains extended. I expect #Turkey to show Eu... 16 Jul 2017
After #Mosul liberation | Read feature on EU-funded demining making safe return ... 16 Jul 2017
Help us cut harmful CO2 emissions from road transport. Give your views on vignet... 16 Jul 2017
3/4 of employers: volunteering experience is a + for job seekers. New EU initiat... 16 Jul 2017
17 Jul 2017
@mariannethyssen @EU_Social @ChristianWigand EU employment & social developm... 17 Jul 2017
How do you see the #FutureofEurope? What do you want and expect? Every voice sh... 17 Jul 2017
4 months after @EU_Commission #FutureOfEurope #WhitePaper we see first results:1... 17 Jul 2017
17 Jul 2017
@jyrkikatainen @CorinaCretuEU @EU_Regional Smart specialisation has already impa... 18 Jul 2017
18 Jul 2017
Yesterday we reaffirmed our global leadership in fighting poverty and supporting... 18 Jul 2017
Visit our webpage showing EU actions for each Sustainable Development Goal and t... 18 Jul 2017
Promoting e-reading is promoting reading: @OdiloTID 18 Jul 2017
19 Jul 2017
@jyrkikatainen @EBienkowskaEU @A_WintersteinEC Hybrid threats are a major securi... 19 Jul 2017
We have stepped up our support for investigations into war crimes and accountabi... 19 Jul 2017
Staff diversity and inclusion | We have acted to reach at least 40% women in our... 19 Jul 2017
We want you to have more choice & mobility in your pension. Share your views... 19 Jul 2017
19 Jul 2017
@TimmermansEU Rule of Law in #Poland: next steps? 3rd recommendation under the R... 19 Jul 2017
20 Jul 2017
@StylianidesEU EU ready to help. Statement by @StylianidesEU on the earthquake i... 21 Jul 2017
21 Jul 2017
If you haven't yet participated in our 1,750 #EUdialogues events discussing #Fut... 22 Jul 2017
22 Jul 2017
Learn more about the EU Citizens' Initiative currently under review & share ... 22 Jul 2017
Cyprus: We welcome changes in legislation leading to more stringent tax treatmen... 22 Jul 2017
Every 1 of our 276 EU regions needs to face globalisation by identifying competi... 23 Jul 2017
There are many ways for citizens to participate in the debate on the #FutureOfEu... 23 Jul 2017
✔ Cleaning forests ✔ Providing food to the needy ✔ Support disaster areas ... 23 Jul 2017
@jyrkikatainen This comes just over 2 years after Juncker Commission launched EF... 24 Jul 2017
Déclaration de Tunis: Renforcement de la coordination en matière de gestion de... 24 Jul 2017
Looking for project investors? Learn how the new #EIPP portal features can help ... 24 Jul 2017
@VeraJourova @EU_Justice More and more EU consumers are shopping online & th... 25 Jul 2017
25 Jul 2017
.@pierremoscovici in Athens today: "I am firmly convinced that Greece 25 Jul 2017
More trust in online shopping. Consumers know rights. Room for improvement w/com... 25 Jul 2017
Volunteering is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Tell us how to improve #EUSolid... 25 Jul 2017
Public consultation on the European Citizens' Initiative | Improve it by giving ... 26 Jul 2017
Forest fires - France has activated #EUCivPro Mechanism + @CopernicusEU is helpi... 26 Jul 2017
#TeamJunckerEU today: #Poland #RuleOfLaw; progress & more #solidarity on #Mi... 26 Jul 2017
Poland: If government goes ahead undermining independence of judiciary & rul... 26 Jul 2017
We are ready to send a Letter of Formal notice once the law on Ordinary Courts O... 26 Jul 2017
Poland :planned reform amplifies systemic threat to #RuleOflaw.We request author... 26 Jul 2017
#Poland - Our recommendations are clear: withdraw laws reforming judiciary or br... 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017
We are determined to defend #RuleOfLaw as fundamental principle on which our EU ... 26 Jul 2017
@Avramopoulos Record month for relocations: 2,000+ relocated from Greece and alm... 26 Jul 2017
What future for #OurOcean? What can be done to keep it clean and safe? Join @Kar... 26 Jul 2017
.@JunckerEU welcomes PM #Fico of #Slovakia. On the menu: #DualFoodQuality #migra... 27 Jul 2017
27 Jul 2017
New humanitarian programme for integration &accommodation of refugees in Gre... 27 Jul 2017
#SecurityUnion: we are driving work to share information, combat terrorist finan... 27 Jul 2017
In Latvia a young bee-keeper has grown his family's honey bee farm with equipmen... 27 Jul 2017
Still haven't shared? It's not too late! Give us your views on #EUSolidarityCor... 28 Jul 2017
L'UE 28 Jul 2017
Behind every EU investment = people's stories (researchers, apprentices, entrepr... 28 Jul 2017
✈️ Was your plane cancelled? Your luggage lost? Download the EU passenger ri... 29 Jul 2017
Read our blog post about the European Citizens' Initiative and how you can help ... 29 Jul 2017
.@EU_Commission launches infringement against #Poland over measures affecting th... 29 Jul 2017
Poland : infringement procedure over measures affecting judiciary launched. Poli... 29 Jul 2017
#MigrationEU: 24,000+ people have been relocated and 17,000+ have been resettled... 29 Jul 2017
#FutureOfEurope | VP @jyrkikatainen answered citizens' questions on #EUdefence. ... 30 Jul 2017
Which sectors receive the most support from the EU Fund for Strategic Investment... 30 Jul 2017
Do you know how you can participate directly in development of EU policies? More... 30 Jul 2017
EU unemployment at its lowest since Dec. 2008, strong decline 4 youth. BUT: no c... 31 Jul 2017
#Venezuela | The events of the past 24 hours have reinforced our concern for th... 31 Jul 2017
The new #SchoolSchemeEU will promote millions of schoolchildren to choose health... 31 Jul 2017
Venezuela :a Constituent Assembly elected under doubtful & often violent cir... 31 Jul 2017
Issues with a bank account, a credit card or a loan from another 31 Jul 2017
Déclaration de @JunckerEU président de la @EU_Commission à l'occasion du déc... 31 Jul 2017
1 in 3 women has experienced sexual and/or physical violence in the EU. 2017 is... 31 Jul 2017
Fuel consumption monitoring of 31 Jul 2017
Today the new #SchoolSchemeEU comes into force! Learn more about fresh fruit 1 Aug 2017
@MichelBarnier @Mina_Andreeva Agency relocation is a 4-step procedure. We will s... 1 Aug 2017
More good news: euro area GDP up with 2.1% compared to a year ago. Details ➡... 1 Aug 2017
When a pharmacist wants to heal people & ends up opening his own company - t... 1 Aug 2017
We remember #RomaGenocide victims who lost their lives in WW2. Discrimination ha... 2 Aug 2017
European Citizens' Initiative | Tell us what you think about personal data requi... 2 Aug 2017
EU Citizens' Initiative | What kind of personal data would you share to support ... 2 Aug 2017
.@JunckerEU @ndr "#Turkey taking steps away from the #EU instead of towards us. ... 2 Aug 2017
.@JunckerEU: "New #Russia #sanctions by the #US only after consulting allies" @E... 2 Aug 2017
.@JunckerEU :"New US sanctions on Russia only after consultation of allies.I do ... 2 Aug 2017
@JunckerEU .@JunckerEU expressed his satisfaction, in principle, over the soften... 2 Aug 2017
Taxation | VAT carousel fraud accounts for €50 billion lost annually. We need ... 3 Aug 2017
How can we simplify the European Citizens' Initiative? Give your feedback here b... 3 Aug 2017
Calling for opinions to develop Europe's supercomputers. Participate in the cons... 4 Aug 2017
Big thanks to #Greece for offering 2 planes for combating #forestfires #Albania.... 4 Aug 2017
Positive feelings about the EU - All you need to know about the latest #Eurobaro... 4 Aug 2017
Almost 350,000 people use the metro in Sofia 5 Aug 2017
Answer our survey on the EU Citizens' Initiative: What personal data would you s... 5 Aug 2017
Did you know? 2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage! Get the lates... 5 Aug 2017
Into economics and video editing? Take part in the video contest organised by th... 5 Aug 2017
As an EU national, you can freely travel with your cat, dog or ferret if it has ... 6 Aug 2017
6 Aug 2017
New #Eurobarometer blog post | How do people in other countries like 6 Aug 2017
EU-funded @ARCHEOSUb_prj project discovers archaeological treasures in our seas ... 6 Aug 2017
Check out contributions already received + share your opinions on the EU Citizen... 7 Aug 2017
Travelling abroad? If your country is not represented you have the right to Cons... 8 Aug 2017
Acquisition of Banco Popular by Banco Santander approved under EU Merger Regulat... 8 Aug 2017
Autorizada la adquisición del Banco Popular por el Banco Santander bajo el Regl... 8 Aug 2017
Discover SurfingEurope, a sustainable, innovative & quality surfing route, c... 8 Aug 2017
Do you have an opinion on the European Citizen's Initiative? Share your thoughts... 9 Aug 2017
10 years since beginning of crisis - decisive action means #EU + € area econom... 9 Aug 2017
@ecfin @pierremoscovici @VDombrovskis Recent developments,encouraging. But a lot... 9 Aug 2017
10 years after the financial crisis, decisive EU action has paid off→ recovery... 10 Aug 2017
LEA production school in Austria 10 Aug 2017
Two Greek airplanes mobilised to battle forest fires in Albania through the EU C... 10 Aug 2017
We follow the latest developments on #fipronil finding in eggs very closely. Pub... 10 Aug 2017
Rapid Alert System, a tool to exchange information between national authorities ... 10 Aug 2017
We want to simplify the European Citizens' Initiative & can only do it with ... 11 Aug 2017
#Fipronil | Once all facts available, we will hold high-level meeting to improve... 11 Aug 2017
Dortmund’s U-Tower 11 Aug 2017
In 1987 the first 3000 students started their #Erasmus. 30 years later, in 2017 ... 12 Aug 2017
#EUSolidarityCorps:new placements available! 1. Are you registered? https://t.co... 12 Aug 2017
12 Aug 2017
Countdown for the State of the Union. 13 Aug 2017
European Citizens' Initiative→ What kind of personal info would you share to b... 13 Aug 2017
@TimmermansEU EU Citizens' Initiative | Who needs to have access to supporters' ... 14 Aug 2017
The European Citizens' Initiative fosters citizen participation and debate. Help... 15 Aug 2017
EU-funded project @FLAW4LIFE is fighting against food waste due to appearance. G... 15 Aug 2017
Are you enjoying the end of #roaming charges? Join the photo contest & win #... 15 Aug 2017
The #ECI has been in operation 5 yrs. How can we simplify & improve this ins... 15 Aug 2017
@MichelBarnier Our approach to transparency in #Brexit negotiations. Get all the... 15 Aug 2017
#Brexit -On Ireland, we must discuss how to maintain Common Travel Area&prot... 16 Aug 2017
#Brexit - UK’s papers, positive step towards really starting phase 1 of negoti... 16 Aug 2017
Transparency, key for us, in #Brexit negotiations. Get all our documents from th... 16 Aug 2017
Latest positive indicator of strong growth momentum. https://t.co/ULJwbrWyl5 16 Aug 2017
We want to improve farmers' position in the food supply chain. What do you think? 17 Aug 2017
Profunda tristeza tras ataque terrorista en Barcelona. Nuestras más sinceras co... 17 Aug 2017
Profound sorrow following terrorist attack in Barcelona. Deepest condolences to ... 17 Aug 2017
@EUinBCN @TarradellasEU @JunckerEU @EU_Commission Declaración completa del pres... 17 Aug 2017
#Barcelona - Nuestras banderas a media asta por el terrible y cobarde atentado. ... 18 Aug 2017
@EUinBCN @UEmadrid Minute of silence for the victims of Barcelona terrorist atta... 18 Aug 2017
Minute of silence of @EU_Commission staff. Our thoughts, our hearts, with #Barce... 18 Aug 2017
Thoughts with #Barcelona. Deepest condolences.Tribute to security forces & h... 18 Aug 2017
We strongly condemn the attack in #Turku , Finland. Our thoughts are with victim... 18 Aug 2017
We honour the bravery of humanitarian aid workers. 1 544 killed, 1 449 wounded i... 19 Aug 2017
"We commend the bravery of people that work selflessly for the benefit of others... 19 Aug 2017
.@JunckerEU "#EU ist in guter Verfassung: 239 Mio. Europäer haben Arbeit; 19 ... 19 Aug 2017
Volunteer or work with #EUSolidarityCorps on projects that benefit communities a... 20 Aug 2017
Minute of silence at Berlaymont building. We stand with the people of Turku &... 21 Aug 2017
EU-funded Life Madeira Monk Seal project aims to save one of the most endangered... 21 Aug 2017
When countries are hit by natural disasters or humanitarian crises, the EU can h... 21 Aug 2017
EU position papers 2/9. Fin. settlement: EU/UK should both respect in full their... 21 Aug 2017
Today our heart is in Ischia, Italy. The EU stands ready to provide immediate as... 22 Aug 2017
It is harder to unite than to divide, to build than to break, to act than to fea... 23 Aug 2017
Today we commemorate the Europe-Wide Day of Remembrance for the victims of all t... 23 Aug 2017
Tolerance, human dignity, equality, non-discrimination, solidarity. This is who ... 23 Aug 2017
@TimmermansEU To be a patriot is to be #European,to be European is to be a patri... 23 Aug 2017
There is no place in EU for extremism, intolerance & oppression. Read the st... 23 Aug 2017
A true patriot seeks peace, unity, openness & cooperation. @TimmermansEU con... 23 Aug 2017
201 millions investis dans le ferroviaire en Roumanie 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017
2 days left to enter the #EUinmyRegion competition! Submit photos of an EU funde... 25 Aug 2017
How can we improve access to #e_evidence in criminal investigations? We want to ... 25 Aug 2017
In 10 years, @ERC_Research has funded almost 7K top researchers across 26 Aug 2017
Would you like more choices for retirement savings? Give your views here on the ... 26 Aug 2017
European Social Sound: communicating about the EU in music 26 Aug 2017
Volunteer or work with #EUSolidarityCorps on projects that benefit communities a... 27 Aug 2017
EU-funded project LIFE+ FLANDRE is trying to save Belgian and French coastal dun... 27 Aug 2017
EU investments can create opportunities. Spotlight on some stories happening in ... 27 Aug 2017
EU support to #Italy to fight #forestfires continues. Big thanks to #France for ... 28 Aug 2017
Estonia ranks 1st in Europe on #cybersecurity. Cooperation between countries key... 28 Aug 2017
3 French airplanes to help Italy battle forest fires via EU Civil Protection Mec... 28 Aug 2017
€145 million from the Cohesion Fund invested in upgrading the Mediterranean Co... 28 Aug 2017
#Brexit - 3rd round of negotiations just started. @MichelBarnier : "We must sta... 28 Aug 2017
.@JunckerEU: Pour chaque milliard d’euros que nous exportons, nous pouvons con... 29 Aug 2017
#TeamJunckerEU prepares for #SOTEU - We are on the right track with employment, ... 30 Aug 2017
As of tomorrow, new mandatory EU rules apply to test emissions from cars in real... 31 Aug 2017
Émissions polluantes des voitures: nouveaux tests améliorés d'émissions obli... 31 Aug 2017
@MichelBarnier UK decided to leave EU & Single Market. The #SingleMarket wil... 31 Aug 2017
@MichelBarnier Citizens' rights:need to ensure that are directly enforceable in ... 31 Aug 2017
@JunckerEU @jyrkikatainen @A_Breidthardt @EIB @EUinPL @EUKommWien @EC_StockholmR... 31 Aug 2017
#JunckerPlan supports new brain cancer treatment with €35 million @EIB loan fo... 1 Sep 2017
The Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine enters fully into force tod... 1 Sep 2017
Aarhus, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Nice, Paris, Tallinn, Tampere, Tel Aviv, T... 1 Sep 2017
Moving abroad in September? Know your rights! https://t.co/B3xuTVGAtc https://t.... 2 Sep 2017
Interested in economics and like making videos? The #EuroVideoChallenge is under... 2 Sep 2017
Are you an investor? Do you want to know more about EU investment opportunities?... 2 Sep 2017
Thinking about moving to another EU country? Help us provide you with the right ... 3 Sep 2017
Your feedback counts! Help us make a pan-EU pension product suited to your needs... 3 Sep 2017
EU-funded project @lifedebag is working to reduce plastic bag pollution on beach... 3 Sep 2017
Rebuilding has begun in central Italy. #EUSolidarityCorps arrived to help. Join ... 3 Sep 2017
Watch #EUdialogues 4 September: 3 Sep 2017
G7 Leaders condemn in strongest possible terms new nuclear test by #NorthKorea; ... 4 Sep 2017
G7 Leaders condemn in the strongest possible terms new nuclear test by North Kor... 4 Sep 2017
On North Korea - nuclear tests, intolerable provocation. Direct challenge agains... 4 Sep 2017
Tomorrow, Tuesday 5 September at 14:30 CET join us for a 4 Sep 2017
4 Sep 2017
Roumanie: €155 millions dans 6 grands projets pour une eau potable plus saine ... 5 Sep 2017
Almost €1 bn for Poland to invest in energy networks & scientific research... 6 Sep 2017
@Avramopoulos @EUHomeAffairs @CatherineEUspox @EEAthina @europainitalia Results ... 6 Sep 2017
@JunckerEU Le président @JunckerEU présente les futures priorités inspirées ... 6 Sep 2017
"There is a step change in the recognition of the role that the EU can play in s... 7 Sep 2017
LIVE: Commissioner @MalmstromEU on the EU's upcoming launch of the international... 7 Sep 2017
We join EU consumer authorities in urging Volkswagen to finalise car repairs aft... 7 Sep 2017
7 Sep 2017
"The EU recognises the unique situation and specific circumstances on the island... 7 Sep 2017
Want to ask President @JunckerEU a question? Now's your chance! Send us your com... 7 Sep 2017
3 YouTubers will interview @EU_Commission President Juncker live on euronews. Wh... 7 Sep 2017
We want you to have more mobility & options for your pension across the EU. ... 9 Sep 2017
The EU is investing in school buildings in Greece 9 Sep 2017
We need clear e-privacy rules so we can trust digital services. Read @Ansip_EU's... 10 Sep 2017
10 Sep 2017
What would you ask President @JunckerEU❔ Share your questions for live @eurone... 10 Sep 2017
11 Sep 2017
Solidarity with those affected by #Irma storm: €2 million initial aid for the ... 11 Sep 2017
The EU supports Águas de Portugal 12 Sep 2017
Get behind the scenes of #SOTEU through our #InstagramStories from the ground in... 12 Sep 2017
Follow live at +/- 9 CET: the State of the European Union speech via Periscope o... 13 Sep 2017
Follow the #SOTEU speech live this morning at 9:00 CET with interpretation in al... 13 Sep 2017
@JunckerEU “Europe’s economy is finally bouncing back. And with it, our conf... 13 Sep 2017
"The wind is back in Europe’s sails. Now is the time to build a more united, s... 13 Sep 2017
@JunckerEU “Cyber-attacks can be more dangerous to the stability of democracie... 13 Sep 2017
“Les cyberattaques sont parfois + dangereuses pour la stabilité des démocrat... 13 Sep 2017
@JunckerEU “We need a European Minister of Economy and Finance” @JunckerEU #... 13 Sep 2017
“Wir brauchen einen Europäischen Wirtschafts- und Finanzminister” @JunckerE... 13 Sep 2017
Moments-clés de l'Etat de l'Union: initiatives en matière de commerce, industr... 13 Sep 2017
Follow the press conference on #EUtrade today with @jyrkikatainen and @Malmstrom... 14 Sep 2017
#EUtrade is about jobs and creating opportunities for EU businesses, big & s... 14 Sep 2017
Follow #AskJuncker interview with @JunckerEU & young people. Live interpreta... 14 Sep 2017
President @JunckerEU strengthens ethical rules for Members of the Commission in ... 14 Sep 2017
We support 150+ new reform projects in 15 EU countries under new SRSS programme ... 14 Sep 2017
Le commerce ce sont des opportunités pour les entreprises UE, grandes & pet... 14 Sep 2017
Bei #EUtrade geht es um ganz Konkretes: Jobs und mehr Möglichkeiten für EU Fir... 14 Sep 2017
No. @JunckerEU was clear: decision of ES const. court must be respected = refere... 14 Sep 2017
New EU proposals on Democracy to be unveiled at 12:00! Follow @TimmermansEU pres... 15 Sep 2017
#JunckerPan: several new projects signed. 300,000 jobs supported by EU Fund for ... 15 Sep 2017
#JunckerPlan: several new projects signed. 300,000 jobs supported by EU Fund for... 15 Sep 2017
Au @collegeofeurope, @antoniocostapm soutient les réformes de la gouvernance é... 15 Sep 2017
#WorldOzoneDay | A 30-year success story of #climate action – happy birthday #... 16 Sep 2017
Corps européen de solidarité = solidarité européenne en action! 1500 jeunes ... 16 Sep 2017
40 millones de euros para construir 524 viviendas eficientes para alquiler socia... 17 Sep 2017
Share your views on our proposal for more choice and mobility of pensions across... 17 Sep 2017
New Strategy on #EUIndustry to be unveiled at 12:00! Follow @jyrkikatainen &... 18 Sep 2017
Follow the press conference on #EUIndustry with @jyrkikatainen & @EBienkowsk... 18 Sep 2017
EU believes in diplomacy and multilateralism. @FedericaMog and #TeamEU are in Ne... 18 Sep 2017
@EU_Commission @EUCouncil @eu_eeas @Europarl_EN @EU_EESC @MalmstromEU @eucopresi... 19 Sep 2017
State of the Union #CyberSecurity: Scaling up EU's response to cyber-attacks htt... 19 Sep 2017
What are the key elements of our proposal on #freeflowofdata? How will this prop... 19 Sep 2017
#UNGA @antonioguterres passed a strong message: we do not face a crisis of refug... 19 Sep 2017
LIVE: Readout from #TeamJunckerEU meeting by VP @VDombrovskis on the stronger su... 20 Sep 2017
During #MobilityWeek rethink the way you travel—not just for convenience but a... 20 Sep 2017
EU & @UN team up to eliminate violence against women&girls. New €500 m... 20 Sep 2017
Why has #FairTaxation become an issue in recent years? What have we done so far?... 21 Sep 2017
@JunckerEU #PeaceDay https://t.co/vbihYwHGe3 21 Sep 2017
1/ Today the EU-Canada Trade Agreement enters into force. How will #CETA benefit... 21 Sep 2017
@JunckerEU @MalmstromEU @Trade_EU @JustinTrudeau @EUinCanada 5/ #CETA will NOT c... 21 Sep 2017
8/ #CETA will NOT threaten European products. 143 #GeographicalIndications —fr... 21 Sep 2017
@JunckerEU @MalmstromEU @Trade_EU @JustinTrudeau @EUinCanada 7/ #CETA is a big w... 21 Sep 2017
10/ With #CETA, EU firms now have a better chance of competing for Canadian gove... 21 Sep 2017
Juncker Plan to trigger €236.1 billion in investments across the EU. 454,000 S... 21 Sep 2017
EU Day Without A Road Death: project to cut road deaths and injuries. Small chan... 21 Sep 2017
3/ EU27 citizens in UK must have same rights as British citizens today in EU. Ma... 22 Sep 2017
2/ Time is of the essence. We need to reach an agreement on #Brexit by autumn 20... 22 Sep 2017
1/ #FlorenceSpeech - PM Theresa May expressed constructive spirit which is also ... 22 Sep 2017
@MichelBarnier 11/ In addition to the statement, read yesterday's speech by @Mi... 22 Sep 2017
10/ Find here full statement by @MichelBarnier https://t.co/ss0TN5LoCT #Florence... 22 Sep 2017
9/ We look forward to UK's negotiators explaining implications of May's speech. ... 22 Sep 2017
Weekend read: Get the big picture of President @JunckerEU’s #SOTEU roadmap for... 23 Sep 2017
The European Week of Sport kicks off today! Dust off your sneakers & join an... 23 Sep 2017
From Berlin to Rotterdam to Norcia, the #EUSolidarityCorps is bringing  24 Sep 2017
EU and @UN team up to eliminate violence against women. New €500 million partn... 24 Sep 2017
We have taken on board your suggestions on the #ECI: check out our proposal and ... 24 Sep 2017
What if all new buildings were energy self-sufficient? Tripla mall in Helsinki 24 Sep 2017
25 Sep 2017
25 Sep 2017
@VDombrovskis @mariannethyssen @EU_Social @EU_Finance @ChristianWigand What is t... 25 Sep 2017
"A different language is a different vision of life" – celebrate the European ... 26 Sep 2017
26 Sep 2017
26 Sep 2017
26 Sep 2017
#DualFoodQuality What is the issue? How can our guidance be used by national aut... 26 Sep 2017
Keep track of the milestones ahead in @JunckerEU's #Roadmap2Sibiu for a more uni... 27 Sep 2017
Are unfair behaviours towards EU consumers sufficiently fined? Give us your view... 27 Sep 2017
Connecting ships & people: the beauty of EU ports exposed on #WorldMaritimeD... 28 Sep 2017
We encourage online platforms to appoint points of contact for removing #Illegal... 28 Sep 2017
"La situation n'est pas acceptable: aujourd'hui beaucoup trop de contenus illég... 28 Sep 2017
28 Sep 2017
#Brexit - citizens, Ireland and financial settlement - what was agreed and what ... 28 Sep 2017
Data should not be blocked by artificial barriers. We propose free flow of non-p... 29 Sep 2017
@JunckerEU Find out more in our factsheets out today for the completion of the #... 29 Sep 2017
How can we prevent pollution from reaching our seas? #MarinePollution is 1 of 6 ... 29 Sep 2017
On #InternationalTranslationDay, apply for the #JuvenesTranslatores contest rewa... 30 Sep 2017
.@EU_Commission publishes assessment of offers to host European Banking Authorit... 30 Sep 2017
Summer ended – so did #roaming fees! A majority of Europeans now recognise ben... 30 Sep 2017
#JunckerPlan investment to support small businesses: €700 million for SMEs in ... 30 Sep 2017
How can we ensure that at least 10% of our seas will be effectively protected by... 30 Sep 2017
How can we make & keep our seas safe and secure? Maritime Security is the 3r... 1 Oct 2017
Talking about issues that make a difference in how we live and work at the #Soci... 1 Oct 2017
.@JunckerEU @bild "@EmmanuelMacron's #initiativeEurope speech makes me feel less... 2 Oct 2017
@JunckerEU We call on all relevant players to now move very swiftly from confron... 2 Oct 2017
@JunckerEU Beyond purely legal aspects: the Commission believes that these are t... 2 Oct 2017
@JunckerEU Legal position: If referendum were to be organised in line with the ... 2 Oct 2017
Under Spanish Constitution, vote in #Catalonia was not legal. As @JunckerEU reit... 2 Oct 2017
Nos pensées sont avec les familles des victimes de l'attaque à Marseille. @EU_... 2 Oct 2017
@Ansip_EU @JKingEU @GabrielMariya @DSMeu @enisa_eu We propose the creation of a ... 2 Oct 2017
@Ansip_EU @JKingEU @GabrielMariya @DSMeu @enisa_eu We want to ensure the securit... 2 Oct 2017
Declaración sobre los acontecimientos en Cataluña https://t.co/ax5bsJz8Fj htt... 2 Oct 2017
Are you worried about the security of your online payments? 2 Oct 2017
How can we foster Blue Growth in a smart, sustainable & inclusive way? Susta... 2 Oct 2017
#InvestEU: more than 400,000 homes in Sweden will have high-speed broadband than... 3 Oct 2017
@jyrkikatainen @EBienkowskaEU @EU_Growth How will the initiative on #EUPublicPro... 3 Oct 2017
Is it always clear who the seller is when you buy from online marketplaces? Let ... 4 Oct 2017
@vestager Luxembourg gave illegal tax benefits to Amazon worth around €250 mil... 4 Oct 2017
@vestager @EU_Competition After more than 1 year, we refer Ireland to Court for ... 4 Oct 2017
EU-funded @grawitons gravitational wave project supported winning #NobelPrize di... 4 Oct 2017
How will we mitigate effects of #GlobalWarming on us, our islands, coasts &... 4 Oct 2017
.@junckerEU in 5 Oct 2017
The EU commits to 36 tangible actions to foster healthier, cleaner and more secu... 5 Oct 2017
.@JunckerEU #EUIndia "Work w/ like-minded partners is natural: €1bn in goods&a... 6 Oct 2017
Today, President of the EU Commission @JunckerEU and @eucopresident Donald Tusk ... 6 Oct 2017
Free trade agreement, climate change, research, counter-terrorism, cybersecurity... 6 Oct 2017
@EU_MARE @KarmenuVella @FedericaMog @TimmermansEU @MimicaEU @EBrivioEU 2/ We're ... 6 Oct 2017
@EU_MARE @KarmenuVella @FedericaMog @TimmermansEU @MimicaEU @EBrivioEU 2/ We hel... 6 Oct 2017
@EU_MARE @KarmenuVella @FedericaMog @TimmermansEU @MimicaEU @EBrivioEU @IMOHQ @E... 6 Oct 2017
@EU_MARE @KarmenuVella @FedericaMog @TimmermansEU @MimicaEU @EBrivioEU @IMOHQ @E... 6 Oct 2017
What impact has the investment plan for Europe had so far on SMEs & infrastr... 6 Oct 2017
#EUCodeWeek starts... now! Boost your #DigitalSkills & organise or join even... 7 Oct 2017
#EUIndiaEkSaath at a glance: climate change, research, counter-terrorism, cybers... 7 Oct 2017
Do you want the EU to be closer to citizens? So do we! See our #ECI proposal and... 7 Oct 2017
Do you have a great project but no financing? Visit #EIPP: EU's online investmen... 7 Oct 2017
Thanks to new @LIFEprogramme project, 17 countries are working together to prote... 8 Oct 2017
After over one year, Ireland still hasn't recovered up to €13 billion in illeg... 8 Oct 2017
Want to make #CETA work for your business but not sure where to start? Read @Mal... 8 Oct 2017
What if everyday items could act like solar panels? Sunpartner Technologies 8 Oct 2017
€4 million in emergency aid to help refugees in Serbia, €80 million total EU... 9 Oct 2017
De la cybersécurité aux renouvelables, l'UE soutient 4 projets 9 Oct 2017
We welcome new rules to resolve tax disputes more swiftly, which will improve le... 10 Oct 2017
We reaffirm today our commitment to worldwide abolition of #DeathPenalty. Read @... 10 Oct 2017
October is #CyberSecMonth! Help us fight e-payment fraud: read our proposal and ... 10 Oct 2017
What is a fiscal backstop? How can we reduce the level of existing non-performin... 11 Oct 2017
Congratulations to the #RegioStars winners, Europe's most innovative regional pr... 11 Oct 2017
President @junckerEU engages with students in #EUDialogues at the @uni_lu. #Fu... 13 Oct 2017
.@JunckerEU #FutureOfEurope "Nous devons réorganiser la défense européenne. I... 13 Oct 2017
We cannot accept that in parts of Europe, lower quality food is sold despite ide... 13 Oct 2017
We provide help to #SMEs with intellectual property rights. Watch the latest @eu... 13 Oct 2017
This week, we called for the completion of all parts of the #BankingUnion by 201... 14 Oct 2017
We want all consumers across the EU to be treated equally. Here is our menu of a... 14 Oct 2017
We want to make #parceldelivery more affordable and efficient. Here is what we p... 14 Oct 2017
How will our digital health and care look in the future? Ask your questions to C... 15 Oct 2017
Stay informed about unsafe products by checking our weekly product safety report... 15 Oct 2017
EU enlargement to the #WesternBalkans: a common destination. #Serbia firmly on t... 15 Oct 2017
Take 3 minutes to share your views on ID card security and usability in the EU ... 15 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017
#WorldFoodDay: Here's how the EU responds to food insecurity. More info on polic... 16 Oct 2017
In solidarity with the victims of the forest fires in Portugal, European flags f... 17 Oct 2017
We release today a handbook on #EuropeanArrestWarrant to improve the fight again... 17 Oct 2017
@EU_Eurostat @EU_Social European Pillar of #SocialRights: 20 key principles to a... 17 Oct 2017
"We are announcing new #AntiTerrorism measures to limit terrorists' ability to c... 18 Oct 2017
@JKingEU @EUHomeAffairs "We also want to strengthen @Europol cooperation with th... 18 Oct 2017
EU-U.S. #PrivacyShield: First review shows it works but implementation can be im... 18 Oct 2017
Call for startups! We invite 50 EU and 50 Africa-based startups to showcase serv... 18 Oct 2017
Europe stands for solidarity. New EU Civil Protection Mechanism proposal soon F... 19 Oct 2017
.@JunckerEU #EUCO doorstep "Business as usual is not an option. We need to make ... 20 Oct 2017
-"We need to make eurozone& EU decision-making more efficient" -"Not my work... 20 Oct 2017
20 Oct 2017
.@JunckerEU #EUCO "Moving forward with #FutureOfEurope Roadmap: November #Social... 20 Oct 2017
"Leaders' Agenda will allow for swift discussion of social and #EMU proposals. W... 20 Oct 2017
#Brexit - No deal is not an option for us. "I hate the no deal scenario. I want ... 20 Oct 2017
Follow #PremiosPrincesadeAsturias award ceremony live at +-19:00 CET on EbS → ... 20 Oct 2017
Pres. @JunckerEU @EP_President & @eucopresident are in Spain to receive, on ... 20 Oct 2017
20 Oct 2017
"Europa: la mejor fortificación contra los dramas del pasado" @JunckerEU #Premi... 20 Oct 2017
.@JunckerEU #PrincessAsturiasAwards : "L'Europe reste le meilleur rempart contre... 20 Oct 2017
"Le mot 'concorde' reflète parfaitement la nature de la construction européenn... 20 Oct 2017
This week #euroarea countries shared their draft budgetary plans. Why? 21 Oct 2017
Questions about #EUtrade & the global economy? Facebook Live with @jyrkikata... 21 Oct 2017
We adopted guidelines this week to lift barriers and facilitate food donation in... 21 Oct 2017
Have you ever experienced a cyber attack? If so, what kind? #CyberSecMonth #Cybe... 21 Oct 2017
EU-funded #NobelPrize physicists involved in an unprecedented breakthrough in as... 21 Oct 2017
What role for the EU in global trade policy? Join our Facebook live with @jyrkik... 22 Oct 2017
We have an agreement to establish the European Public Prosecutor's Office! Now w... 22 Oct 2017
#EUHaveYourSay | 42% of Internet users in the EU think online payments are not s... 22 Oct 2017
€1 invested in disaster preparedness saves €7 which would be spent on disast... 22 Oct 2017
How does your country fare in the fight against breast cancer? Interactive map, ... 22 Oct 2017
23 Oct 2017
The EU pledges additional €30 million, over €51 million total this year, for... 23 Oct 2017
In Sudan 1 in 6 children suffer from acute malnutrition. How is the EU helping?... 23 Oct 2017
We publish new study on spectrum to support #5G deployment and open opportunitie... 23 Oct 2017
.@JunckerEU #SciencePo "Saw @theresa_may for dinner last week and even if some p... 23 Oct 2017
.@JunckerEU #EPlenary #Brexit "Not negotiating in hostile mood.No deal not our w... 24 Oct 2017
Notre nouvelle stratégie vise à créer des opportunités égales pour toutes l... 24 Oct 2017
Express your views on the topics you care about the most with #EUHaveYourSay, pa... 24 Oct 2017
What is the Commission #WorkProgramme? What are our priorities for 2018? More he... 24 Oct 2017
.@EU_Commission welcomes #EPlenary vote on Entry Exit System - important step fo... 25 Oct 2017
Side by side with Italy for reconstructing after severe earthquakes in 2016 and ... 25 Oct 2017
We will announce the winners of the 2017 #iCapitalAwards at the #WebSummit 7/11.... 26 Oct 2017
Demain @JunckerEU & @EmmanuelMacron visiteront le Centre Spatial Guyanais. L... 26 Oct 2017
Arrivée @JunckerEU @EmmanuelMacron en #Guyane pour le Sommet des Régions Ultra... 26 Oct 2017
@JunckerEU @EmmanuelMacron @MargSchinas @LuciaCaudet @EU_Growth @esa @CNES @UEfr... 27 Oct 2017
@JunckerEU @EmmanuelMacron @MargSchinas @LuciaCaudet @EU_Growth @esa @CNES @UEfr... 27 Oct 2017
#JunckerPlan backs a €50 million @EIB loan to finance the construction of a ne... 27 Oct 2017
It's #AudiovisualHeritageDay! Discover all our European audiovisual material dat... 27 Oct 2017
Signature du premier projet Plan Juncker en #Guyane: Centre intergénérationnel... 28 Oct 2017
We encourage the potential of women entrepreneurs by investing in their creativi... 28 Oct 2017
In Sudan 1 in 6 children suffer from acute malnutrition. How is the EU helping? ... 28 Oct 2017
#Guyane: @JunckerEU et @EmmanuelMacron pour un partenariat renouvelé avec les 9... 28 Oct 2017
Prevention, investigation and support to victims of e-payment fraud is essential... 28 Oct 2017
Did you know that everyone can contribute to EU policy-making? Find out how to s... 28 Oct 2017
We invest €12 billion over 2014-2020 to develop world-class space projects: #C... 29 Oct 2017
Did you know that there is a tool for EU participatory democracy? Help us make i... 29 Oct 2017
We presented a new strategy this week to create equal opportunities for all EU o... 29 Oct 2017
Steps forward on President @JunckerEU's 10 priorities 29 Oct 2017
What if all new buildings were energy self-sufficient? Tripla mall in Helsinki 29 Oct 2017
How does EU respond to disasters like earthquakes, floods & forest fires in ... 29 Oct 2017
President @JunckerEU meeting @antoniocostapm & @marcelorebelo_ during his tw... 30 Oct 2017
With EU support, LEA production school in Austria helps young people move into v... 30 Oct 2017
EU Citizens' Initiative: Your feedback to our survey went into our latest propos... 31 Oct 2017
We will invest €1.7 billion over next 3 years to digitise European industry an... 1 Nov 2017
#Brexit negotiations will take place in Brussels on 9 and 10 November. Agenda to... 1 Nov 2017
Ever been to Sofia 1 Nov 2017
Flags at half-mast to join the national day of mourning called by the Maltese g... 3 Nov 2017
Commissioner @MimicaEU signed a €50 million programme to support rural electri... 3 Nov 2017
With EU support, a small Bulgarian rose oil company can expand its business in E... 3 Nov 2017
We will be investing €30 billion over the next 3 years through our #H2020 prog... 3 Nov 2017
19 #NobelPrize winners received #H2020 funding, leading to pioneering treatments... 4 Nov 2017
Economic sentiment in #euro area at highest level in almost 17 years in Oct. It ... 4 Nov 2017
Early school leavers can have a 2nd chance & find their place in job market ... 4 Nov 2017
Commissioner @GOettingerEU is on EU tour to discuss long-term #EUBudget. Read hi... 4 Nov 2017
Over 2018-2020, #H2020 funding will focus on #SecurityUnion #Digitalisation #Cli... 5 Nov 2017
We will announce the winners of the 2017 #iCapitalAwards on Tuesday at the #WebS... 5 Nov 2017
What impact has the investment plan for Europe had so far? #JunckerPlan in numbe... 5 Nov 2017
Find global investors for your project idea! With the #EIPP portal, the next suc... 5 Nov 2017
Join us on Tuesday 7 for a Facebook live with @Moedas & @vestager from #WebS... 5 Nov 2017
What are the expectations for #COP23? What is the EU doing to reduce its own gre... 6 Nov 2017
"Competition rules = fair; important to have a free market. But you should be s... 6 Nov 2017
The #PanamaPapers and #ParadisePapers show that we need to take the fight vs tax... 7 Nov 2017
And the winner of the €1million #iCapitalAwards is... @Paris for its inclusive... 7 Nov 2017
Decisive action on emissions from transport is essential. New #MobilityEU propos... 7 Nov 2017
"The EU Prize for Women Innovators is for you. Be a role model for others!" @Moe... 7 Nov 2017
It's EU Space Week! 8 Nov 2017
The car was invented in Europe and Europe must take the lead in re-inventing it.... 8 Nov 2017
We build on #EnergyUnion solidarity with our proposal on common rules for gas pi... 8 Nov 2017
Now #TeamJunckerEU in joint session with Government of #Bulgaria ahead of #eu201... 8 Nov 2017
We want to give Europe's innovative entrepreneurs every opportunity to become wo... 8 Nov 2017
"Успех и попътен вятър! Good luck – and may the wind be in y... 8 Nov 2017
"United We Stand Strong" : the motto of the first-ever Bulgarian Presidency of t... 8 Nov 2017
#euroarea economy is on track to grow at fastest pace in a decade while EU econ... 9 Nov 2017
We publish a comprehensive report on trade deals today! #EUtrade agreements in p... 9 Nov 2017
Today @JunckerEU is in Salamanca 9 Nov 2017
What do a rose oil SME in 9 Nov 2017
Should more European cultural heritage be available online? Have a say on the fu... 10 Nov 2017
Press conference by @MichelBarnier the European Commission's Chief Negotiator, a... 10 Nov 2017
Watch the international climate commitments made at #OurOcean conference last mo... 10 Nov 2017
From a continent ravaged by war to a unique Union with strong common values, Eur... 11 Nov 2017
Next week EU leaders will meet in Gothenburg to discuss fair jobs & growth i... 11 Nov 2017
We were at the #WebSummit this week. We want to give Europe's innovative entrepr... 11 Nov 2017
Overall growth in the EU: What's the economic forecast for your country? Check o... 12 Nov 2017
Ils croyaient frapper la France, mais ce soir-là, tous les Européens étaient ... 13 Nov 2017
The European Pillar of #SocialRights will be proclaimed at the #SocialSummit17! ... 14 Nov 2017
@jyrkikatainen @NatBruxelles @EUErasmusPlus @TNavracsicsEU 9/9 For more informat... 14 Nov 2017
€85 million towards Sustainable Development Goals: 3 new ASEAN-EU flagship pro... 15 Nov 2017
Handle antibiotics with care. #AntimicrobialResistance is one of the biggest t... 15 Nov 2017
People in genuine need of protection should not have to risk their lives on dang... 15 Nov 2017
#SocialEurope is the way forward with European Pillar of #SocialRights at #Socia... 15 Nov 2017
Le socle européen des droits sociaux sera proclamé demain lors du sommet socia... 16 Nov 2017
According to the latest Eurobarometer, comparable living and education standards... 16 Nov 2017
@JunckerEU and @SwedishPM Löfven kick off #SocialSummit17 in #Gothenburg "I wan... 16 Nov 2017
European Pillar of #SocialRights is about working towards better labour market w... 17 Nov 2017
.@JunckerEU: "Will not accept any cuts to #ErasmusPlus programme. We need more ... 17 Nov 2017
@EUErasmusPlus @EuropeanYouthEU @TNavracsicsEU @FedericaMog @vestager @Moedas @j... 17 Nov 2017
@EUErasmusPlus @EuropeanYouthEU @TNavracsicsEU @FedericaMog @vestager @Moedas @j... 17 Nov 2017
At #SocialSummit17, EU leaders discuss what can be done in education to make mob... 17 Nov 2017
.@JunckerEU #SocialSummit17 "Need to put the money where our ambition is. If we ... 17 Nov 2017
We proclaim the European Pillar of #SocialRights with the commitment of EU leade... 17 Nov 2017
UN climate conference makes progress on #ParisAgreement implementation https://t... 18 Nov 2017
Deal! We have just agreed on the new #EUBudget: Our priorities for 2018 #Growth... 18 Nov 2017
Historic moment this week: 23 EU states signed up for permanent structured coope... 18 Nov 2017
We want to support access to finance for start-ups. Share your ideas on crowdfun... 18 Nov 2017
The #EIPP portal provides greater visibility to EU investment projects. Learn mo... 18 Nov 2017
9 million individuals have benefited from #Erasmus in 30 years. We want 2 millio... 18 Nov 2017
We proclaimed this week the European Pillar of #SocialRights with commitment of ... 19 Nov 2017
E-payment fraud is a threat to EU citizens. We're working to reflect e-currency ... 19 Nov 2017
The #metoo campaign is shining a light on women's rights and we must use these n... 19 Nov 2017
Congratulations for the deal on 2018 #EUBudget and the priority given to #EU res... 19 Nov 2017
Making EU history with your views and input 19 Nov 2017
Former Belle-Vue Brewery 19 Nov 2017
The #metoo campaign is shining a light on women's rights and we must use these n... 19 Nov 2017
-"Lo que exigen los tiempos no es división sino poner toda la ambición, el tal... 19 Nov 2017
We stand with Tovaldas, his family and all transgender people on the Transgender... 20 Nov 2017
We stand up for women's rights in turbulent times during this year's Fundamental... 20 Nov 2017
We very much welcome @EUCouncil agreement on our proposal to provide the #EUSoli... 20 Nov 2017
#GenderPayGap, #WorkLifeBalance, #GlassCeiling: we asked Belgian cartoonist Pier... 20 Nov 2017
#GenderPayGap: According to our latest Eurobarometer, 90% of Europeans say that ... 20 Nov 2017
According to latest Eurobarometer, 54% Europeans think there should be more wome... 20 Nov 2017
European Fund for Strategic Investments is set to trigger investments of €251b... 20 Nov 2017
"Everyone has the right to quality & inclusive education and training" – P... 20 Nov 2017
"Everyone has the right to quality & inclusive education and training" – P... 20 Nov 2017
First visible result of #Brexit: #EU27 agree on relocation of #EMA and #EBA from... 20 Nov 2017
EU negotiators agreed to end unjustified #geoblocking, one of the EU priority fi... 21 Nov 2017
We move closer to the target of at least 40% female middle and senior managers a... 22 Nov 2017
@StylianidesEU @eu_echo 6/7 Our #EUCivPro Mechanism has been activated around 90... 23 Nov 2017
@StylianidesEU @eu_echo 7/7 Why are we proposing #rescEU? How will #rescEU work ... 23 Nov 2017
Are the products you buy online safe? On #BlackFriday check our tips on how to a... 24 Nov 2017
We unveil the third list of Projects of Common Interest, connecting energy netwo... 24 Nov 2017
@JunckerEU @eu_eeas @eu_near 5/5 The EU is committed to having strong, different... 24 Nov 2017
Violence against women is still a problem today. Let’s make sure that it is no... 25 Nov 2017
Growth is accelerating strongly, with euro area on track to grow at its fastest ... 25 Nov 2017
Violence has nothing to do with love and it never happens just once. Report viol... 25 Nov 2017
Who pays for parks & playgrounds? Youngsters now have the opportunity to lea... 26 Nov 2017
Footballer @didierdrogba supports the Youth Plug-In Initiative which brings toge... 26 Nov 2017
We will launch tomorrow the EU Platform for Change aimed at fostering equal oppo... 26 Nov 2017
27 Nov 2017
We provided funds to encourage the production of bamboo sustainable resource in ... 27 Nov 2017
Only 22% of transport workers are women. That's why we are launching the EU Plat... 28 Nov 2017
"Africa must become aware of the fact that it is already, today, a big internati... 28 Nov 2017
Renewable energies are key for green growth and fight against #ClimateChange! We... 29 Nov 2017
29 Nov 2017
1/7 From initial idea to global market success, we want to protect Europe's kno... 29 Nov 2017
We adopt today our communication on "The Future of Food and Farming", outlining ... 29 Nov 2017
During the #AUEUSummit, UN @antonioguterres, AU @MoussaFaki_M and EU @JunckerEU ... 29 Nov 2017
How can we stop VAT fraud with this proposal for administrative cooperation? Que... 30 Nov 2017
We have sent a Statement of Objections to AB InBev for preventing cheaper import... 1 Dec 2017
La mulți ani, România! Today Romanians celebrate the Great Union Day, "Ziua Ma... 1 Dec 2017
The European Commission will not propose to weaken the deficit criteria of the S... 1 Dec 2017
Wir schlagen keine Schwächung der Defizitkriterien des Stabilitäts- und Wachst... 1 Dec 2017
An evolution, not a revolution: we set out this week our vision for the future o... 2 Dec 2017
Over 9 million people have benefited from #Erasmus in the last 30 years. Now we ... 2 Dec 2017
My thoughts are with the victims and all affected by the severe flooding and lan... 3 Dec 2017
The EU is the first agri-food exporter globally, has an unparalleled reputation ... 3 Dec 2017
If you want to go fast, go alone – but if you want to go far, go together. Th... 3 Dec 2017
#Erasmus 30th anniversary: Only 3,200 students participated in its first year, n... 3 Dec 2017
#Erasmus 30th anniversary: Spain was the first destination of Erasmus students i... 3 Dec 2017
#Erasmus 30th anniversary: on average, Erasmus students spent 5.2 months in thei... 3 Dec 2017
#Erasmus 30th anniversary: 2016 has been another record year with over 700 000 p... 3 Dec 2017
#HumanTrafficking: It is not acceptable that in the 21st century human beings ar... 4 Dec 2017
EU companies boosted their investments in #research & #development by 7% in ... 4 Dec 2017
Cutie pie made in Oz! https://t.co/JEFwKAUSYD 4 Dec 2017
#EUSolidarityCorps will soon celebrate its 1st anniversary! On #InternationalVo... 5 Dec 2017
Today is the European Day of Persons with Disabilities. We focus on citizenship ... 5 Dec 2017
French city Lyon wins 2018 Access City Award for putting accessibility at the he... 5 Dec 2017
EU support for education around the world with €100 million for the millions o... 5 Dec 2017
.@JunckerEU empfängt @peteraltmaier. Zwei Freunde, ein Ziel: eine starke Europ... 5 Dec 2017
The EU must do everything it can to keep up the pressure on 17 countries on the ... 5 Dec 2017
Deux grands européens nous ont quittés aujourd'hui. Déclarations @JunckerEU ... 5 Dec 2017
"Toutes les générations, un peu partout en Europe et ailleurs, ont écouté et... 6 Dec 2017
Serious concern about today’s announcement by the US President Trump on Jerusa... 6 Dec 2017
Live press conference by First Vice-President @TimmermansEU on our contribution ... 7 Dec 2017
.@JunckerEU and @theresa_may are likely to meet this morning at 7:00am (CET) @EU... 8 Dec 2017
#Brexit: President @JunckerEU - Prime Minister @Theresa_May meeting this morning... 8 Dec 2017
#Brexit: working breakfast in our headquarters in Brussels with President @Junck... 8 Dec 2017
#Brexit: we have now made the breakthrough we needed. President @JunckerEU and B... 8 Dec 2017
Brexit: European Commission recommends sufficient progress to the European Counc... 8 Dec 2017
"Citizens first. EU citizens' rights will be protected, especially the right to ... 8 Dec 2017
Why do #EUtrade deals matter for exporters and jobs creation? Read stories from ... 8 Dec 2017
Surveys show that corruption remains a concern for EU citizens and companies. We... 9 Dec 2017
Wind farms in Greece, energy self-sufficient mall in Finland, smart solar panels... 9 Dec 2017
In 1990, the World Wide Web was in its infancy – so was our climate policy. Li... 9 Dec 2017
We are working with EU countries so citizens and businesses can benefit from cro... 9 Dec 2017
Two years after the historic Paris agreement, we will be at the #OnePlanet Summi... 9 Dec 2017
Five years ago, the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing peace, re... 10 Dec 2017
We will continue supporting those who take a stand for human rights, as human ri... 10 Dec 2017
Our pledge to protect the planet means more than just choosing the right words. ... 10 Dec 2017
We propose a political roadmap to reach a comprehensive and sustainable #Migrati... 10 Dec 2017
Between 2008 and 2016, the average cost of a solar panel decreased by 80%. Clean... 10 Dec 2017
Since 1990, we have cut our CO2 emissions by 23% while our economy grew by 53%. ... 10 Dec 2017
Did you know that ocean energy could satisfy 10% of European electricity demand?... 10 Dec 2017
We have an outstanding track record in tackling climate change, delivering the m... 10 Dec 2017
Let's make banknotes green again! The contribution of the EU and its Member Stat... 10 Dec 2017
#ClimateAction is also good for jobs: renewable energy sector represents more th... 10 Dec 2017
Tomorrow we celebrate 2 years of the #ParisAgreement at the #OnePlanet Summit in... 11 Dec 2017
Hi @darbuono. Indeed, we want the questionnaire to be accurate, but those are al... 11 Dec 2017
537 days ago, the UK voted to leave the EU. 252 days ago, the UK notified its in... 11 Dec 2017
We are at the #OnePlanet Summit in Paris today. Follow us to discover the initia... 12 Dec 2017
.@MarosSefcovic "Notre ambition est d'être au cœur de l'urbanisme innovant. 20... 12 Dec 2017
EU, Canada and China announce at #OnePlaneSummit the next Ministerial meeting on... 12 Dec 2017
Glyphosate: we respond to a European Citizens' Initiative and announce more tran... 12 Dec 2017
@VDombrovskis @EU_Finance @jyrkikatainen @MAC_europa 6/8 Our #EUSolidarityCorps ... 12 Dec 2017
From now onwards, our information systems will be smarter, faster and stronger. ... 12 Dec 2017
After a Facebook live with youngsters who pitched ideas about how to call to #Cl... 12 Dec 2017
.@JunckerEU concludes meeting with @PaoloGentiloni and PMs of #Visegrad. V4 cont... 14 Dec 2017
We take a giant leap towards the real Defence Union #TeamJunckerEU has long call... 14 Dec 2017
During #EUCO, we adopted a Joint Declaration with @Europarl_EN and @EUCou... 15 Dec 2017
Investment plan for Europe: the EU Fund for Strategic Investments set to trigger... 15 Dec 2017
Share your views on how taxation should be adapted for the digital economy ➡ h... 16 Dec 2017
You found the perfect present online but #parceldelivery price is too high? This... 16 Dec 2017
You don't know yet our tips to buy safe products online? They are now available ... 16 Dec 2017
This week #EUCO kicked off with the historic launch of Permanent Structured Coop... 16 Dec 2017
We played a leading role in brokering the Paris agreement two years ago. Now, th... 16 Dec 2017
This week, we have found an agreement to include emissions and removals from lan... 16 Dec 2017
16 Dec 2017
There are 15 million inhabitants living in more than 2400 islands in Europe. Tog... 17 Dec 2017
Employment has never been as high as now in both the EU and the euro area. The ... 17 Dec 2017
We will continue to protect #netneutrality in Europe. Right to access the open i... 17 Dec 2017
Where does the financial support from the EU Fund for Strategic Investments go? ... 17 Dec 2017
How can we tackle #FakeNews and online disinformation? What actions could be tak... 17 Dec 2017
18 Dec 2017
President @JunckerEU: "Achieving electricity synchronisation of the Baltics wil... 18 Dec 2017
We will invest €101.4 million in constructing a liquefied natural gas terminal... 18 Dec 2017
Looking for EU investment opportunities? The #EIPP portal offers over 200 projec... 18 Dec 2017
19 Dec 2017
Safe products are an EU priority. Our two proposals for the #SingleMarket will... 19 Dec 2017
What are we proposing and why? More on today's initiatives to strengthen the #Si... 19 Dec 2017
#InvestEUresearch 19 Dec 2017
Europa steht heute solidarisch zusammen und gedenkt derer, die ihr Leben am #Bre... 19 Dec 2017
@VDombrovskis @vanessamock @jyrkikatainen What are investment firms? How are inv... 20 Dec 2017
During last 2 years, >13 laws affecting the entire structure of the justice s... 20 Dec 2017
New EU trade defence legislation enters into force: it will change the way the E... 20 Dec 2017
2017 has been a big year for #euromyths. Take a look at our top five #FakeNews s... 22 Dec 2017
Let's make a long story short: Europe's greatest achievements in emojis! https:/... 22 Dec 2017
Travelling in the EU during the winter holidays? Since June, travellers do not ... 22 Dec 2017
Got a faulty gift? EU #ConsumerRights gives a 2 year guarantee for repair, repla... 23 Dec 2017
Signed up to a timeshare for Christmas breaks? You can still back out up to 14 d... 23 Dec 2017
How safe are the gifts you chose for your family? Find out about #ProductSafety ... 23 Dec 2017
Driving home for Christmas with a #rentalcar? Know your #ConsumerRights to clear... 23 Dec 2017
How safe is your child's Christmas wishlist? Check for unsafe toys in the EU Rap... 24 Dec 2017
When the weather gets colder, discover in front of the fireplace @Europeanaeu ga... 24 Dec 2017
All eyes are on the Arctic Circle: this is where #JunckerPlan supports the const... 24 Dec 2017
Merry Christmas and warm holiday wishes! 25 Dec 2017
I welcome the signing of Agreement on cessation of hostilities, protection of ci... 26 Dec 2017
Your opinion counts on social rights! Answer our questionnaire → https://t.co/... 26 Dec 2017
In Gothenburg, we set out our vision to create a #EuropeanEducationArea by 2025 ... 26 Dec 2017
One Planet, no plan B. In December, we presented 10 transformative initiatives ... 26 Dec 2017
Growth of European economy is up, Unemployment is down, Investment is recoveri... 27 Dec 2017
This year, we woke up the sleeping Beauty of the Lisbon Treaty. The Permanent St... 27 Dec 2017
We want to give Europe's innovative entrepreneurs every opportunity to become wo... 27 Dec 2017
Did you know that the EU Fund for Strategic Investments is set to trigger more t... 27 Dec 2017
Calling young #creative professionals and students! Pitch a video concept and su... 28 Dec 2017
This year, we announced the creation of #rescEU, a reserve of civil protection c... 28 Dec 2017
This year, we have been awarded the 2017 Princess of Asturias Award of Concord. ... 28 Dec 2017
We celebrated the 60 years of the European Union in March this year. From a cont... 28 Dec 2017
Looking back on 2017, it has been a good year. 2 million people moved out of une... 29 Dec 2017
Did you know that everybody can contribute to EU policy-making? Learn more → h... 29 Dec 2017
#EU FinTech companies should be able to scale up in #Europe and compete globally... 29 Dec 2017
Watch highlights from President @JunckerEU's State of the European Union address... 30 Dec 2017
Citizens’ dialogues take place all across Europe. Our Commissioners and offici... 30 Dec 2017
During 2017: • Optimism on the #FutureOfEurope has risen 30 Dec 2017
thank you, @EUInterpreters! 30 Dec 2017
#happynewyear in 30 Dec 2017
2017 has been a big year for #euromyths. Take a look at our top five #FakeNews s... 30 Dec 2017
Highlight of the year: we put forward 5 scenarios on the #FutureofEurope, includ... 31 Dec 2017
Why a European Year of Cultural Heritage? What happens in 2018? Read our public... 31 Dec 2017
Happy New Year! https://t.co/5Fp3LgeAjY 1 Jan 2018
2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage! Cultural Heritage is more than m... 1 Jan 2018
Happy 2018 and B-EU-lgarian Presidency of the #EU! Честита 2018 и @EU201... 1 Jan 2018
Starting today, Bulgaria will take over the presidency of the @EUCouncil for the... 1 Jan 2018
What does the EU #CustomsUnion mean for me? How does it benefit to EU citizens? ... 1 Jan 2018
"Peaceful demonstration and freedom of expression are fundamental rights that ap... 2 Jan 2018
⏳ Last day to share your views! How can we adapt tax systems to the new digita... 3 Jan 2018
Leeuwarden 3 Jan 2018
The EU Fund for Strategic Investments is set to trigger more than €256 bn in i... 3 Jan 2018
3 Jan 2018
New rules to prevent tax evasion and #moneylaundering enter into force in Januar... 3 Jan 2018
Today is #WorldBrailleDay. Around 30 million visually impaired Europeans need as... 4 Jan 2018
Next monday, @ECThinkTank will hold the conference "Shaping the Future" to discu... 4 Jan 2018
"I know very well that right now some are trying to isolate Cuba. We Europeans, ... 5 Jan 2018
From the conference on #EUbudget on Monday to the launch of the Bulgarian presid... 5 Jan 2018
@jyrkikatainen @A_Breidthardt @EIB About 540,000 small and medium enterprises ar... 5 Jan 2018
Are the kids already bored of their presents? Check out our 'Sustainable Shaun' ... 6 Jan 2018
As of January, national tax authorities will have direct access to information o... 6 Jan 2018
We will "open communities" in Leeuwarden and enjoy "Festa" in Valletta. These ar... 6 Jan 2018
From #cybersecurity to #MigrationEU and #education trends, fresh up your mind in... 7 Jan 2018
Would you like to learn more about #EUFunds for projects related to employment a... 7 Jan 2018
Interested in the future of the #EUBudget? Tomorrow, @ECThinkTank organizes the ... 7 Jan 2018
The EU invests in the pioneering spirit of start-ups: 7 Jan 2018
RIP Peter Sutherland. Former Commissioner, he was instrumental in shaping our in... 7 Jan 2018
In December, the Business Climate Indicator for the Euro area increased (+0.17 p... 8 Jan 2018
We call for faster progress on tackling the spread of illegal content online, in... 8 Jan 2018
The EU needs a budget that matches its ambitions and meets future challenges. @J... 8 Jan 2018
Is the EU budget really a bottomless pit? #EUbudget actually benefits millions o... 9 Jan 2018
#JunckerPlan supports the project of Indivumed, a German oncology company design... 9 Jan 2018
On our #Road2Sibiu, we will come forward with major new proposals this year for ... 9 Jan 2018
#onlineplatforms have huge power and influence, also social responsibility. Toda... 9 Jan 2018
Euro area unemployment rate lowest since January 2009 (8.7%) and in EU lowest si... 9 Jan 2018
We want our next Multiannual Financial Framework to protect in particular youth ... 9 Jan 2018
President @JunckerEU and Polish PM @MorawieckiM had a constructive discussion on... 9 Jan 2018
In May, we will put forward our proposal for a long-term #EUBudget beyond 2020. ... 10 Jan 2018
Working hand in hand on reaching the full potential of EU-China relations for pe... 10 Jan 2018
Hand in Hand das volle Potential der EU-China-Beziehungen ausschöpfen: für Fri... 10 Jan 2018
“I believe in Bulgaria" - "Вярвам в България" says @JunckerEU a... 11 Jan 2018
@GabrielMariya @Moedas @DSMeu @NatBruxelles #H2020 contribution to the developme... 11 Jan 2018
Today we launch a public consultation on actions to stop the decline of bees and... 11 Jan 2018
""B" steht nicht nur für "Bulgarien", sondern auch für das bulgarische Wort "... 11 Jan 2018
Industrial production rose by 1.0% in the euro area and by 0.9% in the EU28 in N... 11 Jan 2018
TRANSCRIPT @JunckerEU @EU2018BG “@EU_Commission will be by #Bulgaria's side: ... 11 Jan 2018
As part of the #JunckerPlan, @EIB and @jyrkikatainen sign the biggest #EFSI loan... 12 Jan 2018
.@JunckerEU @EU2018BG "#Bulgaria is on the right track for joining the #euro. H... 12 Jan 2018
As of today, new EU rules on payment services apply. They will: 13 Jan 2018
We launched a series of public consultations on the priorities of the EU that sh... 13 Jan 2018
From Finland to Hungary via Italy, #investEU supports projects run by motivated ... 14 Jan 2018
The budget and finances aren’t everything, but without budget and finances eve... 14 Jan 2018
We have a year to deliver on Economic and Monetary Union reform, EU's borders, E... 14 Jan 2018
All you need to know about EU energy policy is in our monthly newsletter prepare... 14 Jan 2018
#JunckerPlan supports the project of Indivumed, a German oncology company design... 14 Jan 2018
Last chance to share your views: Should #SocialRights such as healthcare coverag... 14 Jan 2018
15 Jan 2018
We need to find a balanced approach between the freedom of expression, media plu... 15 Jan 2018
Better product design makes plastics recycling easier. We will consider new prod... 16 Jan 2018
We also want to restrict the use of microplastics intentionally added in cosmeti... 16 Jan 2018
Why do we need a European #PlasticsStrategy? What are our concrete proposals? Mo... 16 Jan 2018
"Citizens understand the challenges our use of plastics pose. They are already c... 17 Jan 2018
« From migration, security, digital economy to the Western Balkans and the Rule... 17 Jan 2018
'When Bulgaria joined the EU, I felt, like the Germans are saying "Vorfreude", p... 17 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018
How can we help individuals and education institutions adapt to the digital tran... 17 Jan 2018
The digital age is expanding into all areas of our lives but the skills gap is r... 17 Jan 2018
We welcome the headway made in tackling non-performing loans in the EU as part o... 18 Jan 2018
Thanks to EU funding, @flenhealth has been able to invest in innovative solution... 18 Jan 2018
Commissioner @KarmenuVella has invited ministers from 9 Member States to a summi... 19 Jan 2018
Follow live at 16:40 CET: citizens' dialogue with @V_Andriukaitis and @PhilHogan... 19 Jan 2018
Waste generated on ships should be delivered on land. This week, we put forward... 20 Jan 2018
We launched a new Digital Education Action Plan to help Europeans and schools b... 20 Jan 2018
This week, we proposed new VAT rules to give all EU countries more flexibility t... 20 Jan 2018
While 90% of future jobs require digital literacy, 44% of Europeans lack basic d... 20 Jan 2018
Earlier this week the High-Level Expert Group on fake news held its first meetin... 20 Jan 2018
"Citizens understand the challenges posed by our use of plastics. They are alrea... 21 Jan 2018
SMEs trading cross-border face 11% higher compliance costs. This week, we propo... 21 Jan 2018
Nijmegen is taking over as European Green Capital2018! The oldest city in the Ne... 21 Jan 2018
Bottles, bags or cups: single-use plastics represent half of the items found on ... 21 Jan 2018
In Latvia, a young beekeeper wanted to grow his family's honey bee farm. The EU ... 21 Jan 2018
Everything you want to know about the #EUBudget and the EU Multiannual Financial... 21 Jan 2018
Almost 1 in 10 bee and butterfly species is facing extinction. To protect polli... 21 Jan 2018
"Firm commitment of the EU to the two-state solution with Jerusalem as shared ca... 22 Jan 2018
#RescEU is our plan to strengthen Europe's ability to deal with natural disaster... 22 Jan 2018
Is plastic truly fantastic, or can we do more? Following the presentation of ou... 23 Jan 2018
Today, we fine Qualcomm €997m for abusing its market dominance in LTE baseband... 24 Jan 2018
Our digital future can only be built on trust. Everyone's privacy has to be prot... 24 Jan 2018
We launch a new practical online tool to help citizens, businesses, in particula... 24 Jan 2018
How will businesses, especially SMEs, benefit from #GDPR? ✔clarity and consis... 24 Jan 2018
We decided to transfer the back-up site of the #Galileo Security Monitoring Cent... 24 Jan 2018
Which benefits from our #DataProtection rules do you consider the most important... 24 Jan 2018
Today is #InternationalCustomsDay! We are proud of our unique #CustomsUnion cel... 26 Jan 2018
The EU is one of the largest traders in the world. In 2016, almost 313 million ... 26 Jan 2018
Highlights of the week: 26 Jan 2018
We were at the @wef summit in #Davos this week. Against the backdrop of a strong... 26 Jan 2018
"This is a day to firmly condemn hatred, bigotry and antisemitism in all its for... 27 Jan 2018
How will the new #EUDataProtection rules affect you? We will be live on Twitter... 27 Jan 2018
The European economy is growing. Public debt is decreasing. Employment is at it... 27 Jan 2018
Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia and Portugal recorded the highest growth in nights spe... 27 Jan 2018
Only few days left to apply for paid traineeships at the European Commission! D... 27 Jan 2018
Family firm Dominó 27 Jan 2018
Coming up: my #EnergyUnion Tour in #Croatia, incl. #EUdialogues @efzgunizg. If y... 27 Jan 2018
Today is the EU #DataProtectionDay! 2018 is going to be a landmark year for #D... 28 Jan 2018
"We are proud to lead the way for data protection worldwide and committed to pro... 28 Jan 2018
"No one who might breach EU competition law should think that they are safe. You... 28 Jan 2018
We are committed to reach an ambitious, balanced and comprehensive trade agreeme... 28 Jan 2018
Europe is back! 4 key takeaways from the @ECThinkTank report on economic, finan... 28 Jan 2018
We are investing €873 million in 17 electricity and gas projects, making clean... 28 Jan 2018
#TeamJunckerEU watchword is “protecting citizens”. Where could that matter m... 28 Jan 2018
Many people dream of owning their own home but find it hard to get a mortgage. W... 28 Jan 2018
Nothing like art to make us think. We will officially launch the European Year ... 28 Jan 2018
Who is allowed to collect my data? What is the right to be forgotten? Get ready ... 28 Jan 2018
This week in Davos, Switzerland at the @wef summit, the global role of the EU ca... 28 Jan 2018
29 Jan 2018
#DataProtection: what's in it for me? Join us for a Twitter chat with Commission... 29 Jan 2018
The European Union stands ready to react swiftly and appropriately in case our e... 29 Jan 2018
Join us live at 16:30 CET for a Citizens' Dialogue with Competition Commissioner... 29 Jan 2018
Trade is not about winners and losers. The EU stands for open and fair trade. ht... 29 Jan 2018
We are committed to reach an ambitious EU-Mercosur trade agreement – a win-win... 30 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018
.@JunckerEU welcomes @KlausIohannis, President of #Romania. Two friends, one des... 31 Jan 2018
62,000 young people took part in a series of debates taking place Europe-wide to... 31 Jan 2018
Ahead of the 2019 Romanian Presidency and the Sibiu Summit, President @JunckerEU... 31 Jan 2018
.@JunckerEU @KlausIohannis “Looking forward with #hope and #confidence towards... 31 Jan 2018
Forum #Espana4040 organised by El Pais today in Brussels. @JunckerEU and Felipe ... 31 Jan 2018
Over 1.8 million people across the EU asked for universal access to safe drinkin... 1 Feb 2018
Tap water is healthy, cheap and good for our planet. By drinking tap water we ca... 1 Feb 2018
We listened to 1.6+ million people across the EU who asked for access to safe dr... 1 Feb 2018
President @JunckerEU about Europe, Spain, democracy and the fight against populi... 1 Feb 2018
In May, we will put forward our proposal for a long-term #EUBudget beyond 2020. ... 2 Feb 2018
2 Feb 2018
The European Year of Cultural Heritage belongs to you! It is not only about lit... 2 Feb 2018
This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our #CustomsUnion. See how this m... 3 Feb 2018
Keep the air clean, take the metro! Sofia metro 3 Feb 2018
This week our new Code of Conduct for Members of the European Commission entered... 3 Feb 2018
We need €180 billion of additional sustainable investments a year to achieve o... 3 Feb 2018
Every year, more than 400,000 Europeans die prematurely as a consequence of poor... 3 Feb 2018
Over 1.6 million EU citizens asked for universal access to safe drinking water i... 3 Feb 2018
This tobacco warehouse has been a symbol of Drama, Greece 3 Feb 2018
On #WorldCancerDay, we think about all those affected by this complex illness. F... 4 Feb 2018
Nanoparticle method shows signs of success in the fight against brain tumours! M... 4 Feb 2018
Is climate change affecting your life and place you live? Contribute with your e... 4 Feb 2018
Your business can apply for loans and venture capital supported by the EU. Come ... 4 Feb 2018
In Vienna 4 Feb 2018
What is the European Union? How does it take decisions? Everything you ever wan... 4 Feb 2018
For more than 30 years, we have been working on high quality standards for #Drin... 4 Feb 2018
How can Europe benefit from blockchain technologies? Why we are encouraging gove... 4 Feb 2018
More than 50 million households are struggling to attain adequate warmth or pay ... 4 Feb 2018
All roads lead to Rome, Paris, Helsinki or Riga for the European Year of Cultura... 4 Feb 2018
Take a look at the #TeamJunckerEU calendar for this week, including #EPlenary, #... 5 Feb 2018
You want to keep track of our activities and announcements? Tune in everyday on... 5 Feb 2018
Nanoparticle method shows signs of success in the fight against brain tumours! M... 5 Feb 2018
We reaffirm our strong commitment to fighting female genital mutilation, ahead o... 5 Feb 2018
Your talent knows no borders. Thanks to freedom of movement, you can work anywhe... 5 Feb 2018
We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the #SingleMarket, one of the greatest EU a... 5 Feb 2018
"Once a divided continent, Europe has reconciled history and geography" @Juncker... 6 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU #EPlenary “We are not saying #WesternBalkans have to join #EU by 2... 6 Feb 2018
Female genital mutilation affects the lives and health of girls and women inside... 6 Feb 2018
The competition for the 2018 Lorenzo #NataliPrize is now open! It recognises ou... 6 Feb 2018
"Standing before this new Treaty I sensed that this might be the most important ... 7 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU #GroKo #Koalitionsvertrag „Das Europakapitel ist gelungen. Mir ist... 7 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU on #GroKo: "I like the European chapter very much. It says Germany i... 7 Feb 2018
Your talent knows no borders. Thanks to freedom of movement, you can work anywhe... 8 Feb 2018
€1 from the @LIFEprogramme mobilises €20 from other funding sources. 10 new ... 8 Feb 2018
"Le temps est court et nous n'avons pas une minute à perdre si nous voulons ré... 9 Feb 2018
After the Czech Republic earlier this year, Cyprus is the 15th country to join t... 9 Feb 2018
9 Feb 2018
From tracksuits and video tapes to smartphones and connected cars, we've come a ... 10 Feb 2018
The EU budget represents only about 1% of the wealth generated by the economies ... 10 Feb 2018
How good is your email provider in tackling phishing, ensuring confidential deli... 10 Feb 2018
This week we launched #SaferInternet4EU initiatives to promote cyber hygiene, me... 10 Feb 2018
In Sweden, 3 million hectares of wetlands have been lost through drainage since ... 10 Feb 2018
We want a society where women are free from harassment—a society where women a... 10 Feb 2018
What is the EU doing to stop female genital mutilation? • Prevention • Prose... 10 Feb 2018
We adopted our Strategy for the #WesternBalkans this week. President @JunckerEU ... 10 Feb 2018
This week we launched #SaferInternet4EU initiatives to promote cyber hygiene, me... 10 Feb 2018
Today is the International Day of #WomenInScience ! Marie Skłodowska-Curie has... 11 Feb 2018
The EU Prize for Women Innovators recognises outstanding #womenentrepreneurs and... 11 Feb 2018
Up to 10% of food waste generated annually in the EU are linked to date marking.... 11 Feb 2018
”Investing in the stability and prosperity of #WesternBalkans means investing ... 11 Feb 2018
The EU has a strategy to ensure resilience in key vulnerable sectors, preventing... 11 Feb 2018
Are you a journalist changing the world with your stories on development and rel... 11 Feb 2018
The waters around mainland France and Corsica are home to a remarkable diversity... 11 Feb 2018
We reaffirm our strong commitment to fighting female genital mutilation. We will... 11 Feb 2018
#FutureofEurope: which are the things the EU should focus on? What would be best... 11 Feb 2018
With EU support 11 Feb 2018
Water has been found on #Trappist1 exoplanets discovered in 2017. The EU bet on... 11 Feb 2018
This week, we will discuss #EUBudget, continue our reflection on the #FutureofEu... 12 Feb 2018
A new @LIFEprogramme project in Denmark 12 Feb 2018
Cells manufacturing projects and consortia are being formed in a number of Membe... 12 Feb 2018
We are driving Europe’s battery market forward! Today, we discussed how to fo... 12 Feb 2018
The EU Fund for Strategic Investments is set to trigger more than €264.3 bn in... 12 Feb 2018
The #EUbudget represents only about 1% of the wealth generated by the economies ... 14 Feb 2018
President @JunckerEU will be in the press room at +/- 12:00 CET to present our c... 14 Feb 2018
Live interpretation in other languages available on EbS → https://t.co/brjnsvrpky 14 Feb 2018
Every seven years, EU Leaders have an opportunity to shape the #FutureofEurope b... 14 Feb 2018
The Common Agricultural Policy mobilises €400 bn but 80% of direct payments go... 14 Feb 2018
Our #CohesionPolicy currently supports all EU Member States 1⃣If we maintain t... 14 Feb 2018
The #FutureofEurope depends on you! Over the last 3 years, we participated in a... 15 Feb 2018
We ♥ European Films! The 68th edition of #Berlinale will feature 18 films sup... 15 Feb 2018
"I wish you all a happy and prosperous centenary and may it be the first of many... 16 Feb 2018
The European Defence Fund delivers new pan-EU research projects. Launched by @Ju... 16 Feb 2018
"To succeed in Europe, we have to put an end to this artificial opposition betwe... 16 Feb 2018
UPDATE: @JunckerEU bilaterales at #MSC2018: meets @poroshenko, President of #Ukr... 16 Feb 2018
UPDATE: @JunckerEU bilaterals at #MSC2018: meeting @poroshenko, President of #Uk... 16 Feb 2018
President @JunckerEU at Munich Security Conference (17/02): -meeting @poroshen... 17 Feb 2018
Four Greek regions 17 Feb 2018
Express your views on the topics you care about the most! Everyone can contribut... 17 Feb 2018
The #EUbudget is unique. Unlike national budgets which are used in large part f... 17 Feb 2018
High-tech solutions from 17 Feb 2018
We have launched a comprehensive plan to #TackleFakeNews. Learn more about our p... 17 Feb 2018
It's time to sort the myth from the reality: For less than one cup of coffee a ... 18 Feb 2018
Together, the #FutureofEurope looks bright! This week, we presented a number of ... 18 Feb 2018
Did you know that the EU Fund for Strategic Investments aims to mobilise private... 18 Feb 2018
3,355 products are registered as either protected geographical indications (PGIs... 18 Feb 2018
Did you know that your second-hand car can call 112 if you have an accident? An ... 18 Feb 2018
The #FutureofEurope belongs to you! Over the last 3 years, we participated in a... 18 Feb 2018
Two years after the adoption of EU #CircularEconomy Package, more than half of t... 18 Feb 2018
European cities are pushing the boundaries of innovation. Credit where credit is... 18 Feb 2018
As EU leaders explore pathways towards a future of 27, the ongoing @ECThinkTank ... 18 Feb 2018
Are you passionate about European film? Here’s your chance to prove it! Join ... 18 Feb 2018
Jean-Claude Juncker: "Europa muss weltpolitikfähig werden." Rede von @Juncker... 19 Feb 2018
The transition to a more #circulareconomy is essential to EU efforts to develop ... 20 Feb 2018
"Only roughly 10% of our raw material use is circular. This leaves us with huge ... 20 Feb 2018
The EU would not be complete without Romania, nor would Romania be complete with... 21 Feb 2018
Almost half of Europeans still lack basic #DigitalSkills such as using a mailbox... 22 Feb 2018
Construction sector contributes to about 9% of EU's GDP and represents 18 millio... 22 Feb 2018
"The success of the European industrial policy is a joint venture. We are starti... 22 Feb 2018
To investors out there: choose among 240 EU investment opportunities and contact... 22 Feb 2018
An #EfficientEU is where decisions are taken as closely as possible to the citiz... 22 Feb 2018
Nous organisons aujourd'hui la #ConferenceSahel. Les Chefs d'Etat européens et... 23 Feb 2018
Stability in the Sahel is key for stability in Africa. We will discuss security,... 23 Feb 2018
Le Sahel est un territoire presque aussi vaste que l'Union européenne qui conce... 23 Feb 2018
L’UE aidera les États du Sahel à assurer leur sécurité, lutter contre la p... 23 Feb 2018
LIVE: press conference by @JunckerEU and @eucopresident following informal #EUCO... 23 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU #EUCO “On #Spitzenkandidaten, #EU Treaty does neither foresee auto... 23 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU “Le Traité est clair: le conseil européen propose un(e) @EU_Comm... 23 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU #EUCO “Time is money. Delays in agreeing #EUBudget would cost 5000... 23 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU #EUCO “Those who want to restrict #EUbudget to 1% of #EU27 GNI ins... 23 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU « C’est simple: tous les gouvernements disent qu’ils veulent r... 23 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU: "Time is money. Delays in agreeing #EUBudget would cost 5000 resear... 23 Feb 2018
Remarques du Président Jean-Claude Juncker à la conférence de presse #EUCO ht... 23 Feb 2018
Informal #EUCO: Good discussion on the EU's next long-term budget. First, to dec... 23 Feb 2018
The Republic of Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary today! Estonia's Europ... 24 Feb 2018
More and more countries are reaching the ripe old age of 100. All three Baltic ... 24 Feb 2018
Paris International Agricultural Show kicks off today! Over 60% of European cit... 24 Feb 2018
We want food in the EU to be safe from farm to fork. As a follow up to the Europ... 24 Feb 2018
“Europe turned the page from the "polycrisis" by being united and delivering o... 24 Feb 2018
Europe's industry is strong but needs an important modernisation effort to reinf... 24 Feb 2018
Find investors for your project on the European Investment Project Portal. Big o... 24 Feb 2018
Europe has a rich culture of performing arts that dates back centuries. What wil... 24 Feb 2018
We are supporting innovative SMEs in Hungary with €67 million, just announced ... 25 Feb 2018
Batteries play a vital role in the transition to clean mobility and clean energy... 25 Feb 2018
Some of Europe’s most cherished traditions are related to food. Tell us which ... 25 Feb 2018
Despite the great potential of the #DigitalSingleMarket in terms of jobs, almost... 25 Feb 2018
25 Feb 2018
”Investing in the stability and prosperity of Western Balkans means investing ... 25 Feb 2018
President @JunckerEU starts his Tour in the #WesternBalkans with Skopje, in the ... 25 Feb 2018
EU companies are the biggest investors in the #WesternBalkans: they represented ... 25 Feb 2018
Ahead of President @JunckerEU Tour in the #WesternBalkans, we adopted a strategy... 25 Feb 2018
"Votre pays a fait d’énormes progrès ces dernières années pour se rapproch... 25 Feb 2018
Next stop in the #WesternBalkans Tour of President @JunckerEU : Tirana, the capi... 25 Feb 2018
Live now - Joint press conference by President @JunckerEU and Edi Rama, Prime Mi... 25 Feb 2018
"Je ne peux qu'encourager L'Albanie de poursuivre les réformes. Nous serons à ... 25 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU @predsednikrs Vučić,Belgrade “I am here to speak with, not about... 26 Feb 2018
Let's talk projects – the EU Investment Project Portal is an online portal co... 27 Feb 2018
#WesternBalkans Tour: 3 days – 4 stops 27 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU in #Montenegro with PM Marković: “Your country is advancing swift... 27 Feb 2018
Did you know that the EU is Bosnia and Herzegovina's biggest trading partner and... 28 Feb 2018
#TeamJunckerEU opened the College meeting condemning the assassination of journa... 28 Feb 2018
Today is #RareDiseaseDay. Rare diseases affect between 27 and 36 million EU citi... 28 Feb 2018
.@JunckerEU concludes #WesternBalkans tour tonight in #Pristina. Talks with @Has... 28 Feb 2018
We are inviting young people to play an active role in this year’s EU developm... 28 Feb 2018
We take the first steps towards a "Free Interrail pass for Europeans turning 18"... 1 Mar 2018
47% of #LGBTI people say they have been discriminated against over the last 12 m... 1 Mar 2018
.@JunckerEU on #Trump #steel: “Protectionism cannot be the answer to our commo... 1 Mar 2018
"We'll not sit idly while our industry is hit with unfair measures that put thou... 1 Mar 2018
Ce soir aura lieu la cérémonie des #César2018 Notre programme Europe Créati... 2 Mar 2018
Recap of the week: ‣ We took part in the #WesternBalkans Tour ‣ presented th... 2 Mar 2018
.@JunckerEU to reporters in Hamburg on #Trump #steeltariffs: “We will not sit ... 2 Mar 2018
Today we celebrate Bulgarian Liberation Day! 3 Mar 2018
Up to 10% of food waste generated annually in the EU are linked to date marking.... 3 Mar 2018
3 Mar 2018
Youth empowerment is one of the most precious resources. Help us shape the EU yo... 3 Mar 2018
Young Bulgarian innovators are changing the way we work, play and shop - with a ... 3 Mar 2018
Terrorist content is most harmful in the first hours of its appearance online. W... 4 Mar 2018
EU Atlantic Action Plan: €6 billion of investments to boost blue economy in Po... 4 Mar 2018
According to a new #Eurobarometer, almost three quarters of Europeans agree that... 4 Mar 2018
Many thanks for your contributions to the public consultation on online disinfor... 4 Mar 2018
‘Thym de Provence’ relies on a long tradition based on ancient methods of dr... 4 Mar 2018
We take the first steps towards a "Free Interrail pass for Europeans turning 18"... 4 Mar 2018
Today, Monday 5 March at 11:30 CET - ahead of #IWD2018 join us for a live Twitte... 5 Mar 2018
Today we propose actions to further facilitate the key EU law on chemicals "REAC... 5 Mar 2018
How do we ensure that EU legislation is high-quality and based on evidence? The ... 6 Mar 2018
We help improving rail connections between Portugal and Spain with EU funding. ... 6 Mar 2018
Avec Emmanuel Macron à l'Elysée: une volonté commune d'écouter les citoyens ... 6 Mar 2018
Domestic digitalised business models are subject to an effective tax rate of onl... 7 Mar 2018
#TeamJunckerEU today: #EuropeanSemester and #sustainablefinanceeu proposals to s... 7 Mar 2018
We are stepping up efforts for regions in #IndustrialTransition to support their... 7 Mar 2018
#IndustrialTransition is a major challenge for our economy and society. 10 indus... 7 Mar 2018
Today is International Women's Day! "Gender equality is not just about fairness... 8 Mar 2018
Around €180bln of additional investments a year are needed to achieve our EU 2... 8 Mar 2018
Women's empowerment matters for the #FutureofEurope From #worklifebalance to #Ge... 8 Mar 2018
Budgets are not bookkeeping exercises - they are about priorities and ambition! ... 9 Mar 2018
Keep your favourite content in your pocket! In less than one month, you will be... 9 Mar 2018
Recap of the week: ‣ We presented our #EuropeanSemester ‣ unveiled our Actio... 9 Mar 2018
Europe is lagging behind in crowdfunding. Against this backdrop, we propose a #c... 10 Mar 2018
✈ Delay? Denied boarding? Cancellation? Know your rights when travelling! → ... 10 Mar 2018
Out of 8 million people working as ICTspecialists in the EU in 2016, only 16,7% ... 10 Mar 2018
This week we celebrated our 500th citizens' dialogue with @Bulc_EU. 10 Mar 2018
EU policies impact the lives of 500 million people and millions of companies. Gi... 10 Mar 2018
With the support of EU funding, we help improving rail connections between Portu... 10 Mar 2018
Our climate objectives are ambitious and our financing strategy is too. This we... 10 Mar 2018
EU-Japan-US agreed on further steps in ongoing cooperation to tackle trade-disto... 10 Mar 2018
.@MalmstromEU met @USTradeRep Lighthizer & Minister @SekoHiroshige. Malmst... 10 Mar 2018
This week EU-funded films won an Oscar and 15 Césars! If you're a cinema lover,... 10 Mar 2018
Do you like pomegranates? In Greece 10 Mar 2018
We are stepping up efforts for regions in #IndustrialTransition to support their... 11 Mar 2018
Europe is preparing for a more resource-efficient and sustainable economy: we ar... 11 Mar 2018
10 years of the EU law "REACH" providing the best standards on chemical protecti... 11 Mar 2018
Does your region have a local tradition? The European Year of Cultural Heritage... 11 Mar 2018
Passionate about the EU? Want to win a day at the European Commission in Brussel... 11 Mar 2018
Every year, around 13 million women in the EU experience violence. Some voices ... 11 Mar 2018
Good news from the latest #EuropeanSemester: Europe's economy is experiencing th... 11 Mar 2018
The Rapid Alert System enables quick exchange of information between 31 European... 11 Mar 2018
Cities in the Polish region of Małopolska 11 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018
Today at noon, @VDombrovskis will present new Capital Markets Union proposals on... 12 Mar 2018
Today, we take a major step towards a Capital Markets Union, with our proposals ... 12 Mar 2018
83% of Europeans perceive #fakenews to be a problem for democracy. The High-Lev... 12 Mar 2018
We welcome the agreement reached @EUCouncil today on new transparency rules for ... 13 Mar 2018
17 million Europeans live or work in another Member State – twice as many as a... 13 Mar 2018
European consumer rules guarantee that only safe products are sold in the EU. If... 14 Mar 2018
Today, we will present progress achieved in the #MigrationEU agenda, as well as ... 14 Mar 2018
.@JunckerEU @antoniocostapm #EPlenary “N'oublions jamais qu'aucune de nos vale... 14 Mar 2018
Today's proposal is making it easier for travellers to: 14 Mar 2018
We are also reporting today on progress made under the #MigrationEU Agenda, conf... 14 Mar 2018
Employment increased by 0.3% in the euro area and by 0.2% in EU28 in the fourth ... 14 Mar 2018
Today is #WorldConsumerRightsDay! You now enjoy new EU rules on payment services... 15 Mar 2018
How can the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality be best applied in th... 15 Mar 2018
Over 30 million children across the EU receive milk, fruit and vegetables under ... 15 Mar 2018
.@StartUpEU connects European ecosystems and supports scale up expansion. Learn ... 16 Mar 2018
Happy #SaintPatricksDay! La Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh! Are you already among ... 17 Mar 2018
Ireland goes green not only on #SaintPatrick, but actually all year long! Accor... 17 Mar 2018
As Europe and its economy regain strength, we must seize the momentum to build a... 17 Mar 2018
We are proposing to reform #EUvisa policy to make it easier for travellers to: 17 Mar 2018
This week, the High-Level Expert Group on #FakeNews presented its recommendation... 17 Mar 2018
On 1 April, our new portability rules start to apply: you will soon be able to t... 17 Mar 2018
Over 30 million children across the EU receive milk, fruit and vegetables under ... 17 Mar 2018
Free movement is one of the most cherished freedoms of the #SingleMarket. This ... 17 Mar 2018
This floating laboratory in the Canary Islands 17 Mar 2018
Have you visited Pompeii? Since 2000, the EU has been funding its restoration. B... 18 Mar 2018
83% of Europeans perceive #fakenews to be a problem for democracy. The High-Lev... 18 Mar 2018
Taxation may seem complicated, but the key principle is simple: companies must p... 18 Mar 2018
Some of Europe’s most cherished traditions are related to food. The European Y... 18 Mar 2018
#ErasmusPlus goes virtual! We are launching Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange – a pro... 18 Mar 2018
#EUQuality matters! 'Beelitzer Spargel', characterised by its tender stalks, low... 18 Mar 2018
Vote for your favourite of the 25 #Natura2000 projects for the protection of our... 18 Mar 2018
Europe has a rich culture of performing arts that dates back centuries! Preservi... 18 Mar 2018
78% of wild flowers need pollinators, tiny but important players in our ecosyste... 18 Mar 2018
19 Mar 2018
EU commitment to support Latin America and the Caribbean is stronger than ever a... 19 Mar 2018
"Our pre-Internet rules do not allow Member States to tax digital companies oper... 21 Mar 2018
The EU can be at the forefront in shaping the global response on #FairTaxation. ... 21 Mar 2018
We have ambitious #ClimateAction objectives. We need an ambitious #SustainableFi... 21 Mar 2018
"Delivering on the European Pillar of #SocialRights is a joint responsibility an... 21 Mar 2018
Two years since the terrorist attacks in Brussels and one since the Westminster ... 22 Mar 2018
We have ambitious #ClimateAction objectives. We need an ambitious #SustainableFi... 22 Mar 2018
Today's conference kicks off our EU strategy for greener and cleaner economy int... 22 Mar 2018
Putting an end to the electricity isolation of the Baltic States. @JunckerEU rei... 22 Mar 2018
On #WorldTuberculosisDay, we underline our commitment to ending the tuberculosi... 24 Mar 2018
Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean. 24 Mar 2018
The EU #SingleMarket is 25 years young! European citizens now fully embrace its... 24 Mar 2018
Respect à Arnaud Beltrame, incarnation de l’humanité et du courage face à l... 24 Mar 2018
School buildings in Greece 24 Mar 2018
Over 1,000 municipalities have already signed-up on the #WiFi4EU portal. Is your... 24 Mar 2018
9 of the world's top 20 companies are now digital, compared to 1 in 20, ten year... 24 Mar 2018
Did you know that Belgian houses use 70% more energy than the European average? ... 24 Mar 2018
The EU Fund for Strategic Investments aims to address market gaps and mobilise p... 24 Mar 2018
Europe has a rich culture of performing arts that dates back centuries. What wil... 24 Mar 2018
Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean. 24 Mar 2018
Lights out for #EarthHour. #Connect2Earth #EarthHour2018 https://t.co/WS3BbT4ZWo 24 Mar 2018
.@EU_Commission confirms: Appointment of @MartinSelmayr as Secretary-General dec... 25 Mar 2018
25 Mar 2018
.@EU_Commission confirms: Appointment of @MartinSelmayr as Secretary-General dec... 25 Mar 2018
Does the current SME definition ensure policies are consistent for smaller busin... 25 Mar 2018
Commissioner @KarmenuVella has arrived to the beach clean-up 25 Mar 2018
Watch live #EUbeachcleanup chat Today hundreds of EU staff members have voluntee... 25 Mar 2018
Did you miss our live chat #EUBeachCleanUp with EU staff? Answers to your quest... 25 Mar 2018
Do you like pomegranates? In Greece 25 Mar 2018
11 teams, 48 hours, 1 question: How to reconnect people with the EU and its valu... 25 Mar 2018
President @JunckerEU arrives in #Varna for Leaders’ meeting with President @RT... 26 Mar 2018
Live now: press conference @JunckerEU @eucopresident @BoykoBorissov @RT_Erdogan ... 26 Mar 2018
Remarks by @JunckerEU following EU-Turkey Leaders' meeting. #VarnaSummit https:/... 26 Mar 2018
We welcome agreement on the first ever EU legislation to monitor and report CO2 ... 27 Mar 2018
Are you a small business owner? Venture capitalist? Researcher? We're evaluating... 28 Mar 2018
Promoting peace and guaranteeing security of our citizens are our first prioriti... 28 Mar 2018
Today a payment of as little as €10 from a non-euro country like Bulgaria to a... 28 Mar 2018
Europeans and businesses in the euro area can benefit from cheap cross-border tr... 28 Mar 2018
The internal market, also known as the #SingleMarket, is one of the EU’s great... 29 Mar 2018
When you pay with a card abroad and get the option to pay in your own currency o... 29 Mar 2018
There is no greater return on investment than a healthy planet and economy. The ... 29 Mar 2018
The EU #Natura2000 Award finalists are out! Check out the 25 excellent achieveme... 30 Mar 2018
To achieve the best results with EU policies and laws, we listen closely to Euro... 30 Mar 2018
As of today, the 112 emergency system eCall will become mandatory throughout th... 31 Mar 2018
Today Malta celebrates Freedom Day, Jum il-Ħelsien 31 Mar 2018
Fighting terrorism remained a top political priority for us in 2017. Great strid... 31 Mar 2018
This week we welcomed agreement on the first ever EU legislation to monitor and ... 31 Mar 2018
As of today new #portability rules apply for your digital content – it's no jo... 1 Apr 2018
This year the EU #SingleMarket is 25 years young. The integration of our economi... 1 Apr 2018
Promoting peace and guaranteeing the security of Europeans are our first priorit... 1 Apr 2018
Read more on our core set of ten priorities as we work for a stronger European U... 2 Apr 2018
EU citizens are calling for action on #FairTaxation. 8 out of 10 respondents of ... 2 Apr 2018
A small 2 Apr 2018
43 million EU citizens were tricked into buying a fake last year. Would you like... 2 Apr 2018
We are making €180 million available for projects in 'Emergency Support to Int... 3 Apr 2018
As the crisis in Yemen worsens, we pledge €107.5 million to help those in urge... 3 Apr 2018
9 million people face criminal proceedings across the EU every year. From April... 3 Apr 2018
✈ Delay? Denied boarding? Cancellation? Know your rights when travelling! →... 4 Apr 2018
Coming soon to an EU country near you: the European Disability Card. The card wi... 4 Apr 2018
There is no greater return on investment than a healthy planet and economy. We ... 5 Apr 2018
Thanks to EU funding, over €12 million in support for SMEs will bring their in... 5 Apr 2018
Our new EU #DataProtection rules enter into application on 25th May. We asked Be... 6 Apr 2018
#ErasmusPlus has helped nine million young people in 30 years. In our long term... 6 Apr 2018
#ArtificialIntelligence is transforming our economy and society. How can it imp... 6 Apr 2018
We are proud to announce the finalists of the #Natura2000 Award, which stand out... 6 Apr 2018
We are launching the 2018 edition of the #EUHealthAward aiming to reward outstan... 7 Apr 2018
What does the #EUbudget go to? From #ErasmusPlus to #SecurityUnion, the EU budg... 7 Apr 2018
City break? Work trip? Holidays? For peace of mind, always carry your European H... 7 Apr 2018
We value your ideas on #SocialRights! Our proposal for social fairness takes int... 7 Apr 2018
Over 1,000 municipalities have already signed-up on the #WiFi4EU portal. Is you... 7 Apr 2018
#Münster -Erklärung von Präsident @JunckerEU: "Wir trauern mit Münster. Me... 7 Apr 2018
Today is #InternationalRomaDay "The way we include our most vulnerable minoriti... 8 Apr 2018
Bottles, bags or cups: single-use plastics represent half of the items found on ... 8 Apr 2018
We celebrate food diversity in Europe as part of our European Year of Cultural H... 8 Apr 2018
This week, we will discuss #Blockchain, #ArtificialIntelligence, #Digitalhealth ... 8 Apr 2018
From April, new EU rules guarantee the right to be presumed innocent and the rig... 8 Apr 2018
We're evaluating the definition of small and medium-sized enterprises and want t... 8 Apr 2018
This EU-funded company helps make buildings more energy efficient, which is good... 8 Apr 2018
Europe's rich cultural heritage tops the rankings. During the European Year of ... 8 Apr 2018
8 Apr 2018
This week, we will participate in #EUTakeTheInitiative, open the #DigitalDay18, ... 9 Apr 2018
What will the digital #FutureOfEurope look like? Tomorrow, we will open the #Di... 9 Apr 2018
We are launching a #VirtualReality roadshow on how #EUSavesLives and responds to... 9 Apr 2018
We want all Europeans to enjoy the same conditions when sending money, withdrawi... 9 Apr 2018
Europe boasts a wealth of talent, world-class researchers and skilled entrepren... 10 Apr 2018
As EU citizens you have an opportunity to participate directly in the democratic... 10 Apr 2018
The gap between EU countries on #RoadSafety further narrowed in 2017, with only ... 10 Apr 2018
Europe's innovative entrepreneurs will soon get the investment they need to inno... 10 Apr 2018
The EU remains the world's leading donor of development assistance: €75.7 bill... 10 Apr 2018
"Europe has a solid basis for the future! #Roaming surcharges have gone. Soon it... 10 Apr 2018
Europeans already benefit from the best #ConsumerProtection rules in the world. ... 11 Apr 2018
Europe has a solid basis for the future. Our new #DataProtection rules will ente... 11 Apr 2018
Our New Deal for Consumers is about transparency: 11 Apr 2018
Does your city care about values in trade? EU cities now have a new way of prom... 12 Apr 2018
88% of Europeans think that strengthening farmers' role in the food supply chain... 12 Apr 2018
Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That's why an effective food su... 12 Apr 2018
There are imbalances of bargaining power in the food supply chain. Against this ... 12 Apr 2018
We want to ban unfair trading practices, which are: 12 Apr 2018
We are helping our small businesses to grow and create jobs. Thanks to EU suppo... 12 Apr 2018
We have various options for our #CohesionPolicy in long term #EUBudget ▶If we ... 12 Apr 2018
The Europass CV has been downloaded over 100 million times on our portal. Soon ... 13 Apr 2018
Infectious diseases can spread quickly across borders. We have to stay alert an... 13 Apr 2018
.@JunckerEU letter to @BoykoBorissov offering condolences for the #Trakia road a... 13 Apr 2018
In the EU, we care about the protection of your data online. Ahead of the enteri... 14 Apr 2018
Europe can play a leading role in Digital! At the #DigitalDay18, we discussed ho... 14 Apr 2018
Statement by President @JunckerEU on the situation in Syria → https://t.co/0pg... 14 Apr 2018
The call for Individual Fellowships under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions is... 14 Apr 2018
In venture capital, size matters! There is a striking difference in the amount ... 14 Apr 2018
We received 66,579 replies to our public consultation on pollinators. Many thank... 14 Apr 2018
Planning a trip to Latvia? The airport of its capital city is now more comfortab... 14 Apr 2018
The #EUbudget is unique. Unlike national budgets which are used in large part f... 14 Apr 2018
Europe can play a leading role in Digital! At the #DigitalDay18, we discussed ho... 14 Apr 2018
We continue to be the world's leading donor of development assistance. In 2017, ... 15 Apr 2018
This week, we proposed a New Deal for Consumers. You will soon benefit from str... 15 Apr 2018
European cities are pushing the boundaries of innovation. Credit where credit i... 15 Apr 2018
As EU citizens you have an opportunity to participate directly in the democratic... 15 Apr 2018
Europeans buy more and more online. But how do we make sure that businesses sell... 15 Apr 2018
Infectious diseases can spread quickly across borders. We are working on a roadm... 15 Apr 2018
Europe's innovative entrepreneurs will soon get the investment they need to inno... 15 Apr 2018
How can farmers benefit from satellite data? This EU-funded company created an a... 15 Apr 2018
This week, we will discuss the #FutureofEurope with @EmmanuelMacron in the #EPle... 16 Apr 2018
We continue to support Greek companies tangibly and help them grow. From very s... 16 Apr 2018
.@JunckerEU @EmmanuelMacron #EPlenary #FutureOfEurope « La vraie #France est d... 17 Apr 2018
Nous voulons que l'Europe sociale ne soit pas un poème, pas un rêve, mais une ... 17 Apr 2018
Rendez-vous +/- 4pm today for @Avramopoulos @JKingEU @VeraJourova presentation o... 17 Apr 2018
We are further squeezing the space in which terrorists operate. Today at +/- 4pm... 17 Apr 2018
We propose to improve the security features of EU citizens' identity cards with 17 Apr 2018
Making our buildings smarter is key to lower energy bills, improve citizens' hea... 17 Apr 2018
Press conference by @jyrkikatainen and @MalmstromEU on the Economic Partnership ... 18 Apr 2018
The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement will further improve the position of... 18 Apr 2018
We stand up for an open, rules-based and fair trade order. Today, we presented ... 18 Apr 2018
Electronic evidence is increasingly important in criminal proceedings. We are m... 19 Apr 2018
Almost one in ten people in the EU work in retail companies. We are publishing a... 19 Apr 2018
We are looking fror IT experts, coders and bright minds to help us unlock the po... 20 Apr 2018
The #DataProtection clock is ticking! In few days, our new EU rules will come in... 20 Apr 2018
20 Apr 2018
We aim to strengthen research and innovation to improve crisis preparedness and ... 21 Apr 2018
Looking to invest? The EU Investment Portal #EIPP connects you with more than 2... 21 Apr 2018
How can the EU protect health and save lives through vaccination? Join our Twit... 21 Apr 2018
The #JunckerPlan is now set to trigger €283.7 billion in investments, represen... 21 Apr 2018
Big announcements, initiatives, projects and inspiration, throw backs and behind... 21 Apr 2018
One in ten people in the EU work in retail companies. We are helping the retail... 21 Apr 2018
We stand up for an open, rules-based and fair trade order. this week, we presen... 21 Apr 2018
We supported a breakthrough discovery in cancer research. Researchers @ULBRecher... 21 Apr 2018
#EUTrade -After several months of intense negotiations, this afternoon we reache... 21 Apr 2018
#EU and #Mexico reach new agreement on #trade. @JunckerEU: “Trade can and shou... 21 Apr 2018
EU & Mexico reach agreement on Trade 21 Apr 2018
Another big success for #TeamJunckerEU tonight. After Canada, Japan and Singapor... 21 Apr 2018
Today is #EarthDay! We only have one planet, one chance and no plan B. The EU i... 22 Apr 2018
Waste generated on ships should be delivered on land! As part of our #PlasticsS... 22 Apr 2018
Buses powered by water? Yes! In fact, all public buses in this Dutch city are. W... 22 Apr 2018
Time is running fast! Only 10 days to go.... #EUBudget #EUaddedValue https://t.c... 22 Apr 2018
Cutting emissions starts at home. In this Polish region old heating systems were... 22 Apr 2018
Electronic evidence is increasingly important in criminal proceedings. We are ma... 22 Apr 2018
Making our buildings smarter is key to lower energy bills, improve citizens' hea... 22 Apr 2018
What is the European Union? How does it take decisions? Everything you ever want... 22 Apr 2018
Share your views on how we could better fight VAT fraud in the field of e-commer... 22 Apr 2018
Today is #WorldBookDay! Cultural Heritage is more than monuments: it’s about o... 23 Apr 2018
The new #EUtrade deal with Mexico will: 23 Apr 2018
98% and 93% of Europeans consider good health and quality education as essential... 23 Apr 2018
Nous mobilisons 9,8 millions d'euros du Fonds européen d'ajustement à la mondi... 23 Apr 2018
There should be no punishment for doing the right thing. Our proposal includes c... 23 Apr 2018
#SyriaConf2018 kicks off today in Brussels. "We cannot afford to stop working fo... 24 Apr 2018
Don't be blind to your new rights on personal data. One month from today, the n... 25 Apr 2018
#TeamJunckerEU today: an EU approach to boost investment and set ethical guideli... 25 Apr 2018
The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (automated IT system to... 25 Apr 2018
Europe needs to invest at least €20 billion in artificial intelligence by the ... 25 Apr 2018
In one week, we will present our proposals for a #EUBudget beyond 2020. From #Er... 25 Apr 2018
We want people at the centre of health and care. More on our proposal → https... 26 Apr 2018
Online platforms have an important role to play in fighting #disinformation camp... 26 Apr 2018
.@JunckerEU « La Grèce est l’un des piliers de la stabilité des Balkans. L... 26 Apr 2018
.@JunckerEU « On ne peut pas laisser la Grèce gérer seule la question des r... 26 Apr 2018
.@JunckerEU « On ne peut pas laisser la Grèce gérer seule la question des r... 26 Apr 2018
Every year vaccines save lives. Join our Twitter live chat with EU health commis... 26 Apr 2018
We experienced some technical problems with the sound of this live. We are now ... 26 Apr 2018
"La fin du programme de soutien marquera le début d'une nouvelle ère pour votr... 26 Apr 2018
Online platforms have an important role in fighting #disinformation. This is why... 26 Apr 2018
Breakthrough on audiovisual media services rules for the #DigitalSingleMarket! N... 26 Apr 2018
Let us know where EU action can add more value! Today @TimmermansEU is chairing ... 27 Apr 2018
What do we want for the #FutureofEurope? On Wednesday, we will unveil our propo... 27 Apr 2018
A safe workplace is a key part of #SocialRights. On World Day for Safety and Hea... 28 Apr 2018
A European approach will make the most of opportunities offered by artificial in... 28 Apr 2018
4 more days until @JunckerEU @EU_Commission unveils it’s #future #EUBudget for... 28 Apr 2018
#AI helps solve many societal challenges, from helping doctors make faster and m... 28 Apr 2018
This week the EU and Member States contributed €4.8 billion of €6.2 billion ... 28 Apr 2018
We're evaluating the definition of an SME and want to hear from you. The questi... 28 Apr 2018
On Wednesday, we will present our proposals for a #EUBudget beyond 2020. From #... 28 Apr 2018
New technologies should not mean new values. We will present ethical guidelines ... 29 Apr 2018
What do we want for the #FutureofEurope? On Wednesday, we will unveil our propo... 29 Apr 2018
In Brussels on Saturday 5 May? Come visit us 29 Apr 2018
How much do you know about the #EUbudget? Did you know that it has already help... 29 Apr 2018
We want to free up more public sector data for re-use, including for commercial ... 29 Apr 2018
Whistleblowers should not have to pay for their actions with their jobs, reputat... 29 Apr 2018
Only 3 more to go #EUBudget https://t.co/e5XG0TcYFR 29 Apr 2018
Learn more about #disinformation sources and trends on social media in the @EU_S... 29 Apr 2018
30 Apr 2018
We are looking for IT experts, coders and bright minds to help us unlock the pot... 30 Apr 2018
Every retired person has the right to live in dignity. Adequate pensions are ess... 30 Apr 2018
From affordable housing in Poland to cancer research in Austria to food producti... 30 Apr 2018
Better benefit from consular protection! Besides assistance in times of crisis, ... 30 Apr 2018
International Workers' Day is not only about celebrating achievements, but a rem... 1 May 2018
We take note of the decision of the US to prolong EU's exemption from import tar... 1 May 2018
What do we want for the #FutureofEurope? On Wednesday, we will unveil our propo... 1 May 2018
We will present tomorrow our proposal for a new, modern, fair and pragmatic long... 1 May 2018
Better protection for EU citizens abroad 1 May 2018
The #FutureofEurope depends on you! Check out our upcoming citizens' dialogues, ... 1 May 2018
Join in & ask your questions: On Thursday, 3 May, I will be on #Facebook liv... 1 May 2018
From affordable housing in Poland to cancer research in Austria to food producti... 1 May 2018
Today, we will present our proposal for a modern, fair, simple and flexible long... 2 May 2018
"Today is an important moment for our Union. The new budget is an opportunity to... 2 May 2018
We are proposing a #EUBudget of €1.135 billion in commitments over the period ... 2 May 2018
We want to increase investment in research and innovation by 50% for the flagshi... 2 May 2018
From #ArtificialIntelligence to #DigitalSkills. From personalised medicine based... 2 May 2018
We invest in people, the heart of the European project. Always. We want to doub... 2 May 2018
We propose to raise the level of ambition for #ClimateAction, with a target of a... 2 May 2018
It is the most basic of rights to feel safe and secure. We propose to increase i... 2 May 2018
We want to reinforce funding for external action by 26% to reach €120 billion,... 2 May 2018
The EU needs to take greater responsibility for defending and protecting its cit... 2 May 2018
We are making ambitious yet realistic proposals for a modern #EUBudget. Learn m... 2 May 2018
We will increase #border management from existing 1200 #EU border guards in step... 2 May 2018
"Our proposal for the long term #EUBudget maintains a strong, well-funded #CAP, ... 2 May 2018
What Europe do we want? Following yesterday's announcements on the long-term EU ... 3 May 2018
The new #EUBudget is an opportunity to shape the #FutureofEurope as a new, ambit... 3 May 2018
« Le moment est venu de bâtir une Europe plus unie, plus forte, plus démocrat... 3 May 2018
Public finances are improving, with no deficits over 3% of GDP. The aggregate ge... 3 May 2018
Strong growth is expected to continue in 2018 and 2019, since our economies are ... 3 May 2018
3 May 2018
Does the current SME definition ensure policies are consistent for smaller busin... 4 May 2018
Find here the level of penalties car manufacturers face if they break the law, c... 4 May 2018
Testing of emissions from cars- How does it work? What about CO2 emissions testi... 4 May 2018
Congratulations to the 50 winners of the @ERC_Research innovation grant competit... 4 May 2018
The first 15,000 18-year-olds will get the opportunity to travel Europe this sum... 4 May 2018
For the first time, we are convening a Citizens' Panel to draft a public consult... 4 May 2018
In Brussels tomorrow? Come visit us at the #EUopenDay! Enjoy an interactive wal... 4 May 2018
Check out our proposal for a modern, simple and flexible #EUBudget for the 2021-... 4 May 2018
The European Union 5 May 2018
In Brussels today? Come visit us! Enjoy an interactive walk through our Berlay... 5 May 2018
European Citizen's panel for the #FutureOfEurope. Almost 100 Europeans, from 27... 5 May 2018
European Citizen's panel for the #FutureOfEurope. Almost 100 Europeans, from ... 5 May 2018
European Citizens' Initiative 9 million citizens from all 28 EU countries have b... 5 May 2018
Did you know that the whole Universe may be finite? This is what the last paper... 5 May 2018
Growth #ECForecast 2018 (%PIB) 6 May 2018
This week, we proposed a long-term #EUBudget for a Europe that protects, empower... 6 May 2018
Europe is at your feet. Take the first step! In June, we will select the 15.000... 6 May 2018
Better protection for EU citizens abroad 6 May 2018
#Russia Detention of over a thousand demonstrators and violence used against the... 6 May 2018
From affordable housing in Poland to cancer research in Austria to food producti... 6 May 2018
After an intensive working week-end, the Citizens' panel approves the questionna... 6 May 2018
7 May 2018
.@Snapchat joins our EU Code of Conduct to fight illegal hate speech online, the... 7 May 2018
We support innovative projects led by female entrepreneurs! As part of the #Jun... 7 May 2018
8 May 2018
Media advisory: tonight +/-8.30 pm CET @FedericaMog will deliver a press stateme... 8 May 2018
The EU regrets today's statement by President of United States on #IranDeal. It ... 8 May 2018
25 years ago, in 1993, we established the #SingleMarket, with the "four freedoms... 9 May 2018
To make a long story short, we’ve compiled Europe's greatest achievements for ... 9 May 2018
It is time to decide what the European Union at 27 should be. Whatever happens,... 9 May 2018
As an EU citizen you are free to travel, live, study and work across borders: wa... 9 May 2018
An elderly woman dreams of travelling across #Europe with her grandchildren but ... 9 May 2018
It is time to decide what the European Union at 27 should be. Whatever happens,... 9 May 2018
"See that sparkle in the sky? We’re shining blue and yellow this evening for E... 10 May 2018
L'Arc de Triomphe habillé aux couleurs de l'Europe pour célébrer la paix et l... 10 May 2018
25 years ago, our #SingleMarket was created. European citizens now fully embrac... 10 May 2018
10 May 2018
A movie about finding the strength to be yourself. Watch Debut by @dalibormatani... 10 May 2018
Want to work in another EU country? Find opportunities and learn about your righ... 10 May 2018
The #JunckerPlan is now set to trigger €283.7 billion in investments, represen... 10 May 2018
30 landmarks, iconic sites and venues across China, including Beijing's Great Wa... 10 May 2018
The Loner, by Polish director Tomasz Konecki, is a short film about building rel... 11 May 2018
⏰ The final countdown has started! In two weeks, our new EU #DataProtection r... 11 May 2018
Party Animal, by Yorgos Zois, is about how a young man can create a better futur... 12 May 2018
Europe is filled with ideas, experiences and best practices. 12 May 2018
Meet Mismo, a sniffer dog! Sniffer dogs help keep Europeans safe by detecting il... 12 May 2018
Alex will do anything he can to keep dancing. Finding himself trapped in a job h... 12 May 2018
Some of Europe’s most cherished traditions wouldn’t exist without transmissi... 12 May 2018
A short film about about how a young man can change his daily life and make it c... 12 May 2018
This floating laboratory in the Canary Islands is looking for new ways to protec... 12 May 2018
Good luck to all 26, fingers crossed for the 19 #EU participants. Let #Europe’... 12 May 2018
Oona is lost. How will she get back home? Find out! Watch Oona by Finnish direct... 13 May 2018
How much power do you have? You have the power to shape EU policies! The Europea... 13 May 2018
The protection of our environment when launching new projects is important to us... 13 May 2018
Recent scandals like Dieselgate, Luxleaks, Panama Papers and Cambridge Analytica... 13 May 2018
Nature is full of surprises. Watch Oona by Finnish director Zaida Bergroth 13 May 2018
14 May 2018
Making our buildings smarter is key to lower energy bills, improve citizens' hea... 14 May 2018
Today, municipalities will be able to apply for €15,000 EU financing to instal... 15 May 2018
15 May 2018
We take action to protect Europeans from air pollution. Standing up for the need... 17 May 2018
♻️ Clean Mobility We put forward the first ever CO2 emissions standards for ... 17 May 2018
Mobility is crossing a new technological frontier. With our new #MobilityEU pack... 17 May 2018
EU emergency assistance of €3 million in aid will help provide basic supplies ... 17 May 2018
⏰ 7 days to go... Don't be blind to your new rights on #DataProtection → ht... 18 May 2018
How can we improve education in emergencies? • better access to learning oppor... 18 May 2018
It is time to decide what the #FutureofEurope at 27 should be. 96 Europeans fro... 19 May 2018
We are on the #EURoad2Sibiu! In one year, the 27 EU Leaders will meet at an extr... 19 May 2018
EU-Iran joint press statement following my meeting with Iran’s Vice President... 19 May 2018
We are completing our #MobilityEU agenda with our third and final set of actions... 19 May 2018
This week the EU-Western Balkans Summit in Sofia confirmed the European perspect... 19 May 2018
#EUHaveYourSay in our public consultation on our Strategic Environmental Assessm... 19 May 2018
We have a responsibility to act to prevent lost generations. The EU is now a gl... 19 May 2018
Statement on staff-level agreement reached with Greek authorities. #Greece http... 19 May 2018
Today we celebrate the first ever #WorldBeeDay! 20 May 2018
Our new EU #DataProtection rules will enter into application on Friday! With a ... 20 May 2018
Bottles, bags or cups: single-use plastics represent half of the items found on ... 20 May 2018
In Latvia, a young beekeeper wanted to grow his family's honey bee farm. The EU ... 20 May 2018
Mobility is crossing a new technological frontier. With our new #MobilityEU pac... 20 May 2018
We are taking stock of our #BetterRegulation approach to make our policies: 20 May 2018
Your gender should not determine your success! Discover the #SheIsWe voices and ... 20 May 2018
This week we took action to protect Europeans from air pollution. Standing up fo... 20 May 2018
Only few days to go... On Friday, our new EU #DataProtection rules will come in... 21 May 2018
How digital is your country? 21 May 2018
Europe is open for business. The EU is now set to begin #EUtrade negotiations wi... 22 May 2018
Around 20% of pupils underachieve in reading, maths and science. 11% are early l... 22 May 2018
The Gambia is showing to the world that freedom and democracy are about real peo... 22 May 2018
We are always striving to improve how the EU works 22 May 2018
2019 EU Budget: we propose a budget of €166 billion in commitments – for a s... 23 May 2018
What happens in Africa matters for Europe. Today we met with our @_AfricanUnion ... 23 May 2018
What happens in Africa matters for Europe. Today we met with our @_AfricanUnion ... 23 May 2018
Today at 12.15 (CET), Commissioner @vestager will be in the press room to presen... 24 May 2018
This is it. Today, our EU #DataProtection rules enter into application, putting... 24 May 2018
#AfricaDay The future of the world depends on the good cooperation between Europ... 25 May 2018
What are your new #dataprotection rights? What is the right to be forgotten? Ou... 25 May 2018
European Year of Cultural Heritage: 29 projects to receive €5 million after t... 25 May 2018
We want better insurance for victims of motor accidents, improved rights for pol... 26 May 2018
We are working towards a #EuropeanEducationArea by 2025. This week, we presented... 26 May 2018
We are supporting 79 innovative projects with €146 million to bring innovation... 26 May 2018
We need around €180 billion a year of additional investments in energy efficie... 26 May 2018
We are assessing the experience of online users in order to effectively fight th... 26 May 2018
Nicola went from unemployed to entrepreneur thanks to the Loan of Honour, an EU-... 26 May 2018
Wondering why your inbox is full of privacy-related emails from companies you kn... 27 May 2018
We are proud to be setting the new global standard for #dataprotection. This is... 27 May 2018
This is it. Today, our EU #DataProtection rules enter into application, putting... 27 May 2018
Now farmers can tap into satellite data to monitor crop changes and increase pro... 27 May 2018
Europe is open for business. We are now set to begin #EUtrade negotiations with... 27 May 2018
The future of the world depends on the good cooperation between Europe and Afric... 27 May 2018
We recently presented our EU #PlasticsStrategy with great ambitions in mind: ens... 27 May 2018
Plastic waste ends up in our air, our soil, our oceans, and in our food. Watch t... 28 May 2018
Any justice reform must uphold the #RuleofLaw in line with European standards on... 28 May 2018
Today, we will present our #EUBudget proposals on regional development and #Cohe... 29 May 2018
I welcome final @Europarl_EN plenary vote on #postedworkers. Today's result &... 29 May 2018
Le Président @JunckerEU a parlé avec le Premier ministre @CharlesMichel pour l... 29 May 2018
President @JunckerEU convinced that #Italy's fate does not lie in the hands of t... 29 May 2018
Europe is their playground, where they find inspiration. We support artists and... 30 May 2018
We want EU creators to make the most out of digital opportunities. In our #EUBud... 30 May 2018
Today is #WorldNoTobaccoDay. EU smoking rate has remained stagnant at 26% since... 31 May 2018
Why are we proposing the European Investment Stabilisation Function? This new i... 31 May 2018
Our Economic and Monetary Union is about improving the lives of all Europeans. F... 31 May 2018
“Today is a bad day for world trade. The EU cannot not react. We will immediat... 31 May 2018
We are a global frontrunner in sustainability and #ClimateAction Today, we will ... 1 Jun 2018
The #FutureofCAP also means more research and innovation: 1 Jun 2018
We have integrated climate action into all major EU spending programmes, making ... 1 Jun 2018
Why modernising the Common Agricultural Policy? For more information, see: →... 1 Jun 2018
We are taking action to protect pollinators in the EU! 1 Jun 2018
We believe that unilateral US restrictions on steel and aluminium are unjustifie... 1 Jun 2018
Today we celebrate Italy, side by side with the Italian people! 2 Jun 2018
Single use plastics are not a smart economic or environmental choice. This week,... 2 Jun 2018
This week, we put forward our #EUBudget proposals on 2 Jun 2018
The #EUJusticeScoreboard gives a comparative overview of the independence, quali... 2 Jun 2018
There is now more to see and experience at Pompeii. With EU investing in preser... 2 Jun 2018
On Tuesday, we will open our EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels with several... 2 Jun 2018
Today is #WorldBicycleDay 3 Jun 2018
He believed in the power of accessing finance. He changed the lives of millions ... 3 Jun 2018
Thanks to the #CustomsUnion and #SingleMarket there are no more regular customs ... 3 Jun 2018
Lost or stolen passports make up more than 60% of the cases of consular assistan... 3 Jun 2018
We want your views on illegal content online: • Have you ever come across it? ... 3 Jun 2018
On Tuesday, we will open the Brussels Economic Forum with these questions in mind: 3 Jun 2018
4 Jun 2018
We launch the first ever #EUSustainabilityAward to reward inspiring initiatives ... 5 Jun 2018
Happy National Day, Sweden! 6 Jun 2018
Triggering almost €290 billion in investment, the Investment Plan for Europe h... 6 Jun 2018
The EU's largest lake in Sweden hosts a wind farm providing clean energy to 40,0... 6 Jun 2018
This #EUBudget proposal will build the infrastructure needed for the clean energ... 6 Jun 2018
For more info: → #InvestEU Press release https://t.co/zCu8Lf4N7f → #EUSpace ... 6 Jun 2018
We propose to create the first ever #DigitalEurope programme and invest €9.2 b... 6 Jun 2018
Our first ever Digital Europe programme will reinforce Europe's strategic digita... 6 Jun 2018
.@JunckerEU @sebastiankurz @EU2018AT #MFF “I was Finance Minister for 20 years... 6 Jun 2018
We support daring ideas to explore the frontiers of knowledge. Horizon Europe, ... 7 Jun 2018
“The #SingleMarket is the beating heart of the EU. In the 25 years of its exis... 7 Jun 2018
Today is #WorldOceansDay! Billions of people depend on the ocean for livelihood,... 8 Jun 2018
We believe in open and fair trade but we are not naïve free traders. Today, our... 8 Jun 2018
We want to protect citizens from dangerous goods entering the Union. For more in... 8 Jun 2018
#G7Charlevoix: Sharing the responsibility to build a more peaceful, prosperous a... 8 Jun 2018
#EuropeUnited #G7Charlevoix https://t.co/Xv2VFSqsJl 8 Jun 2018
Today is International Archives Day! Our archives service, created in 1983, take... 9 Jun 2018
The founding fathers knew that they were going to change history. They knew tha... 9 Jun 2018
Odilo is a start-up from Cartagena, Spain, providing digital content and promoti... 9 Jun 2018
Is your project turning the Sustainable Development Goals into concrete solution... 9 Jun 2018
How can we involve more stakeholders and citizens when public authorities launch... 9 Jun 2018
President @JunckerEU this week at the Brussels Economic Forum: "Our single curre... 9 Jun 2018
Kick-off of #G7Charlevoix with coordination meeting of European leaders. #Europe... 9 Jun 2018
We want to beat plastic pollution. And you, are you #ReadyToChange? As part of ... 9 Jun 2018
When packing for a trip in the EU, don't forget your European Health Insurance C... 9 Jun 2018
Read the open letter on trade from all 28 Member States ambassadors to the U.S. ... 9 Jun 2018
Today, the Portuguese celebrate the Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese... 10 Jun 2018
Get to know Portugal – the country celebrating its national day today! The #Fu... 10 Jun 2018
Facilities for 700 more students and infrastructure fit for a forward looking un... 10 Jun 2018
This week, we presented our #EUBudget proposals on 10 Jun 2018
Thinking about proposing a European Citizens’ Initiative? Get tips from expert... 10 Jun 2018
We continue to top global agri-food trade. With a trade value of €255 billion... 10 Jun 2018
Are you ready to #DiscoverEU? We will allow around 15,000 young people to recei... 10 Jun 2018
#GDPR 10 Jun 2018
As an EU citizen, you have right to work (and to look for a job) in any other EU... 10 Jun 2018
Save the date! This week, we will continue rolling out our sectoral #EUBudget pr... 11 Jun 2018
We want to hear from you what works and what can be improved in the way EU laws ... 11 Jun 2018
The role of the EU budget is pivotal in supporting a future-proof EU migration a... 12 Jun 2018
Are you ready to #DiscoverEU? We will allow around 15,000 young people to recei... 12 Jun 2018
In response to increased migratory, mobility and security challenges, we are pro... 12 Jun 2018
Our new Asylum and Migration Fund will focus on: ⚙️ A stronger and more eff... 12 Jun 2018
We should be sparing no efforts when it comes to the security and safety of our ... 13 Jun 2018
"I propose today the establishment of a European Peace Facility" @FedericaMog #E... 13 Jun 2018
We want to allocate €11 billion of our long term #EUBudget to humanitarian aid... 14 Jun 2018
We propose a pre-accession assistance to support EU candidate countries in imple... 14 Jun 2018
The values that unite football teams are solidarity and zeal 14 Jun 2018
.@JunckerEU @Landtag_Bayern „In der Flüchtlingsfrage bin ich für europäisch... 14 Jun 2018
Today is #GlobalWindDay! EU investments in sustainable, competitive and safe ene... 15 Jun 2018
We celebrate the 50th anniversary of our EU #CustomsUnion this year 16 Jun 2018
Over 114,000 customs officers work around the clock at airports, border crossing... 16 Jun 2018
An urban meeting place, a new pulse for Helsinki! With a little help from EU, a ... 16 Jun 2018
Europeans feel the benefits of EU policies and achievements. According to a new ... 16 Jun 2018
16 Jun 2018
We are assessing the experience of online users in order to effectively fight th... 16 Jun 2018
Are you #ReadyToChange your relationship with plastics? Don't be drawn in by th... 16 Jun 2018
“Every child has a right to dignity, to participate actively in every aspect o... 16 Jun 2018
You are travelling in another EU country and you don't want to miss the match of... 16 Jun 2018
Today is World Day to Combat Desertification. In the EU, 22% of soil is eroded.... 17 Jun 2018
Hello? Pronto? Παρακαλώ; Exactly one year ago today marked the end of #r... 17 Jun 2018
This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the EU Customs Union 17 Jun 2018
How will Europe develop over the years to come? Watch contributions to the deba... 17 Jun 2018
It is time to decide what the European Union at 27 should be! Tell the European ... 17 Jun 2018
Personal data is the gold of the 21st century. We leave our data basically at e... 17 Jun 2018
You can have many excuses for not discovering Europe yet, but being 18 and an EU... 17 Jun 2018
The EU needs a budget matching its ambitions. Over the last three weeks, we pre... 17 Jun 2018
How can we involve more stakeholders and citizens when public authorities launch... 17 Jun 2018
EU funding helps companies and people move forward. Turbocam România which pre... 17 Jun 2018
18 Jun 2018
Today, we officially launch negotiations for a comprehensive and ambitious #EUtr... 18 Jun 2018
.@JunckerEU #Wittlich #GeorgMeistermann Preis „Ein Tag Krieg in #Europa kostet... 18 Jun 2018
.@JunckerEU bekommt den #GeorgMeistermann Preis für sein „unerschütterliches... 18 Jun 2018
Under the #JunckerPlan, the European Investment Fund has signed an agreement to ... 19 Jun 2018
We have just published a joint statement with the UK outlining the progress that... 19 Jun 2018
The spirit of #Meseberg/ l’esprit de #Meseberg/ der Geist von #Meseberg: @Junc... 19 Jun 2018
.@JunckerEU #Meseberg: „Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem deutsch-französischen ... 19 Jun 2018
#DigitalSingleMarket:with their political deal on #FreeFlowOfData @Europarl_EN @... 19 Jun 2018
The completion of a deep and fair Economic and Monetary Union is one of the ten ... 20 Jun 2018
La France est de retour, fermement sur la voie de réformes, acteur majeur d'une... 20 Jun 2018
Greece is on the last mile towards a successful completion of its stability supp... 21 Jun 2018
Dia dhaoibh ar maidin BÁC! @JunckerEU has arrived in Dublin together w/ @PhilHo... 21 Jun 2018
Our Union can only be built with our Member States, never against them Press con... 21 Jun 2018
We are strengthening the fight against crime and terrorism. We welcome the agre... 21 Jun 2018
Over the past twenty years, pressures on land and soil have increased dramatical... 21 Jun 2018
2nd #WIPrizeEU 2018 is awarded to Alicia Asín Pérez for her work powering the ... 21 Jun 2018
Statement by @EU_Commission following #Council agreement today on 3 proposals to... 21 Jun 2018
We celebrate the 20th anniversary of #Copernicus – the EU's leading provider o... 22 Jun 2018
How has our consumption behaviour changed? What is the proportion of large ente... 23 Jun 2018
With support from the EU, the region of Ljubljana could upgrade its waste treatm... 23 Jun 2018
Everything we do has an impact on the environment. For this reason, all public p... 23 Jun 2018
What should EU legislation on taxation of tobacco products focus on? #EUHaveYour... 23 Jun 2018
Media advisory on Sunday’s #MigrationEU informal working meeting available her... 23 Jun 2018
Are you visiting Latvia this summer? If you fly to the Riga airport, you will be... 23 Jun 2018
You are travelling in another EU country and you don't want to miss the match of... 23 Jun 2018
We have reached an important milestone in EU-New Zealand relations. 24 Jun 2018
More than 150 million tonnes of plastics have accumulated in the world's ocean. ... 24 Jun 2018
Are you working to empower people and ensure inclusiveness? You could be the nex... 24 Jun 2018
Ahead of #EUCO next Thursday and Friday, we presented our notes on #DeepeningEMU... 24 Jun 2018
Budgets are not bookkeeping exercises – they are about priorities and ambition... 24 Jun 2018
Fighting climate change starts at home. EU-funded Énergies POSIT'IF has improv... 24 Jun 2018
Ahead of @JunckerEU informal working meeting on #migrationEU, useful reading: wh... 24 Jun 2018
Welcome by @JunckerEU at the informal working meeting on #migrationEU and asylum... 24 Jun 2018
Arrivals of Heads of State or Government at the European Commission for the info... 24 Jun 2018
Family photo at the informal working meeting on #migrationEU and asylum issues h... 24 Jun 2018
.@EU_Commission note presented ahead of @JunckerEU informal working meeting on m... 24 Jun 2018
Informal meeting on migration and asylum now underway. Building on progress achi... 24 Jun 2018
Beginning of the working session for Heads of State or Government at the informa... 24 Jun 2018
Departures of Heads of State or Government at the European Commission after the... 24 Jun 2018
25 Jun 2018
"By focusing on the areas where the Union is best placed to deliver, we are buil... 25 Jun 2018
The 7th #BeeWeek starts today! 26 Jun 2018
Europe's rich cultural heritage tops the rankings. Today at 14:00 CET, @JunckerE... 26 Jun 2018
We want to tackle pollinator decline. More on the initiative to protect habitats... 27 Jun 2018
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Ahead of the #EUCO meeting starting today, we presented our proposals on 28 Jun 2018
.@EU_Commission “Драги @BoykoBorissov, thank you for first @BGEUPresidenc... 29 Jun 2018
The #EUelections2019 are less than a year away! This time I am voting, and you?... 30 Jun 2018
Wood is a durable, environmentally sustainable material that reduces energy cons... 30 Jun 2018
How does the taxation of tobacco products affect their consumption? We are colle... 30 Jun 2018
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Are you #ReadyToChange? The top 10 most commonly found single-use plastics make ... 30 Jun 2018
This week we discussed economic and trade relations with China in Beijing. More ... 30 Jun 2018
Smaller-scale broadband projects need easy access to funding too. We're excited... 30 Jun 2018
Nearly 4 out of 5 wild flowers need animal pollination, while more than 4 out of... 30 Jun 2018
The EU's Customs Union, one of the greatest achievements of the European Union, ... 30 Jun 2018
50 years ago the EU #CustomsUnion was created 1 Jul 2018
Today marks the start of the Austrian Presidency of the @EUCouncil 1 Jul 2018
As of today, travellers booking package holidays will enjoy stronger consumer ri... 1 Jul 2018
Too ambitious with the size of the jeans you bought online? Changed your mind ab... 1 Jul 2018
Over the last 50 years our #CustomsUnion has developed into a cornerstone for ou... 1 Jul 2018
With the help of EU funds, Austrian biotech firm Apeiron can develop new ways of... 1 Jul 2018
Over 114,000 customs officers work around the clock in the EU to keep us safe an... 1 Jul 2018
2 Jul 2018
EU comments on US section 232 Cars investigation https://t.co/oKAZnznWOw 2 Jul 2018
In the EU’s view, the US investigation of auto imports lacks legitimacy, factu... 2 Jul 2018
Does air quality in your city, town or village affect you? Have your say via ou... 3 Jul 2018
Today is #PlasticBagFreeDay! Billions of people depend on the ocean for liveliho... 3 Jul 2018
As of July, travellers booking package holidays will enjoy stronger consumer rig... 3 Jul 2018
Third @JunckerEU speech today in #Strasbourg, same message : "Common action not ... 3 Jul 2018
We discuss the #FutureofEurope with Vice-President @VDombrovskis and Polish Prim... 4 Jul 2018
Tackling long-term unemployment is a key challenge for Europe. We are collecting... 5 Jul 2018
Does your city promote accessibility for people with disabilities? We want to r... 5 Jul 2018
Too ambitious with the size of the jeans you bought online? Changed your mind ab... 5 Jul 2018
#TeamJunckerEU in #Vienna for the opening of ⁦@EU2018AT⁩. Full programme ahe... 5 Jul 2018
We are committed to #CleanEnergyEU! Next week, we will talk about the EU 2050 vi... 6 Jul 2018
Surprise, the EU now even helps make chocolate! This Italian chocolatier is jus... 7 Jul 2018
The first ever #EUSustainabilityAward highlight the work of European citizens, b... 7 Jul 2018
As of July, travellers booking package holidays will enjoy stronger consumer rig... 7 Jul 2018
Planning your holidays? 681 hotels and campsites across Europe received the EU E... 7 Jul 2018
Austria has always promoted unity in Europe. Austrians will be the dealmakers an... 7 Jul 2018
One of Europe's largest urban farms is in the Hague in the Netherlands. With the... 7 Jul 2018
The #SingleMarket lets you do business across the EU. Looking to expand your bu... 7 Jul 2018
Help protect our oceans by changing your relationship with plastic! Don't be dra... 8 Jul 2018
To launch a European citizens’ initiative, it takes 7 EU citizens living in at... 8 Jul 2018
Does your city promote accessibility for people with disabilities? We want to re... 8 Jul 2018
In 2018 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the EU Customs Union. Learn more ... 8 Jul 2018
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Tell European leaders your concerns, hopes and wishes for the #FutureOfEurope! 8 Jul 2018
Need some reading tips for your holidays? The European Prize for Literature anni... 8 Jul 2018
9 Jul 2018
Today EU rules on Anti-Money laundering enter into force. They will: 9 Jul 2018
The EU and Ukraine are moving forward together 9 Jul 2018
Today, the EU and NATO will reaffirm their joint commitment to one another, with... 10 Jul 2018
Follow our press point today at +/- 13:20 to hear Task Force recommendations for... 10 Jul 2018
To watch with interpretation in other languages, go to: https://t.co/a3gMlEd74e ... 10 Jul 2018
"I want our Union to have a stronger focus on things that matter to our citizens... 10 Jul 2018
Subsidiarity & Proportionality: Task Force presents recommendations on a new... 10 Jul 2018
Europe is at its best when we act together! We are giving the green light for pa... 11 Jul 2018
The eight EU-US Energy Council is taking place today. Established in 2009, it pr... 12 Jul 2018
European economic activity remains solid for the euro area and the EU28 this yea... 12 Jul 2018
We are supporting 1,500 small and medium-sized Polish companies with our #Juncke... 13 Jul 2018
Today, France celebrates #BastilleDay – a symbol of the European history, a sy... 14 Jul 2018
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A Europe that protects: We have taken action to restrict 4 toxic substances comm... 14 Jul 2018
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2018 growth #ECforecast 14 Jul 2018
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15 Jul 2018
The North Sea island of Borkum, in Germany, is set to become energy self-suffici... 15 Jul 2018
For citizens and businesses to enjoy the benefits of #EUlaw, it is crucial that ... 15 Jul 2018
We are proud to see the final of the #WorldCup being played between two EU teams... 15 Jul 2018
Starting a career can be challenging. 15 Jul 2018
Registration for paid traineeships in the European Commission is now open! Appl... 16 Jul 2018
Airbnb's current pricing presentation and a number of its terms do not comply wi... 16 Jul 2018
The #JunckerPlan will support the construction of a large-scale washing machine ... 16 Jul 2018
Registration for paid traineeships in the European Commission is now open! Appl... 17 Jul 2018
How much do European towns export to Japan? Visit our new interactive map tool t... 17 Jul 2018
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