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I got it!

Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences IBaI

Hertha-Lindner-Str. 10-12
01067 Dresden, Germany

We are developing innovative computerized Techniques for new processes, products and services.

Life Sciences

  • Cell Image Analysis and Interpretation
  • Motion Analysis
  • High-Content Screening
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Computational Systems Biology


  • Image Analysis
  • Ontologies
  • Video Recognition
  • Image Data Bases

Data/Image/Web Mining

  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Case-Based Reasoning

World Wide Web

  • Recommendation Systems
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Customer Profile Analysis
  • Detection of rare/novel Events
  • Internet of Things

Hertha-Lindner-Str. 10-12

01067 Dresden


VAT DE815464359


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