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Non-profit sector

Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy

Gladstonos 3
10677 Athens, Greece

The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, is a scientific non-governmental organisation, founded in Athens in March 2017, and is the only proponent of Cultural Diplomacy in Greece. Working closely with private and public governmental bodies, academic and scientific organisations both at home and around the world, the Institute has branches in different Greek cities and abroad. Each branch is responsible for the development and delivery of a range of cultural activities, under the guidance of the Athens headquarters. By engaging in research and developing the different fields of Cultural Diplomacy, the HICD aims to shape foreign perceptions of Greece to highlight the unique cultural characteristics of our country. This contributes to strengthens Greece’s bilateral, regional and multilateral diplomatic bonds, improves relations between nations and communicates universal values and principles that only culture can convey. The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy was founded in 25th March 2017 in Athens, Greece and is the first and only proposer of that idea in Greece. It aims to develop activities related to certain fields of Cultural Diplomacy such as: • the creation and promotion of Hellenic culture in Greece and abroad. • the enhancement of the image and public perception of the Cultural Diplomacy’s role • the education and training of executives serving Cultural Diplomacy in every way. • the research, documentation and public disclosure of cultural growth matters. • the support and global promotion of the Hellenic cultural heritage. • the organisation of conferences, seminars, discussions, exhibitions and other events, as well as the publication of theses and research projects. • the collection and protection of historic documents, artefacts or other traces of Hellenic culture. • the establishment and financial support of the promotion of creators and their works as well as other academic publications, in harmony with the Institute’s objectives. • the establishment of prize and scholarships awards to persons and groups distinguished by their work in the fields of the Institute. Some of the activities of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy developing include inter alia: • The creation of the Cultural Diplomacy Archives. • The publication of academic papers, essays, researches and journals concerning the field of Cultural Diplomacy. • The cultural documentation. • The cultural education. • The research on the structure and the propagation of the Hellenic cultural heritage, focusing on Diplomacy. • The formation of research committees, working independently or in co-operation with other individuals or legal persons. • The organisation of conferences, seminars, discussions, exhibitions and other events, and development of new ways of contact with the intellectual society and its representatives. • The publication and distribution of leaflets, journals, books etc. • The production and projection of films, videos, DVDs, and other audio-visual media.


Gladstonos 3

10677 Athens



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