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Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol in Brussels

How to manage high-level events: a protocol training in Brussels given by the best European protocol experts

How to use the universal method of modern protocol to manage any type of high-level event, formal or informal? How to manage a visit of a high-level delegation or an event with VIP’s? How to invite and welcome dignitaries? How to be aware of the sensitivities when seating dignitaries, corporate representatives and other guests? How to navigate a formal dinner or a networking event? How to handle formal written communication, gift-giving or flag protocol?

Not only the rules of protocol and etiquette, also the application

During the Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol we will not only teach you the rules of protocol and etiquette, we will also practice the application in several real-life business cases so you will be equipped to meet the challenges and complexities of contemporary protocol management. After following this training, you will become proficient in preparing any type of meeting with dignitaries.

The Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol will also focus on developing personal skills. During several interactive classes, we will teach you diplomacy, non-verbal communication, personal presentation and networking. The training also includes a speech coaching session and a formal three-course etiquette dinner.

You will be trained by Protocolbureau founder and director Jean Paul Wyers, the most renowned Portuguese expert on corporate image and protocol Isabel Amaral, the former Head of Protocol of the European Parliament François Brunagel, UK’s leading etiquette coach William Hanson and former BBC newsreader Diana Mather of The English Manner. The Head Protocol, Events and Visits Unit of the International Criminal Court, Bengt-Arne Hulleman, will give a guest lecture.

The best protocol experts from France, the NetherlandsPortugal and the United Kingdom

The Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol includes:

  • All class material including an extensive binder with handouts, articles and other information about protocol.
  • All catering including three lunches and an etiquette dinner.
  • A framed certificate.

Who should participate: Embassy staff, staff of international or multilateral organisations, PR and international relations specialists, communication experts, personal assistants, interpreters, liaison officers, event planners and professional conference organisers and VIP managers.


  • Wednesday 20, Thursday 21 and Friday 22 June 2018 in Brussels (Belgium)
  • Wednesday 5, Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December 2018 in Brussels (Belgium)


5 Dec 2018 @ 12:00 am

7 Dec 2018 @ 12:01 am

Duration: 2 days



Grote Markt 1

1000 Brussels


Organised by


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