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Anna Paulownastraat 12-14
2518BE The Hague, Netherlands

Protocolbureau plans and develops official events and networking events for government organisations and companies and offers a training programme about protocol and the management of high-level events. Protocolbureau is Europe’s leading protocol expert.

Protocolbureau was founded in 1996; our first assignment was the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Awards to H.M. the King of Spain. In preparation of the awards ceremony the Master of Ceremonies of H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands gave us a lecture about protocol and a few years later he asked us to assist him at the Royal Weddings and State Funerals of the Dutch Royal Family. Protocolbureau became a leading protocol expert.

In essence, protocol management has always been about optimising relationships by maximising personal attention and systemising logistics. Protocol management enables the staging of the personal encounter. In a world where personal attention has become scarce and technology a facilitator for rules and procedures, protocol management provides us with a unique vision in which personal time is the greatest good we can give to someone. It is the modern currency of relationships.

Anna Paulownastraat 12-14

2518BE The Hague



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