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CEE Bankwatch Network

Mundo-b building, Rue d'Edimbourg 26
1050 Brussels, Belgium

CEE Bankwatch Network is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) with member organisations from countries across central and eastern Europe (CEE). We monitor the activities of international financial institutions (IFIs) which operate in the region and promote environmentally, socially and economically sustainable alternatives to their policies and projects.

Mundo-b building, Rue d'Edimbourg 26

1050 Brussels



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Francesca Pantani Account Admin

Publications (47)

Institutionalized Corruption at Romania's Third Largest Company 11 Jul 2016 1468256679
Sustainability of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF): Implementation principl... 16 Sep 2015 1442403599
Climate's Enfants Terribles: How New Member States Misguided Use Of EU Funds Is Holdin... 29 Jan 2016 1454089651
Western Balkans countries invest at least 2.4 times as much in coal as in wind power 25 May 2016 1464190170
Construction of a Motorway in Slovakia under the Juncker Plan: A public-private partnershi... 20 Jun 2016 1466420835
Energy efficiency in residential buildings in France: Energy Performance Contracting to bo... 20 Jun 2016 1466422045
Fossil fuel subsidies from Europe's carbon market 25 Apr 2016 1461579713
Lost in transition 25 years of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 7 Apr 2016 1460057457
Where the grass is less green: Public funding for energy in the European Neighbourhood Policy 4 Apr 2016 1459769589
Putting Energy Efficiency First 7 Mar 2016 1457348320
Legal Analysis Application of Chapter II of the Industrial Emissions Directive in the Ener... 25 Feb 2016 1456429044
Integrated clean energy project under the Juncker Plan 12 Feb 2016 1455283087
Problematic MHP expansion in Ukraine with EBRD support 1 Feb 2016 1454348700
The State of Accountability in Development Finance 25 Jan 2016 1453713919
Financing for hydropower in protected areas in Southeast Europe 11 Dec 2015 1449835453
The Eastern Neighbourhood Region and the EU's energy interests 12 Nov 2015 1447334068
Who benefits from high-level corruption in the South East Europe energy sector? 21 Sep 2015 1442864164
BLACK EARTH: Agribusiness in Ukraine and the marginalisation of rural communities 14 Sep 2015 1442248897
The Dark Side of EIB Funds: How the EU’s Bank Supports Non-transparent Investment Funds ... 13 Sep 2016 1473806290
The Best Laid Plans: Why the Investment Plan for Europe Does Not Drive the Sustainable Ene... 28 Sep 2016 1475055416
Why coal is not the way forward - facts versus myths 14 Nov 2016 1479139992
THE GREAT COAL JOBS FRAUD 14 Nov 2016 1479123001
GOING ABROAD: a critique of the European Investment Bank's External Lending Mandate 8 Nov 2016 1478600419
Sustainable energy: How far has SEE come in the last five years? 7 Nov 2016 1478548433
Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant Oyu Tolgoi power supply: 600 MW of subcritical coal technology in... 7 Nov 2016 1478557873
Annual implementation report - energy community secretariat 20 Sep 2016 1474374655
THE BRATISLAVA BYPASS - A PPP to get around traffic problems and debt statistics 9 Dec 2016 1481288843
The partnership principle and public participation in neighbouring countries: experiences ... 9 Jan 2017 1483975018
Carbon costs for planned coal power plants in the Western Balkans 28 Mar 2017 1490704324
Reviewing the European Investment Bank's carbon footprint methodology 8 Dec 2016 1481222454
Getting international climate finance to the local level 9 Mar 2017 1489075185
The winners and losers of climate action at the European Investment Bank 1 Jan 2001 978307200
Risky Business - Who Benefits From the Southern Gas Corridor? 15 Feb 2017 1487179159
Planned coal power plants in the Western Balkans versus EU pollution standards 7 Jun 2017 1496829544
CO2 emissions from fuel combustion 17 Oct 2016 1476704268
2050 south east Europe: the EU road or the road to nowhere? 8 Jun 2016 1465404783
New unabated coal is not compatible with keeping global warming below 2C 1 Jan 2001 978307200
Sustainability Criteria for Hydropower Development 11 Dec 2016 1481419695
Dumping European toxic waste in Tsumeb, Namibia 12 Aug 2016 1471001974
Nuclear safety and decommissioning 4 May 2017 1493907471
Analysis of the sustainability and transparency of the European Fund for Strategic Investm... 9 Nov 2017 1510240416
Eight steps for a just transition 2 Nov 2017 1509634589
The Great Gas Lock-in - Industry lobbying behind the EU push for new gas infrastructure 28 Oct 2017 1509171275
Broken rivers: the impacts of European-financed small hydropower plants on pristine Balkan... 18 Dec 2017 1513600893
EIB gas lending in 2013-2016 11 Dec 2017 1513006547
Impacts of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline on the land and livelihoods of farmers in Albania 29 Nov 2017 1511956985
ENERGY DOUBLETHINK: Contradictions at the EU bank in combatting climate change 5 Sep 2018 1536177408