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European Research Network About Parents in Education

Piazza dell'Ateneno Nuovo, 1
20100 Milano, Italy

ERNAPE is an association of networks organised by areas. Each network is autonomous. In October 1993, with financial support from the European Commission, a group of researchers working in the field of parents in education in different parts of Europe met in Glasgow to discuss how to increase contact across Europe, to exchange knowledge of research developments in Europe and to stimulate research about parents in education at all levels, including intercultural European research.The group decided to establish ERNAPE (European Research Network About Parents in Education) and to organise this research network by language areas, rather than by countries. Research communication tends to be language-related. There are organisation reasons for this arrangement too. One is that it enables representation on the ERNAPE committee without having a huge (and expensive) committee representing every country. Another is that it encourages area research networks to exist in the field of parents in education without being dependent on ERNAPE. Some areas now have operating networks. In other areas they are still being developed. Thus, ERNAPE is gradually growing as area networks grow. It is our hope that ERNAPE will provide a means to assist these networks to interact.

Piazza dell'Ateneno Nuovo, 1

20100 Milano



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