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The META Group specialises in maximising research impact and solving societal challenges through innovative solutions.With over 30 years of experience, we have collaborated with more than 2,000 consortia and 500 companies across diverse sectors, including partnerships with the European Commission, regional governments, development agencies, investors, research organisations, and start-up. Our approach emphasises pioneering problem-solving, aiming to optimise the journey from idea to market. We offer a range of services including:• Knowledge Valorisation: Assisting in ensuring research results generate impact.• Access to Risk Capital: Helping talents prepare for early-stage funding.• Innovation Policy: Working at the intersection of research and policy to bring innovations to market.• Capacity and Competence Building: Offering training and capacity building to support knowledge-intensive growth.• Technical Assistance: Providing tailored solutions for researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.
 X23 is an European independent, multidisciplinary, private Research body founded in Italy. We catalyse pioneering projects all over EU and globally and commit to launch into real world. Born from the merger of Xóôlab and The23, X23 is providing independent analysis and support in R&D, Grow, Scale-up services.
ICONS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bridge the gap between science and society through science communication, social and business innovation. ICONS supports researchers and innovators in maximising their impacts on society through impactful strategies involving citizens, scientists, investors, policy makers and the media.