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The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) is a scientific institute, founded 1990 as a not-for profit association under Austrian law. Institutes, private companies, public and international organisations are invited to support ZSI activities aiming at research and promotion of social innovations.Innovations are socially relevant. Alongside with the economic relevance of innovations in technology social innovations shall receive equally high attention in the public, politics and research.Acting as a social-profit organisation, ZSI conducts research on the social embedding of all manner of innovation, and contributes to the designing of innovation processes and social change.ZSI is an independent institution, acting globally by deployment of innovative research, education, advisory services and co-ordination of networks, to support socially appreciated forms of innovations, develop, research and disseminate social innovations, analyse, promote and evaluate scientific collaboration, strengthen an open and solidly united society, and thereby help to implement the visionary prospect of a better world.
The mission of the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) is to provide decision-makers with an independent view and analysis on mid- to longterm issues relevant to the use of space. Through its activities, ESPI contributes to facilitate the decision-making process, increases awareness on space technologies and applications with the user communities, opinion leaders and the public at large, and supports students and researchers in their space-related work.
Technical (specialized) knowledge, Strategic consultation, Lobbying, Scientific surveys and reports, Public relations, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)